A Day in Prince Edward County with The Wine Ladies, PIE Magazine.

As hosts of their weekly television show, One Sip At A Time, The Wine Ladies, Georgia and Susanne share their passion for wine and delicious food pairings. Here, on the pages that follow The Wine Ladies detail a few of their recent wine discoveries.

A Day in Prince Edward County with The Wine Ladies

A Day in Prince Edward County with The Wine Ladies

A day in the county, a promised land for elegant, seductive wines tinged with limestone and a undeniable minerality, “It’s due to the dirt,”the locals say, Prince Edward County , Ontario’s newest wine region, sits on a limestone plateau made up of billions of sea-creature fossils…..

For the complete story and reviews of some of the stunning wineries in Prince Edward County….

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The Wine Ladies wish to thank the Prince Edward County wineries that participated in our story, Rose Hall Run Winery, Waupoos Estates Winery, Casa-Dea Winery and Huff Estates Winery as well as a special thank-you to the fashions  provided by Main Stream, Beachy Keen Swimwear and Royal Posh from Oakville, Ontario.

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