Episode 87 Singers Caesar

Celebrating Canada Day with the all Canadian Almighty Caesar! Singers Caesar Mix

On today’s podcast we shift gears temporarily away from the vine to Canada’s iconic cocktail. What is Canada’s very own originally created in 1969 at the Calgary Inn and was officially named Canada’s National cocktail by Parliament in 2009?
It is the spicy, scrumptious, red hot cocktail, the Bloody Caesar!
And why the Caesar you may ask? After all Canada Day is just around the corner and we’ll be celebrating with an all Canadian cast right here in Bronte, Oakville.


Founders Wayne and Barb Singer of Singers Caesar Mix.
We chat with founders Wayne and Barb Singer about how and why Singers Caesar Mix came to be.
Listen to the Singers at 3:05 minutes in the podcast. 
Singers Caesar Mix now available at Sobeys
Singers Caesar Mix
JD Dixon co-founder Dixon's Distilled Spirits.
JD Dixon co-founder Dixon’s Distilled Spirits.
Listen to JD Dixon at 15:04 minutes in the podcast. 
Cove Bar and Restaurant, GM Chris Wilson.
Chis Wilson, GM and co-owner of the Cove.
Listen to Chris Wilson at 29:17 minutes in the podcast. 
Cove Bar and Restaurant
Cove Bar and Restaurant
Susanne and Georgia enjoy a Singers Caesar Mix made with Dixon's Wicked Citrus Gin
Susanne and Georgia enjoy a Singers Caesar Mix made with Dixon’s Wicked Citrus Gin.
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