Presenting…”Beer Knight” and ultra premium European Beers. Happy Father’s Day!

European Beer

Move over vino, there’s another big gig in town!  Ultra premium craft beers coming out of Europe are as unique and as flavourful as any Chardonnay or Cabernet, and they too embrace the role of partner when it comes to the pairing of food and drink. Not just any old beer will do, liken a lager to a white wine and an ale to red.  And not only that…. says Beer Knight Guy McClelland, each premium craft beer has a story, a history, some dating back over ten thousand years!

This week on The Wine Ladies TV we welcome Guy McClelland, President of MPI, one of only four Canadians to be enthroned into the knighthood by the Confederation of Belgium Brewers, thus bearing the title of the Beer Knight. Guy will introduce us to an array of eight wonderful and unique European beers. We’lll learn the differences bewteen lagers and ales, the importance of the right glass and why it is key to always use a glass… how to avoid that “bloated” feeling, why these pure natural beers are healthy and much more!

Watch the Beer Knight Guy McClelland Part 1

Guy will also bust some myths, that we know you are going to want to hear and be glad you did… when you do!

A little history through the words and passion of the Beer Knight… Did you know historically ALL beer was ale? Lager was not invented until 1842, do you know what key invention that year made lager possible? Hint: think refrigeration.

On what… nevermind who, has the “best life” ever “they have a lot of sex and they make beer” was the best quote of the show. Guy is referring to the life of the yeast. By the way the red wine yeast are a little more vigorous, find out why. It gets awfully hot in that vat!

To pour a head or not to pour a head, that is the $64,000 question! Yes, says Guy, in a certain way to a specific height. Discover the power of the beer’s antioxidants and how NOT to miss out on them!

Watch the Beer Knight Guy McClelland Part 2

If you are okay with a bloated feeling after enjoying your favorite beer, continue drinking straight from the bottle, if not pour into a glass, some of which are most appropriate depending on the beer.  According to Guy, the naturally fermented beer, on average contains 2.5 volumes of carbon dioxide…imagine that in your stomach which would be equivalent to 2/1/2 bottles of gas! Yikes. Thank you Beer Knight aka scientist.

Just like wine, certain European beers have to come from a specific region and adhere to a speciffic methodology  to bare the name on the bottle, similiar to Champagne having to be made exclusively in Champagne. Same holds true for “lambic beers” which is one of the few technical legally protected terms for beer and refers to the indigenous yeast that only comes from the Zennevallei in Brussels. Special to be sure, Guy explains.

Watch the Beer Knight Guy McClelland Part 3

Well we decide we are definitely new found beer lovers, heading out to our favorite LCBO to pick up a bottle of the Fruli Strawberry Beer, Georgia’s fav and Susanne’s Mort Subite, the lambic beer with the cherry flavour. Bonus… these specialty, all natural healthy drinks are easy on the wallet! Prost! To locate your favourite beer closest to you.

Beers tasted on the show

Stiegl Grapefruit Radler

Früli Strawberry Beer

Erdinger Weissbier

Erdinger Dunkel
Mort Subite

Mongozo Premium Pilsener

PALM Speciale Belge


Stiegl Goldbräu


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