Newtopia for the mind, body and soul, is feeling strong, healthy and balanced

U topia for the mind, body and soul, is feeling strong, healthy and balanced

We discover Newtopia, our singular and fulfilling paths to getting there…


Just a few short months ago we were introduced to Newtopia. Always on the look out for new and meaningful ways to help us achieve optimal health, from the inside and out, plus a healthy dress size, we were intrigued with this innovative scientific approach that was based on our genetic codes. Apparently there are certain genes or “fat genes” such as one that has the brain tell us when we’re full, and another that has to do with how efficient our metabolisms are… that once identified can be key to losing those extra pounds and keeping them off.  Hallelujah!

These genes play an important role in determining the kind of food we need, the kind of exercise, kind of supplements, and even how we manage stress.  Hmm…sound interesting? We thought so.  As three sisters we often discussed who got the “good genes” and who got the “not so good” ones with the greater propensity to carry a little extra weight. Well now, we were about to learn that we COULD blame our genes, at least partially on our second helpings…did I really need that second piece of chicken, and/or the multiple trips to the candy store. Having said that, homogeneity of the “fat marker” genes eluded the three of us. Although none of us hit the jack- pot, Georgia came close with only one of the marker genes showing a variation (the geneticist’s lingo), Susanne on the other hand, had all three rear their ugly heads or shall we say molecules, on her double helix. We were in…but wait not so fast, where does wine fit into this lifestyle plan we were about to embark on? “ It is welcomed,” said the founder Jeff Ruby. Perfect! And so our journeys began, with an individual mandate, path and execution, based on what our genetic roadmap revealed.



On your mark, get set, go!

Susanne vs. Georgia

Armed with our genetic tests, pre-assessments, personal coach, and a comprehensive portal to help track our activity, well being and calories (including the balance of protein, carbs and fats) our personal goals are set.  Susanne’s was to shed a few pounds and go down a couple of dress sizes. To date she has lost ten pounds and if I hear one more time “look how good my arms are looking” or “check out my shrinking stomach” I’m going to argh… well you get the point. Much reduced are her cravings for carbs, she calls herself the “Carb Queen”, her general well being and energy are hitting new levels, nipping at my heels now on our 800 metre runs, and her sunny disposition is even brighter!

I asked Susanne if she noticed any changes in me over the last few months, and here’s what she had to say.

“I thought Georgia had energy before, we call her the “Energizer Bunny”, but now there is no stopping her. If I was the “Carb Queen” she was the chocolate or sweets addict. I haven’t seen her pull out a Red Velvet Cupcake (her favorite) or chunk of BRIX in over four weeks!  Her goal was different than mine, a few pounds down, mission accomplished, with greater bounce in her step, and a beaming glow, looks like she’s pretty darn close to her Utopia”.

And so here we are, feeling great, and happy to share this unique approach to reaching one’s goals with respect to not only optimal weight, and maintaining it, but also addressing the whole person.

If you’d like to know more, click here

To hear more about our experience and Newtopia in general, CLICK here to watch The Wine Ladies interview with Founder and CEO Jeff Ruby

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