The Wine Ladies Audio Podcast Episode 88

On This Week’s Audio Podcast…Fabulous Finds For Foodies.Three Oakville Neighborhood Restaurants. 

Foodies in Oakville

Thanks for joining us today! We are really excited about the podcast today and the launch of our 3 part podcast series we’re calling “Neighborhood Eating,” Support Local, Feel Good and Eat Great on your local adventure to pleasing your palate.”

We thought given these challenging and unpredictable times a lot of us are spending much more of our time in our homes, closer to home and/or dining in restaurants in our home towns. So why not discover and spread the word about some of the wonderful dining jewels we have in our neighborhoods and at the same time support our local businesses.

So kicking off the series we’d like to feature our very own hometown, a little nepotism here, please indulge us, and that is Oakville.

Oakville Restaurant Destination Areas.

Pizza Foodies love Justino’s

With a beautiful vibrant downtown, that runs along Lakeshore Road from Allan Street to Navy, dotted with a variety of shops and super dining. Visitors come from miles away to experience and enjoy.
To Bronte Village, a few kilometers west one can enjoy the vibrant energy of our waterfront, the harbour, the parks and of course the delectable food and wine!

 And last but not least, trendy Kerr Village a vibrant community with a unique character. Kerr Village has a welcoming, eclectic, and trendy vibe that merges small town hospitality with urban revitalization.

We’ve got 3 fabulous guests joining us, all with local businesses and with something unique to offer.
Take The Wine Bar for example, specializing in unusual wines from around the world, all with an incredible story, or for our foodies a spot that offers a unique and dynamic menu, with burst of flavour dishes a little off the beaten track such as braised Bison or Wild Boar meatballs.

 And for the absolute best pizza and pasta… home-made from start to finish, with a specialty flour that is a game changer.

You’ll hear about that too, all coming up on today’s podcast.

The Wine Ladies Audio Podcast Episode 88
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