Lucky Penny Wine, Australia The Wine Ladies TV with Chef Cory Vitiello
The mint may have pulled the penny, but “Lucky Penny” wines, two delicious blends produced by Casella Wines just launched, are definitely here to stay! This week on The Wine Ladies’ TV we enjoy the introduction of this premium wine label (Casella is also the producer of Yellow Tail) with delectable and innovative food pairings courtesy of star Executive Chef Cory Vitiello of The Harbord Room restaurant.

Chef Vitiello was specifically selected to partner with Lucky Penny for this launch. Renown for his approach in cooking, “aiming for new and exciting flavour combinations”, Casella shares in this philosophy which he showcases in the varietal combinations selected.
For Lucky Penny white, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Viognier make up the blend, packed with soft fruit flavours of pear and apricot accentuated with toased honey notes from the Chardonnay. Available at the LCBO, $16.95 per bottle.
The Lucky Penny red is a blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot; in the glass rich berries, hint of chocolate and subtle vanilla overtones entice the palate. Available at the LCBO, $17.95 per bottle.

“We identified the most popular grape varieties, and our winemkers created great quality wines bursting with delicious aromas that leap out of the glass” John says. He also maintains that the “skill of a winemaker in creating blends is much like that of a chef, whereby the ingredients are carefully selected and combined to create new and exciting flavour combinations” Alas, Chef Cory is the ultimate candidate for the job, hands down!

We are treated to a quick demo from Cory, creating two dishes to pair with the two wines. What might be a surprise to some…. Chef Cory is known for doing the “unexpected” he serves up a dish which includes a dalop of ice cream to pair with the red, and for the white, a little more conventional Pan Roasted Halibut. Both dishes and combos are sublime!
Cory Vitiello is one busy chef, having just opened a second restaurant “THR&Co. just a few doors down from The Harbord Room, be sure to stop in and try a few of his quickly becoming signature dishes, so delish!
By the way, we would be remiss not to mention, that Cory was also declared one of Canada’s 50 Most Beautful Stars in Hello Canada… so congrats to that too Chef!
John Casella, whom we have had the pleasure to interview a few times already, shared a few words via video and apologized for not being able to join us. No worries John, as the grapes come first, while harvest is in full swing.