2012 Cuvée Winners – Ontario wine industry sparkles at the ‘Oscars’ style 24th Annual Gala and Awards.

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Who knows local wine better than the people who make it? Just like the Oscars of the entertainment world, the Cuvée Awards of the Ontario wine industry is peer-judged .Earlier this year 51 Ontario winemakers gathered for a blind tasting and judging of a record number of wines. In total 12,000 wine glasses, over 1000 bottles of wine, and 63 wineries submitted 264 wines that they thought were the best in their line-ups. The tasting is blind and the only information that the judge is given is the name of the varietal or blend and vintage of the wine.

Last night the Ontario wine industry put away their rubber boots and overalls and  donned their finest for the red carpet awards and gala at the Fallsview  Casino in Niagara Falls for the 24th annual Cuvée Gala and Awards. A total of 26 awards were given out in a special Oscar style ceremony.

 And the winner are…..

Award Category                                Winery                                          Wine

Red Wine                                            Palatine Hills estate Winery            Proprietor’s Reserve Merlot 2007  www.palatinehillsestatewinery.com

Limited Edition Red Wine                Angels Gate Winery                          Mountainview Pinot Noir 2009   www.angelsgatewinery.com

White Wine                                        Greenlane Winery                             Riesling 2007 www.greenlanewinery.com

Limited Edition White Wine            2027 Cellars                                       19th Street Chardonnay 2010  www.2027cellars.ca

LCBO Red Wine                                  Creekside Estate Winery                  Shiraz 2009 www.creeksidewine.com

LCBO White Wine                              Hillebrand Winery                             Trius Sauvignon Blanc 2010 www.hillebrand.com

Desert Wine                                       G.Marquis Vineyards                        Riesling Icewine 2009   www.gmarquis.com

Limited Edition Dessert Wine          Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery           Riesling Icewine 2007   www.staffwines.com

Sparkling Wine                                  Tawse Winery                                    Spark Rose 2009  www.tawsewinery.ca

Chardonnay                                       Stoney Ridge Cellars                         Excellent Chardonnay 2009  www.stoneyridge.com

Riesling                                               Greenlane Estate Winery                 Riesling 2010 www.greenlanewinery.com

Gewürztraminer                               Konzelmann Estate Winery             Gewürztraminer Late Harvest 2010  www.konzelmann.ca

Sauvignon Blanc                                Peller Estates Winery                      Private Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2010  www.pellar.com

White Blend                                       Stonechurch Vineyards                    Riesling Gewürztraminer 2009  www.stonechurch.com

Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris                    Fielding Estate Winery                     Estate Bottled Pinot Gris 2010  www.fieldingwines.com

Viognier                                               Fielding Estate Winery                    Viognier 2010  www.fieldingwines.com

Cabernet Sauvignon                          Peller Esates Winery                        Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2010  www.pellar.com

Cabernet Franc                                  Fielding Estate Winery                    Cabernet Franc 2010  www.fieldingwines.com

Meritage                                             Kacaba Vineyards                             Reserve Meritage 2007 www.kacaba.com

Pinot Noir                                          Angels Gate Winery                          Mountainview Pinot Noir 2009  www.angelsgatewinery.com

Merlot                                                Palatine Hills estate Winery             Proprietor’s Reserve Merlot 2007  www.palatinehillsestatewinery.com

Gamay Noir                                      13th Street Winery                            Gamay Noir Sandstone Old Vines 2010  www.13thstreetwinery.com

Red Blend                                          Colanari Estate Winery                     Insieme 2009   www.colaneriwines.com

Syrah/Shiraz                                     Creekside Estate Winery                 Broken Press Syrah 2008  www.creeksidewine.com

Tony Aspler CuvéeAward of Excellence          Ron Giesbrecht, Winemaker Henry of PelhamFamily Estate Winery.  www.henryofpelham.com

CuvéeAward of Excellence in Viticulture     Duarte Oliveira Sr., Oliveira Vineyards



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