Korean Hot Stone Bowl

Rose Garden Family Restaurant in Open Since 1987

Spring Is In The Air! A Visit to Burlington's RBG

Rose Garden Family Restaurant https://www.instagram.com/p/C4LEJiUOhpr/?hl=en
A visit to RBG and lunch at Rose Garden Family Restaurant


The crocus flowers are peeking out! Spring is in the air!

Enjoyed a day at RBG in Burlington and lunch at @rosegardenfamilyrestaurant A mainstay in Burlington this #family #restaurant has been open since 1987. In the restaurant biz that is saying a lot about this spot. Some faves include Burgers, fish and chips and Chef John’s Hot Korean Stone Bowl. #springflowers #tulip #crocus #daffodil #trillium #koreanfood

Next time in the area! Give it a try!

What’s your fave spring flower?

1. Crocus



4. Trillium

Welcome to Rose Garden Family Restaurant

a traditional family restaurant serving classic Canadian breakfast, brunch, and dinner dishes since 1987. Our cozy and inviting atmosphere and friendly staff will make you feel like part of the family. Come visit us and taste the difference!
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