Camouflage Drinkers fit right in with MADD Virgin Drinks … Looks like wine, tastes like wine, ZERO alcohol, 1/3 the calories! Simply Devine!

With our topic “what’s in your glass this holiday season?”

We are excited to share with you all, a line of drinks that offer an alternative for either the designated driver. Or perhaps someone who enjoys a great party but prefers a non alcoholic beverage. There’s a whole array of reasons why one might opt for a non alcoholic drink. Today we’ve got a very special line of drinks to introduce you to called MADD Virgin Drinks.

On this week’s radio show… Holiday hits! What will be in your glass this season?


So we’ll be welcoming the Founder and COO of MADD Virgin Drinks.

Glenn Broadley, on the right hand side, to the show, we’ll chat with Glenn about the genesis of this line, the products and the concept of the ‘camouflage drinker” interesting info ahead, along with great tasting drinks….

Listen to Glenn Broadley at 20:25 minutes into the show.

On this week’s radio show….Healthy living, from the plate to the glass to the strong and sexy body!

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