Tasty Torrontes in Argentina! The Wine Ladies Pick, Argentina! Amalaya amazes

Although this grape calls Galicia in Northwest Spain its home, many consider Argentina its home away from home, residing there quite heartedly and producing what many feel is one of Argentina’s white grapes with the most potential.

Our pick the Amalaya Torrontes Riesling 2011, from Salta, Argentina selling in Ontario for $10.95.

Big on taste, rich and creamy with a finish that long lingers!  Not exclusively Torrontes, 15% Riesling is in the blend giving it that “zip and zing”, the backbone or acidity that makes it refreshing and even more suitable to enjoy with food.  Aromatic, with notes of peach and ripe melon, even banana, we enjoyed this wine on our deck last weekend with grilled seafood including squid and scallops drenched in citrus and tropical marinade.

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