Tweet to WIN Tickets to The Great New Zealand Wine Tiki Tour! Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto! Enter here!

Maori People from New Zealand performing the traditional Haka (war dance)

Kiwis love setting off on a Tiki Tour. It’s a trip where you take the scenic route, sidetrack a little, linger and experience new things. We invite you to join us on the Great New Zealand Wine Tiki Tour. An evening of meandering, digressing, indulging and awakening the senses.

Buy tickets here – Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto.

Who knows where, what or whom you’ll discover! What we do know is there will be amazing New Zealand wines, fascinating people and memorable photo opportunities. It’s time to escape and explore!

Three super events!!!

 Congrats to our winners @BrendaKennedy76  @CDNCountryGal1  @tinetravelhippo  @LammieLammie 

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to win!!!!!

Five (5) prize packages to be given away. Total Value: $400.00!! Each prize package worth $130.00 and up! 

Each prize includes one pair of tickets to The Great New Zealand Wine Tiki Tour.( 2 pairs of tickets for Vancouver, 2 pairs of tickets for Ottawa and one pair of tickets for Toronto). Meet the wine makers and/or their representatives from 21 different wineries from New Zealand. Enjoy an array of scrumptious appetizers while you enjoy a variety of superb Sauvignon Blancs , the explosive varietal that awoke the world! Let us take you on a journey of taste and experience how terroir and winemaking results in the many unique styles of New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc. Sauvignon Blanc accounts for around 70% of wine exported from New Zealand. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc exports are worth over $1.1 billion annually.

May 5th, 2016

Tweet #TWLNZTikiTourVancouverWIN and re-tweet as often as you like! Two winners ( two pairs of tickets, Value: $130.00 per pair) will be picked at random.

May 9th, 2016

Tweet #TWLNZTikiTourOttawaWIN and re-tweet as often as you like! Two winner ( two pairs of tickets, Value: $130.00 per pair) will be picked at random) will be picked at random.

May 11th, 2016

Tweet #TWLNZTikiTourTorontoWIN and re-tweet as often as you like. One winner (one pair of tickets, Value: $140.00 per pair) will be picked at random.

Contest Rules

1.Make sure that you follow both of us on Twitter @TheWineLadies @NZWineCanada 

2.Enter as many times as you like from Friday, April 8th,2016 at 12:00pm until Friday, April 29th at 11:00am tweet and re-tweet and follow @TheWineLadies and @NZWineCanada

Below is an example that you can use and modify as you see fit.

Example Tweets:

 @TheWineLadies  @NZWineCanada #Vancouver #WIN #tickets #TWLNZTikiTourVancouverWIN  May 5 #SauvBlanc Enter me!

 @TheWineLadies  @NZWineCanada #WIN #Vancouver #TWLNZTikiTourVancouverWIN  Pick me please!

 @TheWineLadies  @NZWineCanada #Ottawa #WIN #tickets #TWLNZTikiTourOttawaWIN  May 9 #SauvBlanc Enter me!

 @TheWineLadies @NZWineCanada Celebrate #SauvBlanc  I wanna #WIN #tickets #TWLNZTikiTourOttawaWIN

 @TheWineLadies  @NZWineCanada  #Toronto #WIN #tickets #TWLNZTikiTourTorontoWIN May 11 #SauvBlanc Enter me!

 @TheWineLadies  @NZWineCanada Crazy for #SauvBlanc #WIN #tickets  #TWLNZTikiTourTorontoWIN

@TheWineLadies  @NZWineCanada  ENTER ME #TWLNZTikiTourTorontoWIN Pick me please!

3.Each time you tweet (or re-tweet our Tweets) using the hash tag #TWLNZTikiTourVancouverWIN or #TWLNZTikiTourOttawarWIN or #TWLNZTikiTourTorontoWIN your name will be entered into our draw for a chance to win the prizes. Keep entering as often as you like. Be sure to add @TheWineLadiesat the end of your Tweet as well to help track it.

4. If you don’t TWEET you can also enter on The Wine Ladies FACEBOOK Fan page too right here.

The winners will be randomly selected at noon on Friday, April 29th, 2016 at noon and will be notified via TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

Have some fun and Tweet with the participating wineries of The Great New Zealand Tiki Wine Tour, then meet them in person on May 5th, May 9th or May 11th!!!

#AraWines  @BabichWines  #Clark Estate  @InvivoWine  @MariscoWines  #MarlboroughWine  @MatuaWines  @MudHouseWine  #OysterBay  @Pernod_Ricard  @SacredHillWines  @SaintClairWine  @SileniWines #SpyValleyWines  @StaeteLandtWine   @Stoneleigh  @tePaWines  @ToiToiWines  @VillaMaria_wine  @WhitehavenNZ   @WitherHillsWine

 Coming up May 2nd…. on the radio show… Exploring Sauvignon Blanc and celebrating International Sauvignon Blanc Day. Representing New Zealand will be Kyle Thompson winemaker of Saint Clair Family Estate. We invite you to tune in.

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