Eduardo Chadwick the President and Owner of Vina Errazuriz and co-founder of Mondavi of Se

The 10th anniversary of “The Berlin Tasting” The Wine Ladies interview with Eduardo Chadwick

Recently ( First published Nov 25th, 2014) in Toronto celebrating The 10th anniversary of The Berlin Tasting with featured guest Eduardo Chadwick the President and Owner of Vina Errazuriz and co-founder of Mondavi of Sena.
The 10th anniversary of a ground breaking tasting that sent a little bit of tremor through our world of wine… it was called The Berlin Tasting. And boy did it ever make a statement and an impact in the perception of this country’s wine

And the country, a long and skinny one with wine regions that span from the north to the south, over 4000 kilometers. Is… ready for this.. Chile. Now at this historic tasting, these wines truly came out on top! Beating out some of the worlds iconic wines including established French classics such as Chateau Lafite, Chateau Margaux and and Italian cult wines including Sassicaia and Tignanello.

Today all the way from Chile, to share with us how this tasting went down that historic January day in 2004,  to the surprise of the panel of 36 international judges, no-one really expected this outcome… except possibly our guest… Eduardo Chadwick, the President and Owner of Vina Errazuriz and co-founder with Mondavi of Sena, who’s two wines won top honours! We’ll also explore with Mr. Chadwick how these wines are faring today and the long lasting impact this legendary tasting has had on the wines of Chile today.

And not only is Chile a premier  wine growing region, but the country itself is also  stunning with natural landscapes, dramatically varied from desert to forest, volcanoes, glaciers and beaches.. So much to do and see from the mysterious  and most isolated place in the world, Easter Island to the Atacama Desert, the highest and driest desert on earth, likened in places to the surface of Mars…to fill us in on some of the bucket list places to visit in Chile, we
will be welcoming Juan Antonio Figueroa, the Trade Commissioner of Chile here in Toronto 
The Berlin Tasting 10th Anniversary
The Cambridge Wine and Food Society
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