Machu Picchu
Pisco is Peru -The Wine Ladies TV-Episode 3
In a word, our adventure to Peru, a world of hidden treasures was magical.
Our mandate as we landed on Peruvian soil, in the capital city of Lima, located in a desert, surrounded by surreal spaces of sand dunes was to discover the “Pisco Trail”. Pisco, you see is the name of Peru’s national drink, a grape spirit, a wonderful elixir that is made with grapes from vast, green vineyards that flourish in the heart of the arid deserts of Peru. Our exploration of this traditional spirit that dates back hundreds of years was a delectable journey of a drink of exqualities. There is a story to Pisco, we enjoy the unraveling of its secrets and its mysteries as shared with us by the proprietors of several Bodegas. Be sure to ask for Pisco on your next evening out, as Pisco is the new rising star at the bar!