Fashion editorial intertwined with the vine in wine country NOTL

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Peller Estates, with founder Andrew Peller, deserving of his recognition as being one of the founding fathers of Ontario wine, set his“roots” excuse the pun in Niagara-on-the-Lake as early as 1969. Today, Peller is now Ontario’s second-largest wine company  and remains a family owned business producing award winning wines in a grand winery, with a showpiece barrel cellar and incredible Peller Estates Winery Restaurant, one of the leading dining destinations in the region. Executive celebrity Chef Jason Parsons at the helm of the restaurant  marries his inspired cuisine with the wines of Peller.

On to a red wine, our palates are primed and ready, and Peller delivers…

A big and bold red… the Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2010; recent recipient of the Gold Medal award for Best Cabernet Sauvignon at Cuvee Niagara 2012 Awards.Harvested both from estate owned vineyards and from long-standing growers within the Niagara Peninsula, this wine was aged for 12 months in 60% American and 40% French oak barrels. Take in the intoxicating aroma of black currant,black pepper, a touch of tobacco and leather. Juicy, with flavour of plum, blackberry and a hint of clove, lingering finish. BIG buy for $21.95.

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Georgia and Susanne enjoy an IceHouse Sparkling Slushie with Cityline TV host Tracy Moore

Discover the joy of bubbly! The Wine Ladies visit Cityline TV!

 The Wine Ladies on set with TV host Tracy Moore of Cityline TV.

Discover the joy of bubbly… budget bubbly too! Make your Valentine’s Day sparkle.

A very big thank-you to Canadian designer Ross Mayer for dressing us and making us look our very best!

Ahhh… the secrets of bubbly from around the world! From Champagne to Cava to Sekt and Prosecco, the gentle mousse of these wines titillate the palate and tickle the nose! The flavours range from toasty biscuit and almond to zesty citrus and luxurious peach! Learn the story of the vessel from which you sip, including the coupe, the flute and the tulip! Finally a few favourites for you and your Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Sparkling wines are made all over the world, but not all created equal! Rules, rules and more rules! A matter of geography, a mattter of method, of grapes and of taste!  Lets unveil the sleuth in us and uncover bubbly, from fizzante to sparkling to Champagne!

Indeed we cannot group all bubbly into one big bubble! Sparkling wines go by differnet names depending on their origin, how they are made, and which varietals that use to make it.

Meanwhile before the show…..

Champagne, for instance can only be called champagne if it is made in the Champagne region located in the north-east of France, a mere hour away from “gay Paris”.

The methodolgy (Methode Traditionnelle) is meticulous, costly and time consuming.

The secondary fermentation, responsible for the bubbles… must take place in the bottle, after a still wine has been embellished with a touch of sugar/syrup and/or water and yeast. It is then capped with what looks like a coca cola cap. The fermenation begins and millions and millions of tiny bubbles will be the end result when it is finally time to pop the cork. Scientists with lots of time on their hands have counted… or estimated  approximately 49 million bubbles! Vintage Champagne has to be aged for 36 months in the bottle requiring much patience and euros. The aromas and flavours of Champagne are seductive, characterized by a variety of distinctive toastiness, citrus, bisquit and brioche, with notes of almond and the elegant lively mousse. Simply devine!


Our journey continues to Spain, where most of the sparkling is produced in the Penedes region, a brief car ride from Barcelona. Cava is what they call their sparkling wines, and they must also be produced in the “Methode Traditionnelle” as it is done in Champagne. Cava represents some of the finest value sparkling wines on the market today. Flavours can range from floral to apple and even notes of an earthy mushroom. Teriffic value bubbly starting as low as $10.00!

Our choice: MUGA  MUGA CONDE DE HARO BRUT CAVA VINTAGES 168559 Price $ 19.95              

We deviate from the Methode Traditionnelle to the Charmat method or tank method of producing sparkling wine, which has the secondary fermentation taking place in bulk in a pressure tank. The advantage to the Charmat process is that it is cheaper, faster and less labour intensive.

Two other wine growing regions producing sparkling wines using this method are Germany and Italy.

German speaking countries refer to their sparkling wines as Sekt. The base wine can actually come from another country, often France and Italy or others. Although Riesling is the predominant varietal this is not regulated. If a sparkling wine says “Deutscher Sekt” on the label, this means the base wine comes from Germany. The small amount of Deutscher Sekt that is made by the traditional method tends to consist of riesling, chardonnay, or the pinot varieties.

Our choice: Dr. LOOSEN  LOOSEN BROS. DR. L. SPARKLING RIESLING   VINTAGES 296095  Price $ 13.95

Finally, everyone has heard of Prosecco, that delightful, lively bubbly that hails from the Italian region of Veneto! Prosecco refers to the style of the wine, and up untill 2009 the grape. This changed in 2009 and is now called Glera.

Prosecco, leading the charge in the tremendous growth in the sparkling wine category is characterized by light, persistent fruitiness, floral, apple, pear and a gentle mousse. Wonderful budget bubbly to be sure! What’s the difference between frizzante and sparkling? It all depends on how much pressure is in the bottle, frizzante has softer and fewer bubbles, “frizzante” is simply fizzy!

Our choice: FOSS MARAI EXTRA DRY PROSECCO   VINTAGES 729392   Price $ 19.95

We end with a nod to one of our own sparkling wines, from Lake Erie North Shore, the Girls’ Night Out sparkling, produced with the Riesling grape. Delivering green apple with a citrus zest and a creamy, silky frothy finish. Delish!

Our choice: Colio Estate Winery   GIRLS’ NIGHTOUT SPARKLING VQA  LCBO 215632 Price $ 14.95

We embrace the versatility and celebration of bubbly with this delectable Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine Sparkling Slushie, as we toast with Tracy! Recipe courtesy of Karen McFarlane of The Ice House Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This sumptious icewine with rich raspberry, black currant and long finish is the perfect partner for the topping of our rose sparkling wine from Konzelamann Estates.

Our choice:

The Ice House Winery  Northern Ice 2011 Cabernet/Dornfelder Signature Series Red   Price:$70.00

Konzelmann Estate Winery  KONZELMANN ROSE METHODE CUVE CLOSE VQA  LCBO 184176  Price $ 16.20

The Ice House Sparkling Slushie

200ml The Ice House Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine – Chilled

8 to 10 ice cubes

100 ml  of Canadian Sparking Rose – Chilled

Serves 4

Place ½ of the ice cubes in a blender and cover with 100 ml The Ice House Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine, mix, then add remaining ice cubes and Icewine and finish blending.

Pour into martini glasses and add 25 ml  of Canadian Sparking Rose to create bubbles on top

Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne Pinot Noir/Chardonnay, Georgia’s Wine Pick.

With Wolf Blass founder "Wolfie" at TIFF

TIFF Wolf Blass wine dinner worthy of the Red Carpet! Meet “Wolfie ” the man that made it all happen!

With Wolf Blass founder "Wolfie" at TIFF

With Wolf Blass founder “Wolfie” at TIFF

This week we attended the Wolf Blass 2012 Luxury Collection Release wine dinner at the stunning Malaparte Restaurant located at the TIFF LightBox. We were anticipating meeting Wolf Blass himself, the man behind the iconic brand and famous bow tie! “Wolfie” as he is called did not disappoint and neither did the  four stunning wines we were privileged to enjoy.

Wolf Blass is the official sponsor of TIFF, for the second year running, and Wolf Blass is right at home on the red carpet and award ceremonies having won more awards than any other brand in the world! Wolfie, or the “Cool Wolf” as we nicknamed him last night, he really is a “dude” who appreciates living life to the fullest, embracing sports, he still skis, the arts, culture and of course amazing food and wines was totally engaging as he orated standing on the chair about the history, the present and the future plans of the company he founded over 46 years ago in 1961.

The Luxury Collection features four classic wines from three stellar vintages.

2010 Wolf Blass Grey Label McLaren Vale Shiraz

2010 Wolf Blass Grey Label Langhorne Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz

2008 Wolf Blass Black Label Langhorne Creek Barossa McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Malbec

2009 Wolf Blass Platinum Label Barossa Valley Shiraz

Wolf Blass The Luxury Collection 2012

Wolf Blass The Luxury Collection 2012

The evening was a true celebration of stupendous wines. An absolutely delicious and inspired wine and food pairing menu in a stunning venue. With Wolf Blass himself and Head Winemaker Chris Hatcher on hand to answer all our questions and entertain us. The group of wine writers, bloggers, and television personalities embraced this wonderful, totally TIFF party, as Wolf Blass is the official sponsor, for the second year running.

Head winemaker Chris Hatcher

The stunning white and silver Malaparte provided the perfect backdrop for the evening. The tables dressed elegantly with white table cloths, floral arrangements bursting with colour and vivacity. Our dinner menu, five courses were five star, equaling the showcasing of the Wolf Blass 2012 Luxury Collection release.

The four wines included in the collection, two new Grey Labels from the 2010 Vintage. The first a Langhorne Creek Cabernet Shiraz, the blend Wolf used to create his very first wine under the Wolf Blass label in 1967.  The McLaren Vale Shiraz, a wine described as being the “definitive expression of this unparalleled Australian wine region”.
The 36th release of the iconic Black Label 2008 vintage and finally the 2009 Platinum Label Shiraz.

Wolf Blass wine dinner at TIFF

Wolf Blass wine dinner at TIFF

The fourth course, Red Wine Braised Boneless Beef Short Rib, see complete menu was Georgia’s favorite pairing with the 1998 Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon, caressing the stemware, returning over and over to the bouquet and commenting on the complexity, and finish, worth every single Cabernet Calorie!

The Wine Ladies WIN Entrepreneur of the Year! 17th OABE Awards.

The Wine Ladies WIN Entrepreneur of the Year! 17th annual Oakville Awards For Business Excellence.



Chesterfield Browne Mont Gay Rum

Happy National Rum Day Aug 16th, 2013

Mount Gay Rum, the oldest rum distillery in the Caribbean caresses the palate with it’s 1703 Old Cask Selection!


Mount Gay Rum Mixologist Chesterfield Browne at Dominion on Queen in Toronto – November 9th – sharing his knowledge and recipes.

Celebrated and award winning mixologist, Barbados’ cocktail  expert and International Ambassador for the Caribbean’s oldest rum distillery dazzles us with charisma, his expertise and his unbelievable rum!  Chesterfield Browne,  International Ambassador for Mount Gay Rum founded in 1703, considered the rum that invented rum, leads us through a tasting of Mount Gay’s ultra premium rums, first the Mount Gay Extra Old, followed by the sublime 1703 Old Cask. Enjoy Chester’s  passionate delivery on the Abc’s of rum making, what makes Mount Gay unique and his creativity and finesse in showcasing classic cocktails with a twist!


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Taste of Salerno, winemaker’s dinner charms the guests with wines of Aglianico and Fiano..

This week's show is all about the wine growing province of Salerno, one of five that make up the sun soaked wine growing region of Campania on the Italian Peninsula in south western Italy. There are a number of wine principals and dignitaries from Salerno here in Toronto this week for a special event the " Taste of Salerno" taking place at the Delta Chelsea. So before they head over to the tasting we are very pleased to welcome our two special guests, all the way from Salerno, the Honorable Edmondo Cirielli President of the Province of Salerno, Mr. Cirielli as well as President of Province of Enoteca di Salerno, Ferdinando Cappuccio who will be speaking specifically on the wines, their origin, the unique grapes and taste profiles . And our translator Giorgio Tinelli from the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario.

All the way from Salerno, the Honorable Edmondo Cirielli President of the Province of Salerno, Mr. Cirielli as well as President of Province of Enoteca di Salerno, Ferdinando Cappuccio.

This week’s show is all about the wine growing province of Salerno. One of five that make up the sun soaked wine growing region of Campania on the Italian Peninsula in south western Italy. There are a number of wine principals and dignitaries from Salerno here in Toronto. This week a special event the “ Taste of Salerno” taking place at the Delta Chelsea.

Before they head over to the tasting we are very pleased to welcome our two special guests, all the way from Italy. The Honorable Edmondo Cirielli President of the Province of Salerno, Mr. Cirielli as well as President of Province of Enoteca di Salerno, Ferdinando Cappuccio. They will be speaking specifically on the wines, their origin, the unique grapes and taste profiles . And our translator Giorgio Tinelli from the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario.

Taste of Salerno winemakers dinner held in Toronto, Canada.

Taste of Salerno winemaker's dinner with Sommelier Giacomo Fagnola

Sommelier Giacomo Fagnola

A wonderful winemakers dinner featuring the indigenous varietals of Aglianico and Fiano.

To view highlights from the evening.

Chin Chin to sun soaked Salerno, one of five that make up the sun soaked wine growing region of Campania, Italy. The Wine Ladies TV

Jargon Trulli "Abruzzo in the heart", TIFF, The Wine ladies Talking Wine With the Stars

Jargon Trulli, Formula One, Abruzzo in the heart fundraiser, TIFF

Jargon Trulli "Abruzzo in the heart", TIFF, The Wine ladies Talking Wine With the Stars

Jargon Trulli “Abruzzo in the heart”, TIFF, The Wine ladies Talking Wine With the Stars

“Abruzzo in the heart” to help victims of 6th April 2009 earthquake.

On Sept 16th The Wine Ladies attended a gala event at the Windsor Arms Hotel. Both celebrating the 10th anniversary of its grand re-opening and a fundraiser to support the rebuilding of a hospital and school following the devastating April  earthquake in Italy of this year. A night dedicated to film, fashion and F1:

The Wine Ladies are entering the exciting world of web TV.

Each year, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) draws thousands of international filmmakers, stars and media to Toronto and for this years festival. (Sept. 10-19)

Georgia and Susanne (The Wine Ladies) set up their temporary TV studio at The Windsor Arms, 18 St. Thomas

Street in Yorkville – ground zero for the film festival – and have conducted brief interviews with the stars, filmmakers, writers, international VIPs and media representatives discussing favourite wines, what wines go with which movies at this years festival, favourite movies about wine (e.g.: Bottle Shock, Sideways, A Walk in the Clouds, Under the Tuscan Sun) – the ultimate in wine TV! Celebrity guests are invited to enjoy a glass of wine with The Wine Ladies.

Seasoned young starlet Georgina Reilly reveals her next film, Death Row’s Sons Two The Grave.

The Wine Ladies, Canadian entrepreneurs featured in The Canadian Business Journal.

About a month ago, one of my best friends Linda (Susanne speaking here) was on a business trip headed to Vancouver. She had the good fortune of sitting beside the Editor In Chief of The Canadian Business Journal, the dynamic, charming and intelligent Sara Kopamees. With over 5 hours to kill, the conversation turned to who you know, what you do etc. And lo and behold my loyal friend Linda spilled the beans! Intrigued by our entrepreneurial story, Sara contacted us and invited us to be featured in the April 2009 edition of The Canadian Business Journal. We always wanted an opportunity to tell our entrepreneurial “The Wine Ladies “story and now you can read all about it here in a joint story written by Sara and George Media Associate Editor Jen Sorlie. How our adventure began, what Georgia likes, Susanne’s pet peeves, our philosophy on The Wine Ladies brand and our mega plans for the future! Please read here for all the details.

CBJ Onsite: We Salute da Vinci with The Wine Ladies

The Canadian Business Journal is essential reading for Canada’s top executives who want to stay informed of current industry topics and trends. It offers readers a glimpse into major Canadian industries including construction, energy, food and drink, healthcare, manufacturing, and more, through comprehensive profiles of successful Canadian enterprises.

The magazine also features articles and columns from Canadian writers focused on all aspects of the Canadian business landscape, from environmental to legal to safety issues. Through the CBJ, readers are able to access illuminating interviews with key public figures and regulatory bodies. The magazine also covers high-profile industry events and snapshots into business life in the special “CBJ Onsite” section.

Visit for the complete April edition including articles on;

Premier Brad Wall – Doing right by Saskatchewan

SIGA: Profits for People, Gaming for Good

Canadian Finance with Linda Leatherdale

George Media Inc.
Sussex Centre, #805 – 50 Burnhamthorpe Road West | Mississauga | ON | L5B 3C2

Arabella magazine Inaugural Fall/Winter issue: Enjoying the Wine Lifestyle with The Wine Ladies!

In Georgia's wine cellar.Feature on The Wine Ladies in Arabella Magazine.

In Georgia’s wine cellar.Feature in The Wine Ladies in Arabella Magazine, Spring 2009

When the Founder and Editor in Chief Deb Usher of the brand new magazine ARABELLA asked us if we would like to have a feature in the inaugural issue, we were thrilled. We knew that this would be a terrific opportunity to get our message out to the wine loving community everywhere. What better way then to open up our homes and our hearts and showcase our “Enjoying the Wine Lifestyle” approach to wine, food and all the wonderful things life has to offer.

Arabella Magazine Cover Spring 2009

Arabella Magazine Cover Spring 2009

ARABELLA magazine intention is to bring the readers special moments of exquisite beauty, dazzling Colours, breathtaking pictures and brilliant editorial- all designed to make you think and look at the world in a new way and to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. It focuses in on all the good things life has to offer; Food, wine and living well, Canadian Art, Architecture and Design, Exceptional Home Furnishings and Decor, Furniture and Spectacular Landscaping and Gardening.

Our article appeared in fall/winter 2008 issue and showcased our wine cellar, our approach to wine and a peak at our individual personalities and lifestyles. We are happy to share this with you our wine lovers, readers and friends.

We are also thrilled to announce that we are now contributing editors to this incredible magazine and you can watch for our article in the spring 2009 issue; White wine and Fine Dining

Read more about ARABELLA magazine subscription details at their website.

Deb Usher of the stunning architectural and lifestyle magazine Arabella

March 28th,2009
Set that dial to CP 24 Radio 1050 every Saturday morning at 10a.m. to connect with The Wine Ladies radio show.
Founder and Editor in Chief Deb Usher of the stunning architectural and lifestyle magazine Arabella will be our guest this Saturday. Join us as we are lead into a world of beauty, art, fine wine and food accompanied by the likes of award winning Chef Ricardo Roque of Magna Golf Club and the historic wine producing house of Antinori in Tuscany. Indulge all your senses, this Saturday!

Does the glass really matter?- Steve + Chris Show

Does the glass really matter?
Absolutely! Good wine tastes better out of the right glasses. Really.Believe it or not, the taste of wine changes when you drink wine out of different glasses.The Wine Ladies joined Steven and Chris on their TV show and explained the basics odf selecting the right glass for your wine.
The Wine Ladies, Georgia and Susanne. 
Sisters, business partners, national newspaper columnists, TV personalities and radio
hosts,these ladies share their passion for wine, food and living to the fullest and
without hesitation. Their motto, “everything in life somehow comes back to the vine,” keeps audiences entertained and informed. Join the ladies live on the air every Saturday morning at 10 a.m. on CP 24 Radio 1050 or on line at as they host special guests from all walks of life on their weekly wine and lifestyle radio show.From
chefs, winemakers and sommeliers to artists, musicians, politicians and athletes, Georgia and Susanne have a talent for discussion that’s always fun and enthusiastic.

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