Happy Father's Day wine

On this week’s audio podcast..Happy Father’s Day! Pete Neal of Neal Brothers Foods shares ideas your Dad will love!

There are all kinds of Father’s out there from the adventurist, who is always willing to try something new, to the technophile who is a bonafide techo gadget freak  or the charismatic Dad, who loves to be the center of attention.

What kind of  Dad do you have???

We have something that will sure to satisfy even the most discerning Dads… starting with the food… Joining us at the top of the show, returning guest Pete Neal of Neal Brothers Foods and he will be sharing the spotlight and great father’s Days food ideas with his daughter Hanna.

Neal Brothers Foods

Neal Brothers Foods

So we’ll kick off the show chatting with one of our regular guests Pete Neal, Pete is the co-founder along with his brother Chris of Neal Brothers Foods, a father himself, Pete and his daughter Hannah will join us with a host of scrumptious suggestions and recipes for you to enjoy this Father’s Day.

Listen to Pete Neal and his daughter Hannah at 7:20 minutes into the show.

Maple Bacon or Srirachup Kettle Cooked Chips

Maple Bacon or Srirachup Kettle Cooked Chips

What’s a perfect snack pairing for this Father’s Day? Neal Brothers Foods Maple Bacon or Srirachup Kettle Cooked Chips with Muskoka Brewery Cream Ale.


Neal Brothers Foods Multigrain Nuggets

Neal Brothers Foods Multigrain Nuggets

Perhaps Scotch is more your preference, the perfect pairing for Dad this Sunday, Neal Brothers Foods Multigrain Nuggets with a glass of Ardbeg Ten Year Old Single Islay Malt Scotch Whisky!

Father’s Day is a day to spend with family and in our family…

We love to cook together and create simple yet delicious dishes for the family to enjoy”, says Pete Neal. “We love making tacos and the beauty of cooking up tacos is you can add any toppings you want”.according to Pete. We make sure to prep various veggies, cheeses, meat/fish and add our favorite Neal Brothers toppings. Then to the mix, lime mayo, sriracha mayo, tomatillo salsa, habanero salsa or even our sweet and smokey BBQ sauce is a nice addition to a chicken or beef taco.”

Neal Brothers Foods favourite combinations:White fish tacos with lime mayo and fresh greens and red cabbage, Chicken tacos with a splash of habanero salsa and avocado, BBQ beef tacos with crushed BBQ kettle chips or srirachup chips on top!

On this week’s radio show…Happy Father’s Day

Episode 25

Calling all Dads out there.This show is for you! We have you covered  for your special day Fathers Day!

Coming up, we’re going to talk about what might be some of your favourite things. Like lip smacking delicious, bold burgers or crunchy flavour filled spicy taco. Or to quench your thirst how about a small batch craft beer chock full of flour. No additives, all natural, just 100% pure delicious.
Or straight from the small, rugged and remote Scottish island of Islay comes the authentic premium single malt Scotch whisky,a wee dram for you lads perhaps?
And for the fine wine, food and film buff we bring you the 2nd annual Niagara Integrated Film Festival, taking place on Father’s Day weekend where you can choose from a plethora of wine tasting dinners, movie premiers, short film screenings, and much more!

And finally the tables are turned on The Wine Ladies when we are interviewed by Laura Wolfe a student who is studying the art of social media and blogging. We give her our thoughts on social media!Alright so its time now to salute all the Dads out there, Happy Father’s Day, lets start!!!

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