Best of Barbados on your bucket list! A visit to Speightstown. Saint Peter’s Bay Part 1

Breathtaking Barbados…offers  a bounty for all the senses…

Our home away from home…

Saint Peter’s Bay Resort and Luxury Residences, truly an oasis!


Watch The Wine Ladies TV, Barbados beckons

 Part One

As we boarded the plane to escape the record breaking low temperatures here in Toronto little did we know what a paradise awaited us…. that is Barbados and the glorious Saint Peters Bay Resort located on the north west coast of this breathtaking island.

Upon touch down in Bridgetown we “snowbirds”  anxiously waited for the doors to open…armed with our ray bans, sunhats and enthusiasm we proceeded to descend the staircase onto the tarmac where we were greeted with a brilliant welcoming sun, a warm, sensual breeze and a brilliant broad Bajan smile! “Welcome to Barbados” exalted our greeter/driver, our tour guide and our instantaneous new friend! This was our introduction to what turned out to be one of the most enjoyable times we have ever spent away from home. The next seven days was to be heaven on earth with wonderful, warm people, glorious accomodations, and loads of exciting activities, historical visits, and fab shopping all packed in between bouts of R&R, massages, great food and rum punch!

 What makes Barbados so special? First and foremost, the people. There are no friendlier or more sincere people to be found anywhere than the Bajans here in Barbados. Always quick to smile, offer a hand, or share a  story or local expression, you at once feel welcome and relaxed.

And then, there’s Barbados, the island.

Barbados, the most easterly of the Caribbean chain of islands is 21 miles long and 14 miles wide. What makes Barbados so unique compared to so many other islands is its incredible diversity of the landscape.


From the east coast which is wild,untamed and mesmerizing “The Bold and the Beautiful” was shot here for lovers Brook and Ridge. Here The Wine Ladies enjoy the beauty,the power,the rush of the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast.

To the rugged north coast where the Atlantic clashes with the Caribbean…

to the south for cheerful relaxed beach life, and night life, and finally the west known as the Platinum Coast..  Barbados offers the visitor a myriad of beaches, of vistas, sites and activites to explore and enjoy

And so we did… swinmming with the turtles, enjoying many a rum punch and our attempt at dancing the native Bajan dance!

Remember our new friend, who greeted with us with that mega-watt smile? Well his name is Dave and while enroute to Saint Peter’s Bay Dave  shares with us a few “Barbados bytes”. . 

 “The first Europeans  to discover the island were the Portuguese”, he tells us “who named it “Os Barbados”  after the Bearded Fig Trees which grew on the beaches”. We learn that flying fish is one of the national dishes and that enjoying a Bajan rum punch and swimming with turtles is a must! Our anticipation is mounting as we pass a steady stream of palm trees, stunning tropical flowers and a green monkey, of which the island is known for. 

Georgia makes friends with a green monkey that abound all over Barbados.

We are headed out to Saint Peters Bay located on the north west coast of the island which boasts beautiful beaches, is referred to as the “Barbados Riviera” and is known for its rich history and genuine charm. This is where our home away from home Saint Peter’s Bay Resort and Luxury Residences is located. “ It is  truly a paradise resort”  our new friend promises.  And so it is! The entire property, fifty-seven beachfront homes, are all surrounded by glorious lush gardens, steps away from a beautiful lagoon style pool and just a few more steps away from the beach and the brilliant turquoise Caribbean. 

Saint Peter’s Bay is a part of the UNNA properties whose focus is on offering a “private club” experience to the guests in an elegant, top-notch and relaxed environmnet. A “Bajan brand” if you will…nicknamed as the place for “flip-flop millionaires”, no pretensions here, where you can do as much or as little as you wish, take in the sun, the sea, the spa or the gym.

Enjoy a massage on the roof-top before returning to your suite.Just a “taste” of the full service amenities abundant here at the resort. The perfect R&R… relaxation in a beautiful refined environment. where UNNA’s personal Chef Anthony Junior might have prepared a delicious meal for you, your family or your dinner party! All you have to do is ask! .

Our patio doors open to a gardener’s delight,  vibrant , colourful flowers and foliage steps from our dining table, a separate seating area and our own jacuzziwhere UNNA’s personal Chef Anthony Junior might have prepared a delicious meal for you, your family or your dinner party! All you have to do is ask!UNNA’s personal Chef Anthony Junior prepares a typical Bajan meal of Flying Fish and bread fruit on our private outdoor terrace.

Our abode includes spacious beautifully appointed rooms, impeccably decorated with each bedroom having a step out or balcony and a luxurious bathroom (with a jakuzi in the ensuite bedroom).  There is a fully equipped kitchen with a mini fridge stocked with a variety of champagnes, of wine and Banks beer, made right here on the island.

Stunning three bedroom beach front homes for vacation rental and an array of amenities and services to make life simple and enjoyable.Each three-bedroom home comfortably accommodates up to 6 adults. The design of our homes also allows two homes to be joined into a 6 bedroom suite for larger families.

Day #1  Our journey begins on the road to the old historic town of Speightstown, a mere five minute drive south of Saint Peter’s Bay, it is a lively colourful town with much to see and explore.

We are about to meet Barbados version of our “King of Kensington” Clements, who is meant to be our tour guide. With a smile as bright as the Bajan sun Clements welcomes us to what is the “oldest town in Barbados found on the earliest maps of the island”. First stop…his shop, The Fisherman’s Pub, a quaint, happening place to enjoy a myriad of fish, of course including flying fish, the national dish, fried, baked, poached as you wish!

On the boardwalk as we enjoy the breeze and gentle vocals of the sea we take in the sites, unique little shops and a small collection of bars and restaurants. Before heading over to one of Speightstown’s landmarks The Arlington House and Museum. The Arlington House is a 17th century single house once believed to have been a chandler. Today beautifully renovated with a state of the art interactive museum it is a compelling place to visit and to learn about the history of the island. We were in store for a little fun and fright as a pirate circa 1800 gave us the “eye” while  recounting a story of one wealthy man who decied to become a pirate and command his ship.

We break for a cocktail at Bo’s Plaice courtesy of John, the proprietor. 

Is it cocktail hour yet? Oh yes says Mount Gay Rum Global Ambassador Chesterfield Brown!

To conclude this delicious afternoon we meet up with our old buddy Chesterfield Brown from the oldest rum distillery “on earth” we are told! This is a reunion of sorts, as we previously met and interviewed Chesterfield in Toronto for our TV show. Chesterfield travels the world spreading the word and the flavours of the delectable rum that has been quenching the thirst of many since 1703! We enjoy a tasting that includes the latest Black Label rum, a handcrafted blend matured not once, but twice the second time in deeply charred Bourbon oak barrels. Oh…. how sweet it is, bold spice with a splash of oaky vanilla on the palate.

Cheers! Georgia and Susanne… Stay tuned for Part Two!

Many thanks to everyone that made this all possible!

Thanks to our entire film crew!

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