Cannonball Wine Company makes a big splash with their 2012 Cannonball Merlot!

Talking about Merlot Madness! Our next guest really makes a splash and dives right in with his line of wines appropriately called “Cannonball”. Remember when you were a kid with not a care in the world? Jumping in the pool, making a huge splash, just pure fun and enjoyment, really loving life? So that right there is the Cannonball Wine Company philosophy. Not taking themselves too seriously although serious about making great quality and super value wine, including their Sonoma County Cannonball Merlot!

On this week’s audio podcast…
October is Merlot Madness Month


Calling all Merlot wine skeptics out there and all you Merlot wine lovers alike!

Get ready for Merlot Madness! October has been officially designated #MerlotMe month in which hundreds of wineries put the spotlight on this grape varietal that may have gotten a bit of a bum wrap you might recall in the blockbuster movie Sideways!

A bum wrap indeed but do not be fooled! This supple, silky, seductive varietal, boasts playing the starring role in many iconic wines.  As one of the most revered, sought-after and expensive wines in the world, Chateau Petrus!

In today’s show we visit two wineries that make the most memorable Merlot, benchmark producer Duckhorn Vineyards Napa Valley and a cool coastal Merlot from super “cool”  Cannonball Wine Company.

Plus prepare to be obsessed with the most stunning stemware, 12 Obsession launching in their world wide premiere on The Wine Ladies radio show!

We welcome from Sonoma County, the Founder and CEO of Cannonball Wine Company, Yoav Gilat to the show, making his first splash in 2006, when the company was founded. When’s the last time you enjoyed a Cannonball, Cab or Merlot?

 Listen to Yoav Gilat at 18:50 minutes into the show


Please see all current Cannonball offerings.

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October is Merlot Madness Month, starring benchmark Merlot producer Duckhorn Vineyards of Napa Valley

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