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De Bortoli Gulf Station Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2013, Georgia’s Wine Pick.

De Bortoli Gulf Station Yarra Valley Pinot Noir

De Bortoli Gulf Station Yarra Valley Pinot Noir

My wine pick today hails from the Yarra Valley, Australia, the company founded in 1928 is one of  “Australia’s First Family of Wines”, a group of 12 family owned Australian wineries that represent 16 Australian regions across 4 states and have collectively more than 1200 years of wine making experience.

Georgia's Wine Pick

Georgia’s Wine Pick

I discovered this wine while attending an outstanding tasting featuring 11 of the 12  Australian First Families of Wines. I decided then that it was to be a wine pick for me.

The wine is De Bortoli Gulf Station Yarra Valley 2013 Pinot Noir. I bought it for $19.95 and immediately was struck by the silkiness, the complexity and rich texture, it was medium bodied with bright ripe fruit… but not over ripe and with a vibrant acidity, intense in flavor and refreshing at the same time.I really liked this Pinot Noir, a bargain to me for $19.95.

De Bortoli Gulf Station Pinot Noir 2013

De Bortoli Gulf Station Pinot Noir 2013

VINTAGES#: 15511

I really liked this Pinot Noir, a bargain to me for $19.95. Hello to Darrin de Bortoli, 3rd generation,Darrin is the winemaker and we had the opportunity to meet Darrin for a second time at the “speed wine tasting” as they called it… lots of wine so little time. And that is my wine pick.

Listen to my wine review at 3:59 minutes into this week’s radio show.


On this week’s show…Calling all Dads out there.This show is for you! We have you covered for your special Father’s Day!
Episode 25

Today we’re going to talk about what might be some of your favourite things. How about some lip smacking delicious bold burgers or crunchy flavor filled spicy homemade tacos.  Or to quench your thirst how about a small batch craft beer chock full of flavour. No additives, all natural, just 100% pure delicious.

Or straight from the small,rugged and remote Scottish island of Islay comes the authentic premium single malt Scotch whisky,a wee dram for you lads perhaps?

And for the fine wine,food and film buff we bring you the 2nd annual Niagara Integrated Film Festival, taking place on Father’s Day weekend where you can choose from a plethora of wine tasting diners, movie premiers, short film screenings, and much more!

And finally the tables are turned on The Wine Ladies when we are interviewed by Laura Wolfe a student who is studying the art of social media and blogging. We give her our thoughts on social media!

Alright so its time now to salute all the Dads out there, Happy Father’s Day, let’s start!!!


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