Red Obsession, China’s infatuation with Bordeaux

Red Obsession the newest in films about the wine industry! Simply fascinating and fabulous! This movie examines the bubble created by China’s infatuation with Bordeaux. The Red Dragon is awake and they are in love with all things wine! If you love wine , you’ll love this film!

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Narrated by Russell Crowe, Red Obsession offers an in-depth documentary investigation of a prized global commodity in times of enormous economic change, and an intoxicating meditation on its enduring mystique and allure. 

Coveted by oenophiles worldwide, the wines of France’s Bordeaux region have been legendary for centuries. Though having long endured the vagaries of climate, the winemakers of Bordeaux now find themselves subjected to another tempestuous, uncontrollable force: the massive sea change in the global financial markets, which has seen the cash-strapped West — long the primary export market for Bordeaux — superseded by China, whose insatiable thirst for the illustrious vintage has turned the wine market on its head.

Red Obsessionopens at TIFF Bell Lightbox on Friday, September 27, 2013.

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