Fabulous premium Prosecco, Andrea Da Ponte SAVE $$$$$


On this week’s radio show…
La Dolce Vita,”the sweet life!”

Episode 34

We feature a fabulous premium Prosecco from Andrea da Ponte. The signature Italian spirit, Grappa and an Italian wine producer Cantina Scacciadiavoli. This wine from the region of Umbria with a devilish story and great wines.
Plus a Michelin starred Italian Chef, with a spectacular restaurant in the historic, culturally rich gastronomic capital of Rome.

 To get things started we are going to kick off the show with a little bubbly.

This is no ordinary bubbly, this Prosecco from Veneto of course, hails from the DOCG region of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene. It is made from the finest premium grapes and is produced by the long established award winning house of Andrea Da Ponte, founded in 1892.

And from there,this dynasty of a company Andrea Da Ponte Distillery, actually started out over 120 years ago as a distillery. Brothers Andrea and Matteo, were so dedicated to the art and science of producing the finest distillate, that they wrote and published the first printed manual ever on the subject. Historical figures, now producing among the finest grappa in the world…Christian to fill us in on the Andrea Da Ponte grappas, what makes them so unique and outstanding!

Recently at our fundraiser for Dancing with Mississauga Stars at Parsons Interiors. Thank-you to Elizabeth Wright owner of  Cottonwood Wine Agency for her support and pouring of premium Don Giovanni Da Ponte Prosecco and Andrea Da Ponte Grappa.
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