Our adventure to Peru, a world of hidden treasures. Truly magical!

Georgia and Susanne choose Pisco to create their own special cocktails at Pisco Bar in Lima, Peru.

Pisco es Peru… as is world class gastronomy, spectacular landscape, incredible people and of course Machu Picchu!

In a word, our adventure to Peru, a world of hidden treasures was magical.

Our mandate as we landed on Peruvian soil, in the capital city of Lima, located in  a desert, surrounded by surreal spaces of sand dunes was to discover the “Pisco Trail”. Pisco, you see is the name of Peru’s national drink, a grape spirit, a wonderful elixir that is made with grapes from vast, green vineyards that flourish in the heart of the arid deserts of Peru. Our exploration of this traditional spirit that dates back hundreds of years was a delectable journey of a drink of equisite qualities. There is a story to Pisco, we enjoy the unravelling of its secrets and  its mysteries as shared with us by the proprietors of several Bodegas.  Be sure to ask for Pisco on your next evening out, as Pisco is the new rising star at the bar!

Pisco is Peru – The Wine Ladies TV Part 1

Pisco is Peru – The Wine Ladies TV Part 2

Pisco is Peru – The Wine Ladies TV Part 3

Many thanks to our new Peruvian good friends that made this trip ,one of a lifetime!

From left to right: Andres E. Machalski, Lyris Monasterio,Georgia, Susanne,Ana Maria Vegas Castillo,Ricardo Carpio Valdes and Jose Luis Peroni

Where there is drink there is food, and Peru is widely known as the gastronomic capital of the Americas by many a chef around the world. Each and every meal was a celebration of freshness and of fusion. Peru’s cuisine is a blend of several cultures that speak to its history. From the traditional cuisine of the Indians, to that of the Spanish conquerors, the influx of Japanese and Chinese. And with the diversity of the landscape from the coastal region with a selection of over 2,000 fish to choose from, and the Andean highlands the purple, red, yellow “chocla” corn, with 3,000 kinds of potatoes the possibilities are endless!

Our adventures were not restricted to our dietary pleasures alone… as there were numerous moments of “participAction” as well! Riding the “Paso horses” for example at the stunning traditonal yet extremely innovative Bodegas Carevedo founded in 1884. Following our delicate dismount we learn from the passionate and charismatic co-owner and master distiller Johnny Schuler of the history and breeding of these particular horses, and how they related to the  history of Pisco.

At Bodegas El Sarcay, another award winning Pisco producer, hawks are trained here to keep the smaller birds at bay and away from the vineyards. We are hypnotized by the majestry of the hawks and  a gloriously bedazzling eagle as they fly to our extended arms piece of meat in hand.

The Wine Ladies explore Machu Picchu!

Finally Machu Picchu, one of the wonders of the world….Arresting, transformational and powerful with take-your-breath-away beauty. Truly no words can adequately describe how you feel standing in the immense presence of what is Machu Picchu! An ancient civilization, a city in the sky, a wonder of the world!

Thrilled to announce that we are heading to PERU to shoot an episode of The Wine Ladies TV, our reality show about our adventures in wine, food and travel! This would include exploring the gastronomy of Peru, restaurants, wineries, the fishing, travel to Machu Picchu, the history, making and enjoyment of Peru’s signature drink Pisco, organic coffee, organic cacao, the culture, gold, Peruvian alpaca, cotton and general points of interest. Stay tuned!

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Peru’s award as the World’s Leading Culinary Destination 2012 by World Travel Awards was celebrated in Toronto at the Annual Pisco Peruvian Night.

Celebrating with brothers Giancarlo and Alessandro Colombaro, owners of Pisco restaurant, Toronto with the Pisco Sour and classic Peruvian fare the pan con chicharrón. Delish!

The Pisco Sour

Many Peruvian tipplers prefer to mix pisco with lime juice, sugar syrup, egg white, Angostura bitters and ice — the classic formulation known as a pisco sour and long claimed by Peruvians as their national cocktail.

The Wine Ladies, Georgia and Susanne with Jose Luis Peroni,Director Trade Commission of Peru,OCEX Toronto.

More About The Wine Ladies TV…. If you have a great story idea or adventure,we would love to hear from you.

The Wine Ladies TV “One Sip at a Time”

“One Sip at a Time”follows the adventures of The Wine Ladies, Georgia and Susanne; sisters, entrepreneurs, wine lovers and food aficionados who travel the world with a sense of adventure and discovery. Bringing the audience the latest and the coolest in everything wine, culinary and lifestyle related.

Georgia and Susanne have a knack for discovering wine, spirits and culinary treasures in the most unlikely places The Wine Ladies travel the globe encountering fascinating people while on spectacular adventures, whether stomping grapes in Italy, driving a mechanical harvester, horseback riding among the vineyards along the foothills of the Andes, or sabering champagne at a red carpet event.

Each episode focuses on an adventure and special guest appearance by a winemaker, master chef, restaurateur, or celebrity from many walks of life whether in sports, music, entertainment or leading business entrepreneur. It’s all intertwined with the love of the grapevine!

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