Danylo Mielnik, Executive Chef Ovest Cucina E Vineria.

If you love Italian food you are going to love Ovest Cucina E Vineria!

Danylo Mielnik, Executive Chef Ovest Cucina E Vineria.

Danylo Mielnik, Executive Chef Ovest Cucina E Vineria.

And if you are anywhere near King and Bathurst streets in our fair city of Toronto, don’t miss out on the restaurant Ovest Cucina E Vineria. We love Italian food, always a fave. But here the Executive Chef Danylo Mielnik, is a rock star with traditional and authentic Italian dishes. This chef is hitting new heights with creative, delectable twists leaving you begging for more! Chef Mielnik, will join us. What’s new and exciting on the chef’s menu? Why are people flocking to Ovest?Find out why in our second segment.

Listen to Danylo Mielnik at 31:00 minutes in the show

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On this week’s radio show…

Lavish lifestyle with prize Pitars Prosecco, Preferred Magazine and Executive Chef from OVEST.

Coming up on our show today, one of Italy’s many claims to fame, is of course their very own sparkling wine. Growing in popularity day by day. Not only is it a wine, but it is a place and it is a grape. There is a bit of confusion out there about this delightful and delicious bubbly. It is Prosecco.

Episode 46: Pitars Prosecco;Nicola Pittaro, Danylo Mielnik, Carlo Greco

There is much more to this bubbly, with an interesting history, than many might know. So in our first segment we are excited to share with everyone today a very special winery, located in the Friuli region in northeastern Italy, the wine Castel Pitars winery.

Pitars Winery

Here is a wine producer that dates back to 1510, steeped in tradition, now run by four brothers producing an exciting array of wines, along with their Prosecco, wines of indigenous grapes, international varietals and unique blends.

Pitars family

Pitars Prosecco DOC, Susanne’s Wine Pick


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