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Power Boating Canada Magazine, Toasting Canada’s 150th Birthday…

with wineries from coast to coast. 

Canada’s 150th birthday is plenty reason to pop a cork! Here from coast to coast we offer a toast with wines from Canada’s premier wine regions British Columbia and Ontario. The celebration doesn’t stop there, in our next issue, we’ll explore and salute what has been called “Canada’s next great wine region” that is Nova Scotia! Garnering huge accolades and international attention this burgeoning wine region is producing bubbly that many connoisseurs are saying rival those of Champagne!

To you Canada with a glass of bubbly!

Our wine journey begins out west in the stunning wine growing region of the Okanagan Valley located in the southern interior of British Columbia. It is Canada’s second largest wine region and is home to 85% of the province’s vineyards. A picturesque valley stretching over 250 km with a landscape dotted with close to 175 wineries including artisanal and family-run, to world class, it is a must for a wine lovers’ bucket list.

And what is in the glass is often deemed first class, with the Okanagan’s wines consistently ranking among the best at international competitions.

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