Let’s Talk Turkey! To decant or not to decant that is the question!Ask The Wine Ladies December 2012

Dear The Wine Ladies,

We have been invited to my month-in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner, and I would like to surprise her with a decanter as a gift. She is just getting into wine and I thought she might enjoy this surprise instead of flowers or chocolates.

Would I be able to find one that would fall into my limited budget of around $35-$50? I’d like to share a few words of wisdom with my gift as well, if you wouldn’t mind offering a few tips it would be greatly appreciated.

Should all red wines be decanted and what are the main reasons for decanting?


New York, New York

Dear Jack,

What a wonderful sentiment, your mother-in-law is indeed a very lucky woman! As for your budget, not to worry, there are a great variety of decanters available on the market today that fall well into your price range.

The main reason for decanting a wine is to separate the wine from any sediment that may have formed in the bottle. Although the sediment is harmless, it is unappetizing to look at in the glass, has a bitter taste and a gritty unpleasant texture, similar to fine sand.

If you do have a wine that you feel might leave a deposit, stand the bottle upright for a full day to give the sediment time to collect at the bottom of the bottle.

When it’s time to decant, slowly pour the wine into the decanter until you see the sediment approach the shoulder of the bottle at which time the process is complete. It is rare that everyday drinking wines will throw a deposit, as sediment is the result of a wine aging and maturing in the bottle. The great majority of wines on the market today are meant for earlier consumption rather than later.
Other reasons for decanting include aerating a wine slightly which happens during the pouring process as well as while resting in the decanter, and/or simply the enjoyment of the aesthetics of a beautiful glass vessel in which to admire the wine.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Georgia and Susanne
The Wine Ladies

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