Syrah from Sicily… can be scrumptious!


Considering such an ancient wine region has only recently been introduced to this delicious, versatile and ever popular grape, Syrah or Shiraz it has taken exceptionally well to the “terroir” of the island and making quite an impression. 


Sicily, definitely on the radar of many a wine critic, is being recognized for the teriffic value this sun-drenched island’s wines have to offer. And Syrah is definitely one of them…Here in Sicily this grape typically expresses itself with a  little softness and considerable spice. Obviously a style that is hitting the mark with many a palate confirmed by the high demand for the wine by international markets.



Case in point, the Casa Planeta Syrah IGT has a beautiful deep ruby colour, is medium bodied and offers up lush flavours of plum, blackberries and cherries with hints of pepper and herbs. It is easy drinking and a wonderful partner for a wide range of foods, whether a chunk of hard cheese, a pasta or a meat dish.



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