Cuban Cigars and Scotch Whisky, the perfect pair. The Wine Ladies TV
We’ve never done a show on this before and we’re really looking forward to , our guests this week, firstly a family has been in this business for 4 generations… the topic the “Cuban Cigar! The history, the culture, …the art of cigar rolling, we’ll be trying our hand at that too…a hugely fascinating topic, joining us to bring it all to life, Kris Miller of Frank Correnti Cigars Ltd.
Next, we’re going to be stepping outside the “proverbial box” of wine sort of speak, and instead delve into Scotch whisky. We recently attended a terrific event, where there was a variety of aged scotches from Highland Park, paired with a fabulous 5 course meal at Colborne Lane in Toronto. That evening we met 3 bloggers who specialize in this interesting topic. We wanted to know more about Scotch whiskys, and sample a few more. We also welcome to the show our special in studio guest, Sean Kirby, a contributing writer for .