Marilisa Allegrini at La Poya vineyard, Allegrini, Valpolicella, Italy

Meet Marilisa Allegrini, wine women extraordinare…The Voice of Amarone.

 For this International Women’s Day, 108th Anniversary celebration we thought we would introduce you to one remarkable woman in our field. She is Marilisa Allegrini, CEO of Allegrini, one of the most respected and highly acclaimed wineries of Italy. It is located in the storied wine growing region of Valpolicella. Allegrini is world-renowned in particular for their exceptional production of the iconic wine Amarone. She is known as the “Voice of Amarone” and been often described as a “Wine Star”. 

 Marilisa is the first Italian woman wine producer to grace the cover of one of the most respected and famous wine magazines in the world, The Wine Spectator. Since the early 1980’s Marilisa has been traveling the world sharing her passion for both the wines of Allegrini and the region of Valpolicella. 

We had the opportunity to meet with the dynamic CEO of what today is regarded as one of the leading producers not only in this region but also in Italy as a whole.

We asked Marilisa to share with us the story behind Allegrini.

We learn that the Allegrini family has been involved with grape growing and winemaking since the 1500’s handing down grape growing and winemaking traditions over six generations.

Its roots lie in a small village Fumane de Valpolicella located just north of Verona. The family played a prominent role in the local community as one of the most important landowners, involved in agricultural work and upholding local traditions. “It was’, as she goes on to explain with great admiration, ”

how the intelligence and hard work of her father Giovanni an instinctive man with respect to the land and innovative winemaking practices was integral in earning the reputation Allegrini enjoys today”.

Allegrini Logo

We’d like to feature one very special lady today on these pages. She is Marilisa Allegrini, the CEO of the family owned and operated Azienda Agricola Allegrini. Established in 1854 although Marilisa maintains it was many centuries before that her family was involved in making wine. It is considered a premier, and one of the most revered, award wining wineries in the historical and storied wine region of Valpolicella, Italy, also home of the iconic wine Amarone. 

Listen to Marilisa Allegrini at 29:40 minutes in the show

The Wine Ladies private wine tasting with Marilisa Allegrini.
 We had the opportunity to meet Marilisa on a recent visit to Toronto. She is a very special lady indeed, a woman of  passion, and dedication, of brilliance and of grace. Here she shared with us a little history of Allegrini, the past, present and future. We also  talked about Marilisa’s role as CEO, the role of women in general in this industry, the challenges and the opportunities. 
Allegrini La Poja 2011
Allegrini La Poja 2011
Palazzo della Torre 2014
Palazzo della Torre 2014
International Women's Day
International Women’s Day

Zonta Celebrates International Women’s Day…Celebrating 108 years in 2019!

Marilisa Allegrini, the first Italian woman wine producer to grace the cover of Wine Spectator

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