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Can Icewine come as a sparkling icewine?? Ask The Wine Ladies

Sparkling Icewine

Sparkling Icewine

Dear Wine Ladies,

I was thinking of bringing an icewine to a dinner party being thrown to congratulate a friend of mine on her newly acquired role in a television series.  A lover of sweet wines icewine seemed like a good choice.I then learned there are also sparkling ice wines.  What are they like and would this be an appropriate wine to bring? Are they served chilled like a regular white wine and are they served in white wine glasses?

Dina, Bolton, Ontario

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 Dear Dina,

A sparkling icewine would be perfect for the occasion!

Not only does it satisfy with respect to being a sweet wine, but the added fanfare surrounding their opening! The celebratory note of the bubbles will surely be a hit! Sparkling Vidal ice wines isthe most common grape used for making ice wines. It will offer up a delightful blend of tropical fruit flavours, oftentimes of apricot and peach, and with a touch of citrus. Although a superb dessert wine, sparkling icewines also marry well with a variety of appetizers. The delectable flavour is enhanced with a wonderful balance of sweetness and acidity, perfectly delivered to the palate with the effervescence of the lively bubbles. Serve in fluted glasses and well chilled as you would a sparkling wine or a Champagne.

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