Ask The Wine Ladies.Last week a wine reminded me of pears, is this possible?

Le Nez du Vin

Le Nez du Vin


Last week I had a wine that reminded me of pears so much in the taste and smell, that I wondered if pears were used to make it, or at least added to the wine.
Is this possible? If not, how is it that so many wines are described as having tastes and smells of such a variety of fruits and other foods? I’ve heard of blackberries, plums and even blueberries, not to mention one that really threw me – green peppers! Are there any wines that smell like grapes?

– Erica

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Le Nez du Vin

Le Nez du Vin


We are pretty sure there are many people out there who are wondering the exact same thing. There is actually a logical explanation for how someone might recognize a variety of familiar smells, such as pears, when it comes to the aroma of a wine. All foods and drinks are made up of a complex combination of molecules, some being more aromatic than others.

Scientists have been able to identify some of these molecules. They have discovered that if present in a certain food and wine, a similar smell can be detected.

Take pears for example.According to “Editions Jean Lenoir” creator of Le Nez du Vin, it’s been demonstrated that hexyl-acetate, one of the typical compounds found in pears, is responsible for the scent of a pear found in wine. Green peppers, sometimes detected in the aroma of Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc, also shares a similar compound called methoxy-2-isobutyl-3pyrazine. The most recent discovery was the peppery character that is often detected in wines such as Shiraz from Australia or Syrah from Rhone. Australian researchers detected a trace of a peppery molecule in Shiraz wines.  They discovered the same molecule in ground white pepper. This peppery character in Shiraz grapes can be identified as a chemical called rotundone.  This is all fascinating information, which explains why winemakers consider winemaking a blend of both science and art.

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