Press luncheon Walsh Whsikey Distillery, Toronto Feb 2019

Meet the “Hot Irishman” and maker of Writers’ Tears Irish Whiskey, Bernard Walsh. Just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day!

Bernard Walsh at a recent visit to Oakville Ontario showcases his whiskies at the 1st ever Irish Whiskey Distillery Feature. Feb 2019
Bernard Walsh at a recent visit to Oakville Ontario showcases his whiskies at the 1st ever Irish Whiskey Distillery Feature. Feb 2019

In 1999 Bernard Walsh and his wife Rosemary founded The Hot Irishman Company an innovative Irish Coffee. 

The company named changed in 2007 to Walsh Distillery and The Irishman Whiskey was introduced followed by Writers’ Tears in 2009. Working with a small team Bernard has brought his whiskies to 40 nations worldwide, including Canada.Today he has created one of Ireland’s largest independent distilleries. The distillery is unique for being manually operated and for distilling all three styles of Irish Whiskey – pot still, malt and grain- in the same house.

His recent visit to Toronto captivated us with his Irish charm and delightful range of Irish Whiskies available at the LCBO just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day. 

If you are lucky you can get them while they are still all available.

The complete range of Writers' Tears currently available at the LCBO.  Writers' Tears Copper Pot Irish Whiskey $46.95  Writers' Tears Red Head Single Malt Irish Whiskey $64.95  Writers' Tears Copper Pot Cognac Finish $99.95 (while quantities last)  Writers' Tears Limited Cask Strength Irish Whiskey $178.60 (while quantities last)
The complete range of Writers’ Tears currently available at the LCBO. Writers’ Tears Copper Pot Irish Whiskey $46.95 Writers’ Tears Red Head Single Malt Irish Whiskey $64.95 Writers’ Tears Copper Pot Cognac Finish $99.95 (while quantities last) Writers’ Tears Limited Cask Strength Irish Whiskey $178.60 (while quantities last)
The complete range of Writers’ Tears currently available at the LCBO. Click to order,
Press luncheon Walsh Whsikey Distillery, Toronto Feb 2019
Press luncheon Walsh Whsikey Distillery, Toronto Feb 2019

Press Luncheon with Bernard Walsh, at the Royal Canadian Military Institute on University Avenue, Toronto.Walsh is the exclusive supplier showcased in an initiative at the LCBO known as the ‘Distillery Feature’ which launched at participating Whisky Shops on February 7, 2019. As support, Walsh has distilled 7 different expressions that were introduced together and available for a limited time

Bernard Walsh, Walsh Distillery, Makers of Writers' Tears.
Bernard Walsh of Walsh Distillery and the makers of Writers’ Tears Irish Whiskey visits Oakville, Ontario. Feb 2019.

Christmas In Hawaii Wine Tasting

Christmas in Hawaii! Virtual Wine Tasting with The Wine Ladies

We had the opportunity to host a virtual wine tasting for the Oakville Wine Enthusiasts Club. This event replaced their annual Christmas Gala due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Although not a “party” in the normal sense of the word, everyone had fun and we tasted some lovely wines. Peter Sharp, from Select Wine Merchants provided some wonderful wines for the members to taste and enjoy, including the Telmo Rodriguez/Blancos de Rueda, the 2019 Basa Rueda DO $ 18.99 from Spain and the Speri / Valpolicella Classico 2019 Valpolicella Classico Valpolicella Classico DOC $ 21.99 from Italy.

Lots of great prizes and games were part of the fun too.

If you are interested in a similar event for your club, restaurant or business, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

This is an edited version of the 1.5 hour event that took place on Dec 4th, 2020 with over 100 participants. 

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One Five One Social
Buca Di Bacco
The Wine Bar FoodMe App


E-commerce is definitely here to stay and is the way of the future, being an early adopter, by having your own app before everyone jumps on board is a great position to be in.

We build you:

– A new online ordering system for your website. (Touchless online payments for orders)
– A custom branded  iOS & Android App which would function for all locations.

This app FoodMe developed specifically for restaurants is valued at over $250k and took years to develop. The parent company Dine Palace which is purely marketing based, will assist with marketing your ordering platform to our large database of customers.

We can help with website updates, social media posts, internet marketing etc, all free of cost. We are very hands-on, working with our customers to achieve their goals during this challenging time. 

We are constantly developing and adding new features that are free on the next update. Our team at Dine Palace/FoodMe has over 15 years experience with local restaurants in the GTA.

 Our App features:

– Build your own database of customers! You can send custom ‘push marketing notifications’ to every customer that has downloaded your app.
– Save $$ on 3rd party companies charging high commissions. Cut out the middleman with your own branded app.
– Built in Loyalty Rewards Points.
– Receipt printers, printing orders right to the kitchen.
– Live menu updates.
Custom Delivery Zones with set fees per zone.
– Direct Payment to your bank account on orders.
– Free online ordering.
– 24/7 local support. 
– Stop the phone from ringing.

Check out some of our current clients.

Regular Price Package: $2500.00
Web Ordering Set Up: $500.00
Android App Set Up: $1000.00
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COVID 19 Super Special Package:$1000.00
Web Ordering Set Up: No charge
Android App Set Up: $500.00
Apple App Set Up: $500.00
Financing available- $500 upon signing and $100 per month for 5 months.
Our fees are 10% (and re-invest back into marketing) and are based on the net sales, before tax, delivery ant tips. Our payment provider Stripe takes 2.9% and $0.30 per order. There are absolutely no other fees.  Stripe pays your bank account daily and as don’t handle your money.
oh bombay FoodMe App
oh Bombay FoodMe App
Rebecca Shoufany Amoury

On This Week’s Podcast, Marvels Of Mediterranean Cuisine Featuring Oakville’s NEW Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine.

Marvels Of Mediterranean Cuisine
Marvels of Mediterranean Cuisine

Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine

We’ve got the travel bug and no place to go!
And with so many folks out there having travel plans being foiled due to Covid 19, we thought well…for today’s show our topic is “if you can’t get to the Mediterranean, we’ll bring the Mediterranean to you!

And introduce you to some of the marvels of Mediterranean cuisine, from countries including the likes of the well traveled Spain and France, but also those less well known for their cuisine such as Israel, Egypt and Syria. Each celebrating a few of their very own and unique specialties.

We’ll also touch upon on some of the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Studies have shown folks that follow this style of eating are also more likely to enjoy a longer life than people in other regions.

So joining us today, we bring the Mediterranean to you via the journeys of our guests Rebecca Shoufany Amoury .Rebecca and her husband Jad are the proud owners of Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine, a fabulous restaurant, located in Oakville, Ontario that offers you, the diner a delectably diverse and mouth-watering menu.
Rebecca and Jad each have their own journey that began just north of Israel, knowing and living the traditions of Mediterranean culture first hand for many years. Their journeys eventually led them here to our beautiful country and our beautiful town of Oakville.
We will welcome Rebecca CEO of Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine first, she will fill us in on her story and learn more about the story behind Montfort.

Jad and Rebecca, Husband and wife team and owners of Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine.
Rebecca Shoufany Amoury and husband Dr. Jad Amoury
Raphael Pommier of Domaine Ogier
Raphael Pommier of Domaine Ogier

For our second perspective on rosés made in France we turn our attention to the Rhone Valley. Our focus is more specifically the appellation of Ventoux. The Ventoux vineyards actually developed and expanded during the Avignon papacy. This papacy was 1309 -1376. The kings of France drank these wines over the centuries.

Our producer Ogier founded in 1859 is situated in the southern Rhone in the famous Chateauneuf-du-Pape. This literally translates to “new castle of the Pope”. Ventoux is enjoying a positive affect of climate change now due to the warmer climes. They are producing wines of deeper colour and body.

Yvonne Robinson

And to close off the show, Yvonne Robinson will join us. Montfort just recently relocated and under the guidance of Yvonne, an Interior Design Consultant for over 25 years, with a love herself of the Mediterranean, Yvonne designed and decorated the new Montfort. Yvonne will share with us the nuances that speak to the Med in her design, truly a job beautifully done.

Georgia and Susanne enjoying dinner at Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine.

About The Wine Ladies Podcast

Our podcast “Taking Life One Sip at a Time” is an radio audio podcast on which we share with the audience our passion and sense of adventure for delectable and fascinating foods, wine, spirits and lifestyle discoveries. Our motto “everything in life somehow comes back to the vine and to live life large and with integrity is intertwined with a variety of guests from around the globe… Chatting with celebrity chefs, celebrity winemakers, exotic food purveyors, artists, musicians, sports personalities, lifestyle advocates and fashion icons be sure to tune in for an hour of lively topical and educational conversation.

Eduardo Chadwick the President and Owner of Vina Errazuriz and co-founder of Mondavi of Se

The 10th anniversary of “The Berlin Tasting” The Wine Ladies interview with Eduardo Chadwick

Recently ( First published Nov 25th, 2014) in Toronto celebrating The 10th anniversary of The Berlin Tasting with featured guest Eduardo Chadwick the President and Owner of Vina Errazuriz and co-founder of Mondavi of Sena.
The 10th anniversary of a ground breaking tasting that sent a little bit of tremor through our world of wine… it was called The Berlin Tasting. And boy did it ever make a statement and an impact in the perception of this country’s wine

And the country, a long and skinny one with wine regions that span from the north to the south, over 4000 kilometers. Is… ready for this.. Chile. Now at this historic tasting, these wines truly came out on top! Beating out some of the worlds iconic wines including established French classics such as Chateau Lafite, Chateau Margaux and and Italian cult wines including Sassicaia and Tignanello.

Today all the way from Chile, to share with us how this tasting went down that historic January day in 2004,  to the surprise of the panel of 36 international judges, no-one really expected this outcome… except possibly our guest… Eduardo Chadwick, the President and Owner of Vina Errazuriz and co-founder with Mondavi of Sena, who’s two wines won top honours! We’ll also explore with Mr. Chadwick how these wines are faring today and the long lasting impact this legendary tasting has had on the wines of Chile today.

And not only is Chile a premier  wine growing region, but the country itself is also  stunning with natural landscapes, dramatically varied from desert to forest, volcanoes, glaciers and beaches.. So much to do and see from the mysterious  and most isolated place in the world, Easter Island to the Atacama Desert, the highest and driest desert on earth, likened in places to the surface of Mars…to fill us in on some of the bucket list places to visit in Chile, we
will be welcoming Juan Antonio Figueroa, the Trade Commissioner of Chile here in Toronto 
The Cambridge Wine and Food Society
Pina Colada

If you like Piña Coladas! …. la la la…National Piña Colada Day, July 10,2020

Perfect weather here in for an icy cold tropical drink at cocktail hour! 

? If you like Piña Coladas! ?⁠

Who’s getting ready for National Piña Colada Day on July 10th? ? Enjoy this fruity drink as you sit back by the pool and soak in the sun ☀️⁠

Barrachina, a restaurant in Puerto Rico, says that “a traditional Spanish bartender Don Ramon Portas Mingot in 1963 created what became the world’s famous drink: the Piña Colada.”

How to make a Barrachina Piña Colada

If you follow Barrachina’s recipe. 

  1. Mix four parts pineapple juice with one part Coco Lopez or Goya coconut cream
  2. Blend for 30 to 40 seconds with 3/4-part water, then put the mixture in the freezer, stirring occasionally until it achieves your desired thickness. (If you want to blend it with a scoop of ice instead, then skip the water.)
  3. Pour your desired amount of rum — Reyes suggested a shot; I suggest a couple — into the bottom of your glass. To make it authentic, use Ron del Barrilito, Puerto Rico’s oldest and most cherished rum.
  4. Pour the slushy mix on top, then decorate with a cocktail-umbrella-stabbed maraschino cherry and pineapple chunk.
National Pina Colada Day, July 10th,2020

Perhaps a Piña Colada Ice lolly is more your speed!

Pina Colada ice lolly recipe from BBC Food.
Pina Colada ice lolly recipe from BBC Food.

450g fresh pineapple chunks
4 tbsp Malibu
zest and juice ½ lemon
2 tbsp icing sugar
100ml coconut cream, plus 2 tbsp extra for dipping
2 tbsp desiccated coconut

Whizz the pineapple in a food processor until it is quite smooth but still has some texture. 

Add the Malibu, 2 tbsp lemon juice zest, icing sugar and coconut cream and whizz again to combine. Taste the mixture – it should be sweet and sharp. Add more lemon juice or icing sugar if needed.

Divide between the lolly moulds and freeze for 1 hr until thick enough to hold a lolly stick upright. Push a lolly stick most of the way into each mould and freeze for another 6-8 hrs until solid.

Meanwhile toast the coconut flakes in a dry pan until they are a light golden colour. 

Pull the lollies by their sticks to remove them from the mould. If they are stuck dip the mould in hot water for 10 secs and try again. 

Dip the tip of each lolly in the extra coconut cream then roll in the desiccated coconut. 

Either serve straightaway or wrap each lolly in baking parchment and store in individual airtight freezer bags for up to 1 week.

Enjoy!! ?

Image Credit: thebaker.chic

Singers Caesar Drink Mix

Enter to win Singers Caesar Contest, Canada Day 2020

Singers Caesar Contest for Canada Day 2020
Singers Caesar Contest for Canada Day 2020

#Win #Contest #SingersCaesarContest
We are celebrating #CanadaDay with the classic all Canadian #cocktail the #caesar
Enter to win one of two Singers Caesar Mix Gift packs with Dixon’s Spirits to make your very own!
Easy To Enter!
1. Follow us here @thewineladies@singerscaesarmix ?
2. Like this post ❤️❤️❤️
3. Tag a friend in the comments below. ?
Each friend tagged counts as an entry. Enter as much as you like. The winners will be contacted via Instagram DM. Contest closes Sunday, June 28th, 2020 at noon.

We invite you to check out our #audiopodcast episode 87: Canada Day 2020 featuring founders Wayne & Barb Singer, JD Dixon and Chris Wilson.

Click the link to listen to the show.

Please join us July 1st for Caesars on the patio in #Bronte#Oakville@cove_bronte

Episode 87 Singers Caesar

Celebrating Canada Day with the all Canadian Almighty Caesar! Singers Caesar Mix

On today’s podcast we shift gears temporarily away from the vine to Canada’s iconic cocktail. What is Canada’s very own originally created in 1969 at the Calgary Inn and was officially named Canada’s National cocktail by Parliament in 2009?
It is the spicy, scrumptious, red hot cocktail, the Bloody Caesar!
And why the Caesar you may ask? After all Canada Day is just around the corner and we’ll be celebrating with an all Canadian cast right here in Bronte, Oakville.


Founders Wayne and Barb Singer of Singers Caesar Mix.
We chat with founders Wayne and Barb Singer about how and why Singers Caesar Mix came to be.
Listen to the Singers at 3:05 minutes in the podcast. 
Singers Caesar Mix now available at Sobeys
Singers Caesar Mix
JD Dixon co-founder Dixon's Distilled Spirits.
JD Dixon co-founder Dixon’s Distilled Spirits.
Listen to JD Dixon at 15:04 minutes in the podcast. 
Cove Bar and Restaurant, GM Chris Wilson.
Chis Wilson, GM and co-owner of the Cove.
Listen to Chris Wilson at 29:17 minutes in the podcast. 
Cove Bar and Restaurant
Cove Bar and Restaurant
Susanne and Georgia enjoy a Singers Caesar Mix made with Dixon's Wicked Citrus Gin
Susanne and Georgia enjoy a Singers Caesar Mix made with Dixon’s Wicked Citrus Gin.
National Lobster Day

Celebrate National Lobster Day, June 15th, 2020

Today’s Lobster facts:

  1. Lobsters aren’t all red. They can be many different colors, including bright blue, white and brilliant gold tones.
  2. They can be right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous.
  3. Many species can live to be over 100 years old.
  4. Most travel over 100 miles a year and have migratory patterns.

What type of wine goes with lobster?

The number one wine to pair with them is hands-down Chardonnay. Consider the palate profile of most international Chardonnay wines whether they are from Burgundy or California, Chile or Australia—Chardonnay often highlights its own innate citrus nuances both in the aromatic components and in flavor

What kind of red wine goes with lobster?

In general, look to lighter styles of wines, such as a crisp dry rosé wine from any variey (typically Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault in France) and the lighter styles of Pinot Noir to pair with more delicately cooked white fish, poached salmon, and seafood such as oysters, crab, lobster, and mussels.

Pier53 Restaurant National Lobster Day

How do you boil the perfect lobster?

Bring water to a rolling boil over high heat. Place lobsters in the pot (head first), cover tightly, return to a boil as quickly as possible and start counting the time. Steam a lobster for 7 minutes per pound, for the first pound. Add 3 minutes per pound for each additional pound thereafter.

What is lobsters favorite food?

Lobsters usually move around and hunt for food at night. It was once thought that lobsters were scavengers and ate primarily dead things. However, researchers have discovered that lobsters catch mainly fresh food (except for bait), which includes fish, crabs, mussels, sea urchins, and sometimes even other lobsters!

Cove Bar and Restaurant in Bronte, Oakville

Bonterra Chardonnay 2017, Susanne’s Wine Pick. 

Susanne On the air, 1050 CHUM

Celebrity Chef Ted Reader on The Wine Ladies radio show August 27th, 2008,1050 CHUM. Throwback Thursday, May 28,2020

Celebrity Chef Ted Reader on The Wine Ladies radio show 2008, 1050 CHUM.

Celebrity Chef Ted Reader on The Wine Ladies radio show 2008, 1050 CHUM.

Find out who will be appearing on The Wine Ladies Radio Show this Saturday, August 30th, 2008 on 1050 CHUM.

1050 CHUM Call in radio show, with featured guests every week. Saturday mornings, 10:00am -11:00am. The lines are burning up with lost of "ask The Wine Ladies" questions. Georgia has the answers to be sure!

1050 CHUM Call in radio show, with featured guests every week. Saturday mornings, 10:00am -11:00am. The lines are burning up with lost of “Ask The Wine Ladies” questions. Georgia has the answers to be sure!

1050 CHUM every Saturday morning at 10:00a.m., set that dial to connect with The Wine Ladies radio show.

This week we’ll explore what is quickly becoming one of the world’s newest fine wine growing regions, Prince Edward County, Ontario. Joining us Frederic Picard, Winemaker of Huff Estates Winery. With two separate vineyard plantings in Prince Edward County, Frederic will share his passion for this wine growing area, its unique wines and its very bright future.

And don’t forget to log on to the Ted Reader website to enter the Chef Ted Reader contest and have a chance to win a fabulous Wine and Cheeseburger Party, plus barbeque package valued at $1,500!

Ted Reader

Grillin’ & Chillin’ with Ted Reader, the Kingpin of BBQ and BEERLICIOUS

Susanne On the air, 1050 CHUM

Susanne On the air, 1050 CHUM


The smoker and trailer were built by Dead Serious Cookers ( in Texas. It’s a 10 foot long barrel smoker. It runs on hard wood (hickory, maple, oak, and cherry) and charcoal. Traditional smoker with three smoking doors, however another shelf has been added to it.

This rig holds upwards of 500 lbs of meat. It’s traditionally used for low and slow, high volume smoking. It is 100% manual. No fancy gadgets, no electronic smoker units in it. It is pure hardwood manpower. Three (3) Napoleon PT450RBI Grills have been added…..MORE