California Square

California Square Chardonnay…”IT IS now HIP TO BE SQUARE”…On this audio podcast we speak wit winemaker Virginia Lambrix.

California Square

California Square

Square is the new green!

Thursday May 21st is International Chardonnay Day!

Join Chardonnay lovers,producers & winemakers from around the world by tweeting your favourite pictures of Chardonnay wine,vineyards,culinary experiences and events.#ChardDay


We invite you to listen to Virginia Lambrix at 17:26 minutes into the radio show.

We’ll be speaking with Virginia Lambrix who will be calling in from Sonoma, California and Virginia is the winemaker at Truett-Hurst Winery. We’re going to be chatting with Virginia about the winery’s line of wines called “California Square” where we learn among other things that “IT IS now HIP TO BE SQUARE”. These wines are housed in the world’s first square wine bottle, beautifully designed, but also very importantly environmentally friendly.

Here is a quote from the designer of these bottles.

“If the wine industry turned over to square instead of round bottles we’d save almost a million trees in outer cardboard boxes alone. That’s not to mention savings in shipping and storage! Stranger & Stranger 

That’s amazing!


Medium gold; aromas of vanilla, pineapple and yellow apple; dry, medium bodied with moderate acidity; flavours of tropical fruit and rich vanilla
  LCBO # 356717        $18.95 per bottle

On this week’s show…

I am Chardonnay and my day is International Chardonnay Day coming up May 21st.

Episode 22

Our subject, narrow, yet very broad, global in scope of importance to many many wine makers, and certainly wine lovers,and drinkers alike…around the world……we will be dedicating this show and honoring one of the most popular and prolifically grown white, wine grape varietals!

Here is a description of the varietal. Can you guess?

I am a white grape, of noble heritage of the species vitis vinifera.
I am planted in over 400,000 acres worldwide.
I can be made in many styles.
I am NOT finicky.
I have a club named after me…the ABC Club.
There are also numerous spas using me as their namesake, and even baby girls are being named after me.
I am so special that I have a special day that has been named in my honor, on which 1000’s of people around the world celebrate my heritage, what I am and the kind of wines I can make.I am Chardonnay and my day is International Chardonnay Day coming up May 21st, hence our dedication to this illustrious grape here today!

Wente Vineyards The First Family of Chardonnay…Come Celebrate National Chardonnay Day May 21st with us!

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