It’s Tequila time and time for Patrón and to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Chris Spake,Director of Brand Education for Patrón

Chris Spake,Director of Brand Education for Patrón

Did you say lime? We love anything lime! Especially when paired in a cocktail with an ultra premium Tequila like Patrón .

Which brings us to our guest who will give us the scoop. He will talk about the  myths and the truths on Mexico’s national spirit, one of the fastest growing spirits in North America. He is the Director of Brand Education, for Patrón , the number one ultra premium tequila in the world, Chris Spake will join us.

Listen to Chris Spake at 30:35 minutes into the show.

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This week’s episode….Episode #20  (WL-04-12-2015)

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo May 5th,2015


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On this week’s radio show, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

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