Tony Ferreria, Regional Sales Manager for My Gourmet

On this week’s audio podcast…Cooking with Himalayan Salt Stones for healthier, faster and delicious food.

We move on to food, glorious food! So you have the perfect rosé, but you’re getting a little hungry. What to pair with your rose? We are going to introduce you to a very cool tool, or cooking style,using pale pink Himalayan Salt Stones mined from the mountains, for healthier, faster, delicious dishes.

Tony Ferreria, Regional Sales Manager for My Gourmet

Tony Ferreria, Regional Sales Manager for My Gourmet

You can grill on it, serve on it, chill on it,even bake on it ! Tony Ferreria, Regional Sales Manager for My Gourmet joins us, tell us all about it and shares a few knock out recipes to enjoy with your pink drink!

Listen to Tony Ferreria at 15:50 minutes into the show.

Rose wine

Rose wine

On this week’s audio podcast…

Everything is coming up Rosé …Think pink when you grab a drink!

Episode 30

Rosés are one of the hottest trends in wine,enjoying huge growth in popularity and are definitely getting the respect they are due.Gone are the days of super sweet and sappy pink rosés. Now when you think pink, think crisp,dry,fruity,delicious and well made wines from most wine growing regions around the world.And so today we salute rosé. It is the perfect time with the warm weather upon us, and to learn more about what makes pink the perfect drink for summer enjoyment and beyond.

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Remy Pannier Rosé d’Anjou is the #1 selling rosé in Ontario! Find out why on The Wine Ladies audio podcast….

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