Napoleon's Steak and Seafood Hose Caesar Salad

Hail to the Mighty Caesar Salad: The Untold Secrets of Napoleon’s Steak & Seafood House

Discovering Napoleon's Steak and Seafood House Caesar Salad.

Nestled in the heart of Burlington, Napoleon’s Steak & Seafood House has been a culinary landmark since 1985. Known for its impeccable service and mouth-watering dishes, one menu item stands out among the rest: their renowned Caesar salad. This salad isn’t just any Caesar salad; it’s a legendary dish with a big secret that has kept customers coming back for decades.

The Origins of the Caesar Salad

Before delving into the mystery behind Napoleon’s famed Caesar salad, it’s essential to understand the origins of this iconic dish. The Caesar salad was invented 100 years ago on July 4, 1924, by Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant. Cardini owned a restaurant called Caesar’s Place in Tijuana, Mexico. On a busy Fourth of July weekend, he found himself short on supplies and decided to whip up a simple salad with the ingredients he had on hand. The result was a hit among his patrons, and thus, the Caesar salad was born.

Cardini’s original recipe was straightforward: romaine lettuce, garlic, croutons, Parmesan cheese, boiled eggs, olive oil, and Worcestershire sauce, finished with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Over the years, the salad has seen numerous variations, but the essence of Cardini’s creation remains a staple in restaurants worldwide.

Napoleon’s Steak & Seafood House: A Caesar Salad Like No Other

Napoleon’s Steak & Seafood House has taken this classic dish and turned it into something truly extraordinary. Since its inception, the restaurant has garnered a reputation for its Caesar salad, which has received 5-star reviews consistently. The secret behind their version? That remains a well-guarded mystery.

Patrons of Napoleon’s rave about the perfect balance of flavors in their Caesar salad. The crisp romaine lettuce is always fresh, the croutons are house-made and perfectly toasted, and the dressing is rich and creamy with just the right amount of tang. Some speculate that the magic lies in the dressing, while others believe it’s the way the ingredients are combined. Whatever the secret may be, one thing is clear: Napoleon’s Caesar salad is a dish that leaves a lasting impression.

A Culinary Tradition

For nearly four decades, Napoleon’s Steak & Seafood House has maintained its commitment to quality and excellence. The Caesar salad has become a symbol of this dedication, representing the restaurant’s ability to elevate a simple dish to extraordinary heights. Each visit to Napoleon’s offers an opportunity to savor this celebrated salad, reminding diners of the timeless appeal of well-crafted cuisine.

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Caesar salad, it’s worth raising a fork to the chefs and restaurateurs who keep culinary traditions alive while adding their unique flair. At Napoleon’s Steak & Seafood House, the Caesar salad is more than just a menu item – it’s a testament to the restaurant’s legacy of delicious innovation and unwavering quality.

So, the next time you find yourself in Burlington, make sure to stop by Napoleon’s Steak & Seafood House. Order the Caesar salad and experience the magic for yourself. While the secret behind its extraordinary flavor may never be revealed, the enjoyment it brings to diners is an open book, ready to be savored with each delightful bite.


Michael's Back Door Restaurant

Michael’s Back Door Restaurant Salada Caprese inspires and delights!

Sensational Salads of Summer at Michael’s Back Door Restaurant! 

Since 1981, Michael’s Back Door has been delighting Mississauga and the GTA with award-winning Italian cuisine. Principal owner Michael Morra Jr., partners Anthony Coffa, and Chef Mark D’Souza invite you to enjoy creative Italian fare with the freshest ingredients and rare wines. 🍷✨

Chef Mark D'Souza at Michael's Back Door

Head Chef Mark D’Souza, who joined in 2015, adds a modern twist to our traditional dishes. 🌿👨‍🍳

Our Salada Caprese, originating from the island of Capri, is a classic Italian salad made with ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil. Perfect for summer! 🍽️❤️

Whether it’s a family dinner, a romantic night out, or catching up with friends, we have the perfect table for you.

#MichaelsBackDoor#SaladaCaprese#SummerSalads#ItalianCuisine#mississaugaeats#mbdrestaurant mbdrestaurant

Michael Morra Jr. showcases the delicious Salada Caprese at Michael's Back Door
Korean Hot Stone Bowl

Rose Garden Family Restaurant in Open Since 1987

Spring Is In The Air! A Visit to Burlington's RBG

Rose Garden Family Restaurant
A visit to RBG and lunch at Rose Garden Family Restaurant


The crocus flowers are peeking out! Spring is in the air!

Enjoyed a day at RBG in Burlington and lunch at @rosegardenfamilyrestaurant A mainstay in Burlington this #family #restaurant has been open since 1987. In the restaurant biz that is saying a lot about this spot. Some faves include Burgers, fish and chips and Chef John’s Hot Korean Stone Bowl. #springflowers #tulip #crocus #daffodil #trillium #koreanfood

Next time in the area! Give it a try!

What’s your fave spring flower?

1. Crocus



4. Trillium

Welcome to Rose Garden Family Restaurant

a traditional family restaurant serving classic Canadian breakfast, brunch, and dinner dishes since 1987. Our cozy and inviting atmosphere and friendly staff will make you feel like part of the family. Come visit us and taste the difference!
Pizza Boat Turkish Pizza

Discover Turkish Pizza Right Here In Burlington. Pizza Boat One True Turkish Delight.

Have u ever tried pizza Turkish style? Turkish pizza is made boat-shaped, thin-crusted with healthy toppings such as; marinated meats, sautéed, and oven-roasted veggies. Today I tried the Meat Lovers triple-threat pizza! Great way to spend an afternoon with owner and operator Yesim Erkus of Pizza Boat, a woman entrepreneur, and mega force!! Come by and try these delish Turkish Delights! 

Pizza Boat

4490 Fairview Street, D111, Burlington, Ontario, L7L 5P9

Pizza Boat

What is Turkish Pizza?

Turkish Pizza.

One of Pizza Boat’s faves is the “Meat Lovers” Turkish Pizza which features three in one and includes a tasting of steak cubes and cheese, Turkish Pepperoni (sucuk ), and pulled beef, mixed with mushroom, potatoes, and cheese.

Lahmacun or Lahmajo is a flatbread topped with minced meat, minced vegetables, and herbs including onions, garlic, tomatoes, red peppers, and parsley, flavored with spices such as chili pepper and paprika, then baked.

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A local new Syrian restaurant…Have you tried Kibbeh. Syria’s National Dish.

An Evening with Luca Speri – Alioli Ristorante – The Wine Ladies – May 13th, 2015

Grilled Wild Boar Steaks

I love bison meat but don’t know which wine pairs with it. Can you help? Ask The Wine Ladies

Double Bison Sirloin

Double Bison Sirloin


I would love to surprise my husband with a fabulous homemade dinner made with one of his favourite meats bison. I am not too familiar with this meat. Leaning toward a ribeye and wondered if you have any suggestions on which wines might pair well. Any ideas on how best to prepare and perhaps even source these meats? I live in a rural area so there’s not too much availability in my neck of the woods.

Ask The Wine Ladies

Ask The Wine Ladies- Please submit your questions to


We too are fans of the various meat alternatives such as bison, becoming increasingly more popular in restaurants and more available in butcher shops. Bison (often used interchangeably with buffalo meat) is known to be leaner and less dense than beef and is widely accepted as one of the tastiest and healthiest all-natural alternatives to the traditional meats.

When it comes to wine pairing, this meat has considerably less fat than beef, wines with less tannin will make for a better match. WHAT IS TANNIN? Tannins come from the skins, stems, and seeds of the grapes. As well as from the oak barrels the wine may have been aged in. That dry sensation you feel in your mouth when drinking a red wine is due to the tannin in the wine. The more tannic the wine, the more you will pucker up and feel the sensation.

The reason the level of tannins are relevant when it comes to pairing red wines and meat is that tannins cut through the fat of the meat. If one is enjoying a fattier cut, such as a juicy fatty rib eye steak, opt for a big Napa Cabernet for example. As bison is a high protein, lower fat alternative, a better choice would be a red wine with softer tannins such as a Pinot Noir, Malbec, a softer Syrah or perhaps a Tuscan Sangiovese.

As far as availability goes, upon a little investigative work, we learned of a company based in Montreal that markets high quality bison. The bison is raised without the use of any chemicals, hormones or steroids. Norfolk Bison ships across Canada and offer a wide range of wild game products. There is also one recipe we would like to share with you called the “Double Bison Sirloin; Michael Jordan’s style” that includes a touch of truffle oil and would pair beautifully with a silky Pinot Noir.

For more information, visit

Grilled Wild Boar Steaks Recipe



Grilled Wild Boar Steaks
Grilled Wild Boar Steaks
International Women's Day 2023

Wishing A Happy International Women’s Day From The Wine Ladies

Today, March 8th we are celebrating International Women’s Day 2023. International Women’s Day was officially launched in 1911. As a result, 112 years later IWD is celebrated around the world. And therefore,1000’s events take place honoring women everywhere for their various achievements.

We are proud to celebrate the accomplishments of extraordinary women from all walks of life, whether from the wine and food industry to the world of music, fashion, sports, politics, business, and more.

Here are a few of the extraordinary women we have been blessed to meet. Enjoy!

Grand Marnier, French wine royalty Alexandra Lapostolle 

Interview with Shirley Douglas Actress, Activist and Canadian icon.The Wine Ladies.

Anne Murray, Jann Arden, Tom Cochrane, and company join The Wine Ladies TV in support of Colon Cancer
The unstoppable Sara Waxman, Publisher Dine Magazine

Think Green! Ya! Saint Patrick’s Day! On this week’s audio podcast with The Wine Ladies

Whether Irish or not, Saint Patrick’s Day celebrated worldwide!

1st published March 2019

Saint Patrick’s Day is a day of people dancing and singing in Irish pubs, like the one of our favourites in our home town, O’Finn’s Irish Temper. Watching parades and drinking lots of green beer, Irish whiskey and munching on Irish stew.

Do you know which city has the largest Saint Patrick’s Day Parade?

1.New York City, 2.Dublin, 3.Sydney, 4.Boston

Saint Patrick's Day New York City Parade

Saint Patrick’s Day New York City Parade

Meanwhile in Chicago the GREEN goes to the extreme as they actually have a river dyeing ceremony. Just before their parade 45 pounds of eco-friendly vegetable dye is dumped in the Chicago River. The whole river turns a bright limes green colour.

Dyeing of the Chicago River, Saint Patrick's Day

Dyeing of the Chicago River, Saint Patrick’s Day

Starting off with our first guest, Tyler Born from O’Finn’s Irish Temper.

Owner Tyler Born, O'Finn's Irish Temper

Owner Tyler Born, O’Finn’s Irish Temper

Tyler and his brother Erin are the owners of O’Finn’s Irish Temper pub located in our home town of Oakville. They have taken the Irish pub to a new level. It’s upscale but still has the warmest hospitality, non pretentious, simply upbeat and great fun a “step up pub”. The huge focus is on fabulous fresh food and weekend entertainment.

Listen to Tyler Born at 4:47 minutes in the show.

Irish Whiskey is the focus next with Bernard Walsh of Writer’s Tears.

Bernard Walsh, founder Walsh Whiskey Distillery and producer of Writer's Tears Whiskey.

Bernard Walsh, founder Walsh Whiskey Distillery and producer of Writer’s Tears Whiskey.

What would Saint Patrick’s Day be without Irish Whiskey? We welcome back to the show Bernard Walsh,founder of Walsh Whiskey Distillery. Producer of the multi-awarded “Writer’s Tears” Irish Whiskey. We learn a little bit about this unique old Irish Whiskey with a superb flavour and history.

Listen to Bernard Walsh at 15:16 minutes in the show.

Up next,Patti Jannetta Baker daughter and producer of “Memories of Louis Jannetta and the Imperial Room”.


 Next we switch gears just a bit…

Singer, song writer, actress and daughter Patti Jannetta-Baker of the late Louis Jannetta joins us on the show next. Patti is producing an incredible evening celebrating her father Louis Jannetta. She is bringing to life her father’s book King of the Maitre’d’s, My Life Among The Stars with an amazing event taking place March 23rd., “Memories of Louis Jannetta and the Imperial Room.”

Listen to Patti Jannetta at 37:43 minutes in the show.

Sir Charles Barkley at the Ford Wayne Gretzky Classic.

Excepts from our radio interview with Louis Jannetta on AM740 back in 2005.

Listen to Louis Jannetta at 44:29 minutes in the show.

About The Wine Ladies Audio Podcast

Our radio show “Taking Life One Sip at a Time” is an radio audio podcast on which we share with the audience our passion and sense of adventure for delectable and fascinating foods, wine, spirits and lifestyle discoveries. Our motto “everything in life somehow comes back to the vine and to live life large and with integrity is intertwined with a variety of guests from around the globe… Chatting with celebrity chefs, celebrity winemakers, exotic food purveyors, artists, musicians, sports personalities, lifestyle advocates and fashion icons be sure to tune in for an hour of lively topical and educational conversation.

Listen to the Audio Podcast here


Wine stones or diamonds.

Ask The Wine Ladies. I discovered crystal wine stones in the bottom of my wine bottle, are these dangerous?

Wine stones or diamonds

Wine stones or diamonds

Dear Wine Ladies,
At a recent dinner party I attended the hostess noticed a small amount of sediment that looked like tiny pieces of glass at the bottom of a bottle of white wine from Germany. I was a little hesitant to drink the wine but one of the guests assured us the wine was fine and there was no cause to worry. What were those little pebble-like stones and are they really harmless?


Ask The Wine Ladies

Ask The Wine Ladies- Please submit your questions to

Dear Karen,

Those pebble-like wine stones you are describing are commonly referred to as “wine diamonds” or weinstein which literally translates to “wine stones” in German speaking countries.

What exactly are they and how did they end up at the bottom of the bottle? These wine diamonds are actually harmless crystalline deposits that naturally separate from wines during fermentation and aging. Potassium acid tartrate, the potassium salt of tartaric acid is the major component of this sediment. The presence of tartaric acid, along with malic acid are very important in winemaking as they help provide good structure, fruit flavours, crispness on the palate and an increased lifespan of the wine.

The majority of winemakers today recognize that the consumer is alarmed or put off by the presence of these crystalline deposits even though they are harmless. Rather than educating the public, many wineries employ a process called “cold stabilization” prior to bottling. This involves chilling the wine to just below zero degrees causing the potassium bitartrate to crystallize. The wine is then filtered and bottled. Having the wine undergo this process prior to leaving the winery assures a clean filtered wine with no sediment. In cases where the wine does not undergo cold stabilization at the winery, this precipitation of the tartrates could happen during cold weather transport or cold storage conditions.

Why are there crystals in my wine? – ask Decanter

Chicken Shawarma

Sidra Restaurant Chicken Shawarma worthy of 5 Star review.

Sidra Restaurant is located in Oakville, Ontario.

667 Fourth Line, Oakville, ON L6L 5B5

Another Fabulous Find For Foodies! Check out if u love Mediterranean food this spot serves worthy of 5 stars! I broke my fast for this one!

Shawarma is a popular Middle Eastern dish that originated in the Ottoman Empire, consisting of meat cut into thin slices, stacked in a cone-like shape, and roasted on a slowly-turning vertical rotisserie or spit. Traditionally made with lamb or mutton, it may also be made with chicken, turkey, beef, or veal. 

The shawarma stack is rotated slowly for hours as it cooks in front of a heat source that continuously roasts the outer layer.
Sidra Restaurant
I love my Sidra Chicken Shawarma

Hi everyone, As The Wine Ladies, we are in an industry where we enjoy wonderful wine and food every day. Now we want to share all of our favorite spots and special finds with you. Introducing “Fabulous Foods For Foodies, wine, and more!”

About…. Fabulous Finds For Foodies, Wine, and more!

From basic thin-crust pizza to sumptuous seafood, a perfectly grilled t-bone, or a light summer salad. For a casual night on the town, or a sophisticated soiree. For the specialty wine bar with unique vinos to experience, or the latest hot spot for martinis and cocktails. We’ve got it all covered while exploring new restaurants, bars, specialty spots, and the latest in a culinary adventure!

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Discover Turkish Pizza Right Here In Burlington. Pizza Boat A True Turkish delight!

Daal Roti in Oakville

Daal Roti in Oakville, serving the very best in Indian Cuisine. Order pick up and delivery tonight.

Fabulous Finds For Foodies

Serving the very best in Indian cuisine!

Featuring only the finest, freshest ingredients, each dish is delicately prepared to highlight the robust flavours of the Bombay region. Our executive chef has worked in some of India’s most prestigious kitchens and is incredibly passionate about providing authentic, delicious, and beautiful fare. He is constantly working to create new, inspiring flavors, and we invite you in to discover them.

Make your next meal a memorable one; indulge in Daal Roti Oakville traditionally inspired, modern take on a warm and welcoming Indian menu.

We hope to see you tonight.

Daal Roti in Oakville.

Daal Roti in Oakville.

Picked up dinner the other night and ordered through their brand new app. Loved the Paneer Tika Masala, a generous portion of paneer tossed with bell peppers and onions in a rich tomato sauce.

Our dinner was beautifully complemented with spring rolls and an onion kulcha naan bread. Delish! Of course, Saturday night dinner is not complete without a glass of Chardonnay!
Give them a try!

Order pick up or delivery with their brand new app.