Witches Blood the perfect Halloween party drink!

 Dear Wine Ladies,

We’ll be welcoming a gruesome crowd (witches, goblins and ghosts) for our first Halloween party at our new condo acquired just last month. A range of wines, always our first beverage of choice, will be served but we wondered if you knew of any cocktails or drinks that are made with wine, preferably red, and/or if you know of any Halloween themed wine labels out there?


Toronto, Ontario

Dear Joanne,

Congratulations on your new condo, what a fabulous way to beckon good spirits and good friends to your new abode!

Indeed, we do have a simply delicious and devilish cocktail to suggest, courtesy  of the BSO, Bartending School of Ontario http://www.bartendingontario.com 

Witches Blood 

Witches Blood Cocktail

“Witches Blood” is the name of the cocktail, incorporating a good dosage of Merlot, this cryptic cocktail delivers big on flavour, punch and esthetics.


Introducing my newest creation just in time for HALLOWEEN!
1 oz. Silver Tequila
1/2 oz. Cassis
1/2 oz. Blue Curacao

Dash Orange Bitters
2 oz. kiwi juice
2 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
blend together with ice and serve with kiwi wagon wheel for garnish
This is so easy and sooooo delicious and a surprising blend of flavors that pair perfectly!
Enjoy ………………and serve with a BOO!
As for Halloween themed wines, a number of them exist such as “Vampire”  and “Dracula” from California.

The Vampire Wines

Vampire wines are not a single wine, but a grouping of scary sounding wines from the Vampire.com brand.

This brand had its origins in 1985, when a young New York lawyer named Michael Machat had the idea of creating a wine called Vampire and describing it as the Blood of the Vine.

It took several years for his dream to come to fruition.

Yet today under the Vampire umbrella you can find wines called Dracula and Trueblood.

Vampire wine


Vampire Vineyards


October is Merlot Madness Month,starring benchmark Merlot producer Duckhorn Vineyards Napa Valley

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