Sherry Savy with Dry Sack and Bodegas Williams & Humbert

Paola Medina of Bodegas Williams & Humbert.

Paola Medina of Bodegas Williams & Humbert.

Dry Sack Sherry Bodegas Williams & Humbert.

We decided to focus on Sherry as our fortified wine today. This fortified wine is very delicious and complex. It is however often misunderstood and underappreciated!

So joining us here today, in our first segment, to help us all become Sherry Savvy, is the winemaker for one of the most established, historical and largely awarded Sherry producers, Paola Medina of Bodegas Williams & Humbert.

Listen to Paola Medina at 5:24 minutes into the show.

On this week’s radio show…A salute to the glorious grape and beyond, from the table, to the fortified spirit, to the jewel of Spain, Rioja

We’ll start with our salute to the glorious grape, but beyond the grape as a table wine rather the role it plays in a variety of spirits of which there are many. Examples such as Pisco from Peru, Cognac from Cognac, Grappa traditionally from Italy…or as a  fortified wine like Port from Portugal and of one of the jewels of Spain, Sherry.

The Wine Ladies in Spain  for a wine, culinary and cultural tour!

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