Niagara-on-the Lake … glorious afternoon for a little wine, a “Vidal pizza” and a Vidal truffle!

Niagara-on-the Lake … glorious afternoon for a stroll, a little wine, a “Vidal pizza” and a Vidal truffle!

Taking the ride down to NOTL for a morning meeting ended up being the perfect excuse to stay on, enjoy a light lunch, take in a couple of wineries and explore our FIX for chocolate!

First post-meeting stop was for a bite to eat. We decide on The Old Winery Restaurant, which we know immediately was a good choice based on the fresh thin crust pizzas we see exiting the wood burning oven and the waft of enticing smells that surround us.

Just as we are seated outside on the patio, our server promptly arrives with a smile, the wine list and menu.

Photo of Susanne holding up the wine list

Shawna, is awesome! Our choice for pizza is the Vidal, tomato sauce, blackfigs, pancetta and fiore di latte and honey Dijon drizzle. What’s fiore? It’s a wonderfully flavorful and software type of mozzarella also made from cow's milk, super delish!

Pic here of us sitting without the pizza yet

The Vidal sounds amazing! But what about the wine? This is the Old Winery Restaurant with a good selection of wines by the glass to choose from too.

Georgia ‘s thinking Pinot Noir and Susanne a Shiraz

pic of Shawa showing the Cattail Creek Estate Pinot Noir

Cattail Creek Estate Winery Pinot Noir 2009 VQA Four Mile Creek -very aromatic, red cherry with plum, lively and spicey.

Creekside  Estate Winery – Shiraz  2009

Black raspberry and plum, spicey with notes of oak and vanilla

pic here of Creekside

Our "Vidal Pizza" arrives, doesn't it look to die for?

pic of pizza here


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