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Savino is an easy-to-use wine preservation system that allows you to enjoy your favorite wines anytime without waiting for an occasion. Open any bottle with confidence, knowing that you can enjoy the full original flavor of Tuesday’s wine on Saturday.

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How it works

After enjoying a glass, simply pour the remaining wine into the well designed, sturdy glass carafe.
Insert the float to create a physical barrier between the wine and oxygen.
Place the lid on top of the carafe and store in the refrigerator or wine storage area.
When ready to enjoy your next glass, pour directly from the Savino to enjoy the wine’s full flavour and original character.


Savino does not try to control the environment of an opened bottle of wine like other wine preservation solutions on the market. Instead Savino creates a new, elegant environment designed to preserve and serve wine.
Designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.
Made from the highest quality Glass and BPA-free materials to be durable and functional for everyday life.
The float is designed to hold up to years of use while not discoloring or imparting any taste onto your favorite wine.
Dishwasher safe
750 ml capacity

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