Celebrate Canada Day with a Caesar made with Iceberg Vodka!

Iceberg Vodka

Iceberg Vodka

To our most easterly province now, the island of Newfoundland and to a white spirit that has people crazy enough to harvest icebergs to gather one of its ingredients, to get the worlds purest water.The spirit is vodka, and the Vodka is Iceberg Vodka. Another Canadian winner!

Joining us David Meyers, the President and CEO of Iceberg Vodka to fill us in on the spirit and the amazing and daring process of harvesting icebergs in the freezing cold North Atlantic.

The Ultimate Canadian Drink…The Bloody Caesar invented in Calgary, Alberta made with Iceberg Vodka made in Newfoundland.Over 350 million Caesars are consumed annually.

Happy Canada Day! 

Episode 26

Introducing our new weekly radio segment SIP and SLEUTH To Win!

We have a super show lined up for you today, with Canada Day around the corner and a fabulous lineup of guests,all connected in someway to our fabulous country celebrating its 138thbirthday.

PLUS we are also really excited about introducing a brand new segment to our show SIP and SLEUTH To Win!!! 

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Happy Canada Day! Scottish Ale and Lamb Burgers a perfect match! Highlander Brew Company.

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