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Introducing Canada’s Very own Beer Knight In Shining Armor, Sir Guy McClelland.

Introducing Canada’s Very own Beer Knight In Shining Armor, Sir Guy McClelland

Move over vino, there’s another big gig in town! Ultra-premium craft beers coming out of Europe are as unique and as flavourful as any Chardonnay or Cabernet, and they too embrace the role of partner when it comes to the pairing of food and drink. Not just any old beer will do, like a lager to white wine and an ale to red. And not only that…. says Beer Knight Guy McClelland, but each premium craft beer also has a story, a history, some dating back over ten thousand years!


Sir Guy is one of only four Canadians to be enthroned into the knighthood by the Confederation of Belgium Brewers, thus bearing the title of the Beer Knight. Guy will introduce us to an array of eight wonderful and unique European beers. We’ll learn the differences between lagers and ales, the importance of the right glass and why it is key to always use a glass… how to avoid that “bloated” feeling, why these pure natural beers are healthy, and much more will also bust some myths, that we know you are going to want to hear and be glad you did… when you do!


Did you know historically ALL beer was ale? Lager was not invented until 1842. Do you know what key invention that year made lager possible? Hint: think refrigeration.

On what… never mind who has the “best life” ever “they have a lot of sex and they make beer” was the best quote of the show. Guy is referring to the life of the yeast. By the way, the red wine yeast is a little more vigorous, find out why. It gets awfully hot in that vat!

To pour ahead or not to pour ahead, that is the $64,000 question! Yes, says Guy, in a certain way to a specific height. Discover the power of the beer’s antioxidants and how NOT to miss out on them!

If you are okay with a bloated feeling after enjoying your favorite beer, continue drinking straight from the bottle, if not pour into a glass, some of which is most appropriate depending on the beer. According to Guy, the naturally fermented beer, on average contains 2.5 volumes of carbon dioxide…imagine that in your stomach which would be equivalent to 2/1/2 bottles of gas! Yikes. Thank you Beer Knight aka scientist.


Just like wine, certain European beers have to come from a specific region and adhere to a specific methodology to bare the name on the bottle, similar to Champagne having to be made exclusively in Champagne. The same holds true for “lambic beers” which is one of the few technical legally protected terms for beer and refers to the indigenous yeast that only comes from the Zennevallei in Brussels. Special to be sure, Guy explains.

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Owner of 151 Social Anthony Cappuccitti hangs out with the God of Wine

Are you Game? For Wild Game that is…Oakville’s One Five One Social.

Join us as we take a walk on the wild side, on a culinary adventure featuring wild game and the

likes of elk, venison, quail and wild boar!

For many of us these days, it may feel like ground hog day, so why not step out

and experience something new, stir the pot, mix it up a little with unique flavours and

textures. Here on these pages we’ll explore a variety of wild game now trending, with

tantalizing dishes.

We recently had the opportunity to meet up with Anthony Cappuccitti, one of a

trio of owners of two restaurants located in downtown Oakville, Ontario.

Anthony, Vincenzo Ricci and Leucio Palozzi opened up their first restaurant Buca

di Bacco a fine dining Italian restaurant in 2010 and two short years ago they opened

the doors to their second, the fabulous restaurant One Five One Social.

Here at One Five One, you will experience delectable dishes, fresh and

imaginative. The environment is warm and friendly with a cool vibe. “Dining out should

be fun, not pretentious and stuffy” Anthony tells us over a delish bowl of wild boar pasta,

“Good food, good music and lots of laughs, this should be the goal always”

Well they certainly have met their goals as we enjoy the chatter of cheerful

clientele dining around us.

A trio of owners Anthony, Vince, and Lucio engage in a food fight!

As we continue chatting with Anthony we learn more about the unique philosophy

the partners share here at One Five One Social. With the great success of Buca di

Bacco, well established now after ten years, the owners wanted to do a restaurant that

was completely non-traditional, in the sense that there are NO menus! They wanted to

break the traditional restaurant mold and simply decided to make the food that was

based on the things they like to eat.

” Sometimes we want pasta, sometimes a great steak, sometimes seafood and

why not different styles of poutine too. While we are at it, why can’t we have Korean,

Italian, French, and Indian food. Who makes these rules?” This is Anthony Cappuccitti,

charming and so passionate about good glorious food, of all styles of cuisine. Susanne

and I share a little chuckle and ask “you also offer a wide variety of wild game… that’s a

rarity…. excuse the pun, why a wild game?

“We chose to focus mainly on the wild game because we think it’s awesome and

wanted to get away as much as possible from factory-raised meats” Here at One Five

One they also put great emphasis on farm to table, fresh and local we learn a little later.

Looks delish! Some amazing wild game to be shared and enjoyed.
Wild game features Wild Boar Bacon
Wild game features Wild Boar Bacon

Our attention is drawn suddenly to a savory aroma wafting our way, what is that

scrumptious smell?

Enter Chef Kevin Craddock from the open kitchen. Kevin is the Executive Chef

here at One Five One, a brilliant chef whose greatest passion is in the kitchen. Set

before us is a wild boar chop, thick and juicy, laid upon a bed of mashed potatoes and

fried rapini, with a delicate sauce of maraschino cherries. Absolutely delicious,

succulent and so tender, another winner Kevin!

With new weekly specials appearing on the black chalkboard every Wednesday,

regulars are always up to experiencing Kevin’s latest creative dishes. Always

mouthwatering and divine” enthuses one diner as we engage patrons seated at the

handsome live edge harvest table.

We were hoping Vince Ricci would be able to join us here this afternoon. As

Executive Chef of Buca di Bacco, coaxing him out of his kitchen is not an easy task.

Anthony tells us that “Vince’s focus is in the kitchen; his passion is cooking and without

him much of our wonderful dishes would have not been possible!

Alas, here he is, bonus! All seated for a few precious moments we take this

opportunity to ask Vince and Anthony a few questions we had about wild game.

The talented Executive Chef Kevin Craddock of One Five One Social.

TWL: So, tell us a little about wild game”

Would you say that game meat is going or is already mainstream?

A: “I wouldn’t say it’s mainstream, but I do think that more people are willing to try

different things. We are seeing that here at One Five One Social… Oakville is definitely

ready for a wild game-driven menu because the clientele has nothing like it here.”

TWL: It is exciting to come in and know there will always be something unique on the

menu to discover, it makes dining out so much more of an experience.

Is it difficult or a challenge to source wild game, especially a variety of meats?

V: No, there are a couple of butchers that we have long-standing relationships with. B.J.

S Meats is one of them, they’re a family-owned business that work directly with small

local farms and abattoirs as well as larger processing plants both in Canada the U.S

and other parts of the world. We know we can depend on them for the highest quality

whether it’s a wild game or other traditional meats.

A: We also make sure we work closely with farms and certain butchers who buy

ethically sourced game, that’s important to us too.

TWL: Actually, we had an interesting chat with one of the sons, Stefano, who told us

that wild boar hunting is very popular in Winnipeg, where much of it is sourced.

V: We do get our wild boar mostly from Winnipeg, that’s true. But there is a pretty

constant supply of elk, venison, deer, and quite a bit of fowl. Also, a lot of people might

not know that the wild game served in restaurants is actually farmed, in accordance to

the laws here in Ontario, which vary from province to province. With no antibiotics,

hormones, and chemicals, and with the attention paid to the environment they are

farmed in makes all the difference in flavour, texture, and even levels of protein.

TWL: Ahhh..that’s so interesting, I’ll bet most people aren’t aware of that

What are some of the attributes that make game meat more attractive to the consumer

A: Wild game is lean, high in protein, and has many nutrients that domestic meats can’t

provide. I don’t think this should be adventurous at all, cows, elk, bison, deer, etc., all

share the same habitat but for some reason, we only eat cows; The one animal we have

removed from this list and farmed. Makes no sense to us.

TWL: But you don’t only concentrate on the wild game here, we’ve had a few spectacular

dishes such as your juicy mouthwatering steaks. and that was beef lol!

V: Thanks for that, that’s true, as Anthony said we mix it up, there’s always something

for everyone.

On that note, another dish arrives before our eyes…one of our faves! Who

doesn’t love poutine? For Duck Week, this poutine is rich, flavourful, and to die for! While

we are enjoying our poutine and another glass of vino, description to come, Anthony

encourages Vince to tell us about his first experience with wild game, he’s not biting…

so Anthony tells us

“Vince lived in Europe and when he was around 10 years old he was fascinated

for a couple of years by pigeons as they were everywhere! His Grandfather caught him

2 and he kept them in a birdcage for a while. One morning they went missing and that

night they had chicken with white wine and green olives LOL. “

TWL: “Oh No” in unison, pour you, Vince!

Duck Confit Poutine.

These guys are awesome, no wonder everyone has such a great time here. It’s

Vince’s turn now, with a telltale story about how he hired Anthony when he was 14

years old.

As the story goes Anthony walked into Vince’s Italian restaurant called Tony

Pistola’s on a busy Friday night at 7 pm, (busiest time to bother the manager). He had

checked this restaurant out and knew this is where he wanted to work, determined to

get into the restaurant business early in life!

Vincenzo Ricci came to greet him, and Anthony asked him if there were any jobs

available. He looked at Anthony and basically said that “only a schmuck would go

looking for a job wearing a tracksuit and a hat on sideways.” He told him if Anthony

wanted to work, he had to tell him why the 1982 world cup champion Italian soccer team

and polenta are important to Italians.

“He was trying to get rid of me basically LOL, but I showed up the next day with

an essay on it. He couldn’t believe it, so he hired me that night and we have been

friends and now business partners ever since”

That’s a great story Anthony and we can totally see you doing that… only now

you wear your signature hat the right way lol! Well, there’s a third partner too of course,

and what’s his story we ask the guys?

Lucio is our frontman, everybody loves Luc…. says Vince who grew up with him.

Lucio’s focus is to make sure every guest is having a good time. If you don’t know Lucio,

then you don’t know! People come from far just to have Lucio tell them a story, or two. “

It appears One Five One is a perfect trifecta! It is not a wonder

both Buca di Bacco and One Five One Social are such wonderful places to dine, from

the minute you walk in the door, to the exciting menus, and the quality and attention paid

to each and every dish.

The two wines we enjoyed today were the Su Soi Vermentino, a beautiful, crisp

white wine from Sardinia, and the Terra Crestosa Nero Di Troia, a medium-bodied red

with an inviting bouquet of black current and cherry with soft tannins. Both are not available

in the LCBO or other provinces’ liquor stores; they are sourced from a select few agents

as are all of the wines on their exciting wine list. When you‘re there be sure to ask

Anthony about the best wine and food pairings too, to up your “game” that much more!

My bad, lol!

Anthony, Vince, and Lucio would like to invite you to download their app, with that

you can earn loyalty points and be kept up with the latest menus on the chalkboard, any

events, or simply what’s new. I know we’ll be back and that’s a promise! For more info

please visit

Cheers everyone, and please remember to dine and shop local!

The Wine Ladies, Georgia and Susanne

Lucio Matricardi

Say 100% Absolutely Yes to Pinot Grigio, aka Pinot Gris or Grauburgunder.

Say Yes to Pinot Grigio, aka Pinot Gris or Grauburgunder this slightly grayish-blue tinged grape varietal, hence the name is one of the most popular wines being enjoyed across America!  Everyone enjoys a glass of Pinot Grigio! And at a very special luncheon we recently had the honour to attend, we were introduced to Pinot Grigio 2.0 if you will from the historic wine region of Trento, Italy.

The luncheon was hosted by Rachel Woodman, of Woodman Wines and Spirits, who recently took on the exciting portfolio of Gruppo Mezzacorona with a history dating back over 110 years. Gathered at the delectable Italian eatery, Little Anthony’s in Toronto, we were a diverse group of bloggers, sommeliers and media all eager to get this anticipated afternoon underway. 

The Wine Ladies meet Lucio Matricardi at a wine tasting event in Toronto.
The Wine Ladies meet Lucio Matricardi at a wine tasting event in Toronto.

To lead us through the tasting and fill us in on Mezzacorona, dating back to 1904, the wines and a little history was the very charismatic  visiting winemaker Lucio Matricardi. Matricardi trained in winemaking and viticulture at the University of Bologna, earned his Ph.D. in viticulture and enology from the University of California at Davis, and has worked at wineries around the globe. We had heard great things about this celebrated winemaker including his approach to his craft and his persona. We were not disappointed!

Under the Gruppo Mezzacorona are three wineries, Rotari located in Trento, being their crown jewel for sparkling wines made in the traditional champagne method, Mezzacorona in Trentino and Stemmari in Sicily.

Woodman Wine & Spirits
The afternoon wine and food pairing.

The luncheon began with an inviting and beautiful glass of the Rotari Brut 2014, delectably rich and full on the palate with notes of green apple, white flowers and a delicate hint of yeast. As it became time to be seated, Rachel made the formal introduction and Lucio Matricardi was at the helm.

We listened intently as Lucio filled us in on Mezzacorona. We learned that Mezzacororna  is a wine producing  cooperative, located in the north eastern part of Italy in the cool mountainous region of Trentino-Alto Adige. This region produces close to 70% of all the Pinot Grigio made in Italy.  Mezzacorona was formed by the joining of two cooperatives in the region, Cantina Siciale started in 1904 and Lena far Viticoltori founded in 1911.  Today Mezzacorona is one of the most important and respected cooperatives in all of Italy, with a commitment to the highest quality, respect for the environment and sustainability.

Lucio went on to explain how generations of families have devoted themselves to the cultivation of the grapes, with few having left the region. This, he tells us despite the great challenges grape growing presented at the time.

“The Trentino has always been a very difficult region to live in because it is overshadowed by the mountains (the Dolomites) by about 80% so the cultivable lands were very small and so unprofitable.” “After the war,” Lucio explained “the support of the local government, adopting policies to promote the economic development of the region at least allowed for the families to remain and continue to work their farms.” We learn that the challenge though remained for each individual farmer to commercialize their products abroad. The fragmentation of vineyards and grape production made it impossible. “So the joining together to form a cooperative was the only solution to be able to be stronger and have money to invest in a winery and in a brand. Hence in 1904 the Mezzacorona Company was born and today includes 1600 grape producers and guarantees economic stability generation after generation to the farmers.”

In present day, particularly key to the cooperatives’ success is how a passionate team of 5 agronomists and several oenologists work on a daily basis in close contact with the grape growers for the entire life cycle of  the wine, in the vineyards, during harvest and up to the bottling.

Lucio emphasizes that in Trentino Pinot Grigio has been the variety best adapted to the soil of the Adige Valley, that is rich in silt, skeleton and medium level of clay. He also credits the cool climate coming from glaciers surrounding the Adige Valley and the warm temperatures of the day, to allowing for the grapes to produce a superior quality wine in aroma, body and structure.

We enjoyed three Pinot Grigios, one of which is a staple in our market the Mezzacorona 2018 Trentino DOC, a terrific buy! The grapes are hand picked and estate bottled. It is crisp and dry with notes of green apple, peach and white flowers.

Up next was the Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio Riserva 2017. We truly enjoyed this Pinot Grigio, with 40% of the wine fermented in stainless steel and 60% in small oak barrels. After 6-8 months of the wine aging in the barrels, that which was fermented in stainless steel is blended with the oak aged and the result is a harmonious and delectable wine with a nose of ripe stone fruit notes and hints of vanilla.  A beautiful pairing with two prime course options:  a delicious Heirloom Tomato Caprese, made with pickled shallot, Fior di Latte, aged balsamic and fresh basil, and the big hit Shrimp Scampi!

Heirloom Tomato Caprese
Heirloom Tomato Caprese

Our final wine selection was the Mezzacorona Castel Firmian Pinot Grigio 2018, Trentino DOC.  Also an Award-Winner of a Bronze Medal at the 2014 International Wine & Spirit Competition.

From Trento in the north we headed south and enjoyed a trio of red wines from another Italian region, arguably one of the most exciting wine regions today, Sicily!

We must move on as the Stemmari Nero D’Avola and the Hedonis Riserva beckons!  We are in Sicily now, where as Lucio tells us  Sicilia gives us the “art of Living with the generosity of the sun, of the soil and of the water”. As the Winemaker Lucio is passionate about the wines of Stemmari, exclaiming how Stemmari brings to you a modern wine that can be paired with modern, Mediterranean and continental dishes. “Nero D’Avola is the most historical and noble grape planted here, it is a rich grape, in the glass we find an aroma of raspberry, of strawberry and currant, the palate is multi fragrant and elegant.” Nods all around, yes, this wine does deliver all that! 

To our final vino today Stemmari Hedonis Riserva 2015 Sicilia DOC is poured in our glass. The bouquet is seductive, complex with a cornucopia of aromas reminiscent of dried fruits, spices, notes of vanilla and tobacco! On the palate, smooth, soft like velvet with good structure and sublime tannins. Award-Winning 91 Points 2018 Ultimate Wine Challenge, please visit the website for details on vinifcation and oak aging, an amazing wine!

We are served the second course, Tagliatelle alla Bolognese. We await upon the verdict from Lucio who after all did train at the University of Bologna. “Fantastico, perfectly al dente!,” Lucio exclaims.  We all concur. With Hedonis in our glasses, we continue to enjoy the beautiful wine, our perfecto pasta and spirited conversation into the late afternoon.  We thank Rachel for a delightful afternoon, it was truly a great pleasure to meet Lucio, and become more acquainted with Mezzacorona!

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese
Tagliatelle alla Bolognese

If you could like more information on any of the wines please contact Rachel Woodman at