On Canada Day enjoy Collingwood Whisky with a post-blending maple mellowing process. How Canadian is that?

From a white spirit now to a brown spirit and back to our neck of the woods right here in Ontario, to Collingwood cottage country and Collingwood Whisky! A whisky that is rich in sweet notes and oh so smooth made with  a post-blending maplemellowing process.. how Canadian is that? To fill us all about it Collingwood Whisky Ambassador John Breckon.

Listen to John Brekon at 40:45 minutes into the show!

Episode 26

Happy Canada Day! 

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We have a super show lined up for you today, with Canada Day around the corner and a fabulous lineup of guests,all connected in someway to our fabulous country celebrating its 138thbirthday.

PLUS we are also really excited about introducing a brand new segment to our show SIP and SLEUTH To Win!!! 

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Collingwood Whisky

Collingwood Whisky

Collingwood Whisky

Collingwood Whisky

Happy Canada Day! Scottish Ale and Lamb Burgers a perfect match!

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