Discover the French Macaron a gastronomic delicacy taking North America by storm!

Next we will turn our focus to the French Macaron a gastronomic delicacy.

Over the last few years the French Macaron has been trending big time in North America. With a rich history this sweet and now savoury pastry is dominating upper scale restauranat menus, bakeries and even cooking school courses!

Joining us in our second segment, Katsy Entifi, founder of RepChampion Canada. Importer of the finest macarons from a producer of 3 generations. What is a macaron? How is it made? Why is it so trending?

Listen to Katsy Entifi at 28:56 minutes the show.

Episode WL 02-01-2017

Attention Restauranteurs…

Our French, savoury gourmet macarons are as exquisite as caviar and champagne. Imported from France, they have won the prestigious award of the Tophee de la Gastronomie. These delightful pastries are served in 5 star hotels and restaurants. They are also perfect as appetizers, for every occasion. Call Katsy to place your wholesale orders 647-861-2579


Looking to try before you buy? Visit these fine spots that serve France Originelle Macarons.


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