Zuccardi Q Tempranillo 2011, Georgia’s Wine Pick.

Zuccardi Q Tempranillo 2011, Georgia’s Wine Pick. 

Georgia's Wine Pick

Georgia’s Wine Pick

I really liked this wine, I liked it more each time I had it, and shared it with a few of my friends and they really liked it too!

So what was it? Well a Tempranillo, the grape, most associated with Spain, best known as the chief grape of red Rioja, Spain’s most famous wine, but in this case it came from Argentina!

Zuccardi Q Tempranillo 2011 in our Vintages locally, sells for $19.95 

Distributed through Dionynsus Wine & Spirits

It was full bodied, very smooth, juicy with seductive notes of leather, chocolate and slight nuance of tobacco.

Very delicious. The grapes are sourced by the way from select old vines on their Santa Rosa estate in Mendoza, drink now, or if you can wait, lay down for a few years. Really delish!

Listen to my review at 5:22 minutes into this week’s radio show.

On this week’s radio show…Celebrate International Woman’s Day with us!


We have a fantastic show for you today all in Celebration of International Women’s Day.  International Women’s Day was officially launched in 1911 and today over 100 years later IWD is celebrated around the world. With 1000’s of events taking place honouring women everywhere for their various achievements.

So we thought we want to be a part of that too. So today we’re going to welcome three fantastic ladies to the show, each bringing something unique and different to the table. First up, from Royalty, yes as in the Royal Heiness Prince William and Prince Harry. You won’t want to miss that! Up next a pioneering, award winning winemaker to a very special brand of wine specifically designed for us ladies!

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