Getting into the spirit of the holidays! Dan Aykroyd, Crystal Head Vodka and Senhora do Convento Port

 So we are getting into the “spirit “ of the holidays in a variety of ways here today.

We  are so  excited about our first guest who has graciously agreed to take a little time out of his busy acting, writing, comedic, music and “spirited” schedule to join us.

Oh yes, And who could this be? Well you may know him from Saturday Night Live, or perhaps the Blues Brothers or maybe even Ghostbusters?  Of course this could only be the one and only, our very own Dan Aykroyd! And Dan will be joining us shortly to talk about his “spirit” his premium Crystal Head Vodka and the legend of the 13 heads behind the unique bottle.

 We’ll also chat about what Dan’s up to these days, a Ghostbusters sequel is in the making, plus we’ll also explore another “spiritual” side to Dan, what was his inspiration for Ghostbusters and Dan’s experiences and beliefs in the outer world, including séances and UFO’s!

Crystal Head Vodka with Dan Aykroyd

On our journey to locate Crystal Head Vodka with Dan Aykroyd!

 Our guest Sherrie Lynne worked on the original Ghostbusters doing some of the New York casting.

She is a psychic, a tarot card reader and a fortune teller. We’ll chat with Sherrie about the fascination people have with the spiritual world, learn a little about it and maybe get a few 2015 predictions!

Lots of fun ahead, and why not in the spirit of giving this holiday season, here’s a great and unique gift… hire Sherrie Lynne to do a reading…. She can do them on the phone!

Listen to Sherrie Lynne at 44.42 minutes into the show.

Continuing along “what’s special to put in  your glass this holiday season”, why not think and drink Port? This delectable, world famous fortified wine from the Douro region of Portugal was officially created in 1675 and enjoys quite a history. We’ll learn all about that and one particular 9th generation Port producer Senhora do Convento when we welcome Victoria Gilbert, Marketing Director of Artemis Productions and for Senhora do Convento.

Listen to Victoria Gilbert  at 25.25 minutes into the show.

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Are you a TAWNY?
Mysterious, Bold, Adventurous, Confident

SDC Ruby $16.95 per bottle

SDC Tawny $16.95 per bottle

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