Pizza Boat Turkish Pizza

Discover Turkish Pizza Right Here In Burlington. Pizza Boat One True Turkish Delight.

Have u ever tried pizza Turkish style? Turkish pizza is made boat-shaped, thin-crusted with healthy toppings such as; marinated meats, sautéed, and oven-roasted veggies. Today I tried the Meat Lovers triple-threat pizza! Great way to spend an afternoon with owner and operator Yesim Erkus of Pizza Boat, a woman entrepreneur, and mega force!! Come by and try these delish Turkish Delights! 

Pizza Boat

4490 Fairview Street, D111, Burlington, Ontario, L7L 5P9

Pizza Boat

What is Turkish Pizza?

Turkish Pizza.

One of Pizza Boat’s faves is the “Meat Lovers” Turkish Pizza which features three in one and includes a tasting of steak cubes and cheese, Turkish Pepperoni (sucuk ), and pulled beef, mixed with mushroom, potatoes, and cheese.

Lahmacun or Lahmajo is a flatbread topped with minced meat, minced vegetables, and herbs including onions, garlic, tomatoes, red peppers, and parsley, flavored with spices such as chili pepper and paprika, then baked.

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A local new Syrian restaurant…Have you tried Kibbeh. Syria’s National Dish.

An Evening with Luca Speri – Alioli Ristorante – The Wine Ladies – May 13th, 2015

Chicken Shawarma

Sidra Restaurant Chicken Shawarma worthy of 5 Star review.

Sidra Restaurant is located in Oakville, Ontario.

667 Fourth Line, Oakville, ON L6L 5B5

Another Fabulous Find For Foodies! Check out if u love Mediterranean food this spot serves worthy of 5 stars! I broke my fast for this one!

Shawarma is a popular Middle Eastern dish that originated in the Ottoman Empire, consisting of meat cut into thin slices, stacked in a cone-like shape, and roasted on a slowly-turning vertical rotisserie or spit. Traditionally made with lamb or mutton, it may also be made with chicken, turkey, beef, or veal. 

The shawarma stack is rotated slowly for hours as it cooks in front of a heat source that continuously roasts the outer layer.
Sidra Restaurant
I love my Sidra Chicken Shawarma

Hi everyone, As The Wine Ladies, we are in an industry where we enjoy wonderful wine and food every day. Now we want to share all of our favorite spots and special finds with you. Introducing “Fabulous Foods For Foodies, wine, and more!”

About…. Fabulous Finds For Foodies, Wine, and more!

From basic thin-crust pizza to sumptuous seafood, a perfectly grilled t-bone, or a light summer salad. For a casual night on the town, or a sophisticated soiree. For the specialty wine bar with unique vinos to experience, or the latest hot spot for martinis and cocktails. We’ve got it all covered while exploring new restaurants, bars, specialty spots, and the latest in a culinary adventure!

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Discover Turkish Pizza Right Here In Burlington. Pizza Boat A True Turkish delight!

Daal Roti in Oakville

Daal Roti in Oakville, serving the very best in Indian Cuisine. Order pick up and delivery tonight.

Fabulous Finds For Foodies

Serving the very best in Indian cuisine!

Featuring only the finest, freshest ingredients, each dish is delicately prepared to highlight the robust flavours of the Bombay region. Our executive chef has worked in some of India’s most prestigious kitchens and is incredibly passionate about providing authentic, delicious, and beautiful fare. He is constantly working to create new, inspiring flavors, and we invite you in to discover them.

Make your next meal a memorable one; indulge in Daal Roti Oakville traditionally inspired, modern take on a warm and welcoming Indian menu.

We hope to see you tonight.

Daal Roti in Oakville.

Daal Roti in Oakville.

Picked up dinner the other night and ordered through their brand new app. Loved the Paneer Tika Masala, a generous portion of paneer tossed with bell peppers and onions in a rich tomato sauce.

Our dinner was beautifully complemented with spring rolls and an onion kulcha naan bread. Delish! Of course, Saturday night dinner is not complete without a glass of Chardonnay!
Give them a try!

Order pick up or delivery with their brand new app. 

Owner of 151 Social Anthony Cappuccitti hangs out with the God of Wine

Are you Game? For Wild Game that is…Oakville’s One Five One Social.

Join us as we take a walk on the wild side, on a culinary adventure featuring wild game and the

likes of elk, venison, quail and wild boar!

For many of us these days, it may feel like ground hog day, so why not step out

and experience something new, stir the pot, mix it up a little with unique flavours and

textures. Here on these pages we’ll explore a variety of wild game now trending, with

tantalizing dishes.

We recently had the opportunity to meet up with Anthony Cappuccitti, one of a

trio of owners of two restaurants located in downtown Oakville, Ontario.

Anthony, Vincenzo Ricci and Leucio Palozzi opened up their first restaurant Buca

di Bacco a fine dining Italian restaurant in 2010 and two short years ago they opened

the doors to their second, the fabulous restaurant One Five One Social.

Here at One Five One, you will experience delectable dishes, fresh and

imaginative. The environment is warm and friendly with a cool vibe. “Dining out should

be fun, not pretentious and stuffy” Anthony tells us over a delish bowl of wild boar pasta,

“Good food, good music and lots of laughs, this should be the goal always”

Well they certainly have met their goals as we enjoy the chatter of cheerful

clientele dining around us.

A trio of owners Anthony, Vince, and Lucio engage in a food fight!

As we continue chatting with Anthony we learn more about the unique philosophy

the partners share here at One Five One Social. With the great success of Buca di

Bacco, well established now after ten years, the owners wanted to do a restaurant that

was completely non-traditional, in the sense that there are NO menus! They wanted to

break the traditional restaurant mold and simply decided to make the food that was

based on the things they like to eat.

” Sometimes we want pasta, sometimes a great steak, sometimes seafood and

why not different styles of poutine too. While we are at it, why can’t we have Korean,

Italian, French, and Indian food. Who makes these rules?” This is Anthony Cappuccitti,

charming and so passionate about good glorious food, of all styles of cuisine. Susanne

and I share a little chuckle and ask “you also offer a wide variety of wild game… that’s a

rarity…. excuse the pun, why a wild game?

“We chose to focus mainly on the wild game because we think it’s awesome and

wanted to get away as much as possible from factory-raised meats” Here at One Five

One they also put great emphasis on farm to table, fresh and local we learn a little later.

Looks delish! Some amazing wild game to be shared and enjoyed.
Wild game features Wild Boar Bacon
Wild game features Wild Boar Bacon

Our attention is drawn suddenly to a savory aroma wafting our way, what is that

scrumptious smell?

Enter Chef Kevin Craddock from the open kitchen. Kevin is the Executive Chef

here at One Five One, a brilliant chef whose greatest passion is in the kitchen. Set

before us is a wild boar chop, thick and juicy, laid upon a bed of mashed potatoes and

fried rapini, with a delicate sauce of maraschino cherries. Absolutely delicious,

succulent and so tender, another winner Kevin!

With new weekly specials appearing on the black chalkboard every Wednesday,

regulars are always up to experiencing Kevin’s latest creative dishes. Always

mouthwatering and divine” enthuses one diner as we engage patrons seated at the

handsome live edge harvest table.

We were hoping Vince Ricci would be able to join us here this afternoon. As

Executive Chef of Buca di Bacco, coaxing him out of his kitchen is not an easy task.

Anthony tells us that “Vince’s focus is in the kitchen; his passion is cooking and without

him much of our wonderful dishes would have not been possible!

Alas, here he is, bonus! All seated for a few precious moments we take this

opportunity to ask Vince and Anthony a few questions we had about wild game.

The talented Executive Chef Kevin Craddock of One Five One Social.

TWL: So, tell us a little about wild game”

Would you say that game meat is going or is already mainstream?

A: “I wouldn’t say it’s mainstream, but I do think that more people are willing to try

different things. We are seeing that here at One Five One Social… Oakville is definitely

ready for a wild game-driven menu because the clientele has nothing like it here.”

TWL: It is exciting to come in and know there will always be something unique on the

menu to discover, it makes dining out so much more of an experience.

Is it difficult or a challenge to source wild game, especially a variety of meats?

V: No, there are a couple of butchers that we have long-standing relationships with. B.J.

S Meats is one of them, they’re a family-owned business that work directly with small

local farms and abattoirs as well as larger processing plants both in Canada the U.S

and other parts of the world. We know we can depend on them for the highest quality

whether it’s a wild game or other traditional meats.

A: We also make sure we work closely with farms and certain butchers who buy

ethically sourced game, that’s important to us too.

TWL: Actually, we had an interesting chat with one of the sons, Stefano, who told us

that wild boar hunting is very popular in Winnipeg, where much of it is sourced.

V: We do get our wild boar mostly from Winnipeg, that’s true. But there is a pretty

constant supply of elk, venison, deer, and quite a bit of fowl. Also, a lot of people might

not know that the wild game served in restaurants is actually farmed, in accordance to

the laws here in Ontario, which vary from province to province. With no antibiotics,

hormones, and chemicals, and with the attention paid to the environment they are

farmed in makes all the difference in flavour, texture, and even levels of protein.

TWL: Ahhh..that’s so interesting, I’ll bet most people aren’t aware of that

What are some of the attributes that make game meat more attractive to the consumer

A: Wild game is lean, high in protein, and has many nutrients that domestic meats can’t

provide. I don’t think this should be adventurous at all, cows, elk, bison, deer, etc., all

share the same habitat but for some reason, we only eat cows; The one animal we have

removed from this list and farmed. Makes no sense to us.

TWL: But you don’t only concentrate on the wild game here, we’ve had a few spectacular

dishes such as your juicy mouthwatering steaks. and that was beef lol!

V: Thanks for that, that’s true, as Anthony said we mix it up, there’s always something

for everyone.

On that note, another dish arrives before our eyes…one of our faves! Who

doesn’t love poutine? For Duck Week, this poutine is rich, flavourful, and to die for! While

we are enjoying our poutine and another glass of vino, description to come, Anthony

encourages Vince to tell us about his first experience with wild game, he’s not biting…

so Anthony tells us

“Vince lived in Europe and when he was around 10 years old he was fascinated

for a couple of years by pigeons as they were everywhere! His Grandfather caught him

2 and he kept them in a birdcage for a while. One morning they went missing and that

night they had chicken with white wine and green olives LOL. “

TWL: “Oh No” in unison, pour you, Vince!

Duck Confit Poutine.

These guys are awesome, no wonder everyone has such a great time here. It’s

Vince’s turn now, with a telltale story about how he hired Anthony when he was 14

years old.

As the story goes Anthony walked into Vince’s Italian restaurant called Tony

Pistola’s on a busy Friday night at 7 pm, (busiest time to bother the manager). He had

checked this restaurant out and knew this is where he wanted to work, determined to

get into the restaurant business early in life!

Vincenzo Ricci came to greet him, and Anthony asked him if there were any jobs

available. He looked at Anthony and basically said that “only a schmuck would go

looking for a job wearing a tracksuit and a hat on sideways.” He told him if Anthony

wanted to work, he had to tell him why the 1982 world cup champion Italian soccer team

and polenta are important to Italians.

“He was trying to get rid of me basically LOL, but I showed up the next day with

an essay on it. He couldn’t believe it, so he hired me that night and we have been

friends and now business partners ever since”

That’s a great story Anthony and we can totally see you doing that… only now

you wear your signature hat the right way lol! Well, there’s a third partner too of course,

and what’s his story we ask the guys?

Lucio is our frontman, everybody loves Luc…. says Vince who grew up with him.

Lucio’s focus is to make sure every guest is having a good time. If you don’t know Lucio,

then you don’t know! People come from far just to have Lucio tell them a story, or two. “

It appears One Five One is a perfect trifecta! It is not a wonder

both Buca di Bacco and One Five One Social are such wonderful places to dine, from

the minute you walk in the door, to the exciting menus, and the quality and attention paid

to each and every dish.

The two wines we enjoyed today were the Su Soi Vermentino, a beautiful, crisp

white wine from Sardinia, and the Terra Crestosa Nero Di Troia, a medium-bodied red

with an inviting bouquet of black current and cherry with soft tannins. Both are not available

in the LCBO or other provinces’ liquor stores; they are sourced from a select few agents

as are all of the wines on their exciting wine list. When you‘re there be sure to ask

Anthony about the best wine and food pairings too, to up your “game” that much more!

My bad, lol!

Anthony, Vince, and Lucio would like to invite you to download their app, with that

you can earn loyalty points and be kept up with the latest menus on the chalkboard, any

events, or simply what’s new. I know we’ll be back and that’s a promise! For more info

please visit

Cheers everyone, and please remember to dine and shop local!

The Wine Ladies, Georgia and Susanne

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oh bombay FoodMe App
oh Bombay FoodMe App
Rebecca Shoufany Amoury

On This Week’s Podcast, Marvels Of Mediterranean Cuisine Featuring Oakville’s NEW Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine.

Marvels Of Mediterranean Cuisine
Marvels of Mediterranean Cuisine

Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine

We’ve got the travel bug and no place to go!
And with so many folks out there having travel plans being foiled due to Covid 19, we thought well…for today’s show our topic is “if you can’t get to the Mediterranean, we’ll bring the Mediterranean to you!

And introduce you to some of the marvels of Mediterranean cuisine, from countries including the likes of the well traveled Spain and France, but also those less well known for their cuisine such as Israel, Egypt and Syria. Each celebrating a few of their very own and unique specialties.

We’ll also touch upon on some of the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Studies have shown folks that follow this style of eating are also more likely to enjoy a longer life than people in other regions.

So joining us today, we bring the Mediterranean to you via the journeys of our guests Rebecca Shoufany Amoury .Rebecca and her husband Jad are the proud owners of Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine, a fabulous restaurant, located in Oakville, Ontario that offers you, the diner a delectably diverse and mouth-watering menu.
Rebecca and Jad each have their own journey that began just north of Israel, knowing and living the traditions of Mediterranean culture first hand for many years. Their journeys eventually led them here to our beautiful country and our beautiful town of Oakville.
We will welcome Rebecca CEO of Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine first, she will fill us in on her story and learn more about the story behind Montfort.

Jad and Rebecca, Husband and wife team and owners of Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine.
Rebecca Shoufany Amoury and husband Dr. Jad Amoury
Raphael Pommier of Domaine Ogier
Raphael Pommier of Domaine Ogier

For our second perspective on rosés made in France we turn our attention to the Rhone Valley. Our focus is more specifically the appellation of Ventoux. The Ventoux vineyards actually developed and expanded during the Avignon papacy. This papacy was 1309 -1376. The kings of France drank these wines over the centuries.

Our producer Ogier founded in 1859 is situated in the southern Rhone in the famous Chateauneuf-du-Pape. This literally translates to “new castle of the Pope”. Ventoux is enjoying a positive affect of climate change now due to the warmer climes. They are producing wines of deeper colour and body.

Yvonne Robinson

And to close off the show, Yvonne Robinson will join us. Montfort just recently relocated and under the guidance of Yvonne, an Interior Design Consultant for over 25 years, with a love herself of the Mediterranean, Yvonne designed and decorated the new Montfort. Yvonne will share with us the nuances that speak to the Med in her design, truly a job beautifully done.

Georgia and Susanne enjoying dinner at Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine.

About The Wine Ladies Podcast

Our podcast “Taking Life One Sip at a Time” is an radio audio podcast on which we share with the audience our passion and sense of adventure for delectable and fascinating foods, wine, spirits and lifestyle discoveries. Our motto “everything in life somehow comes back to the vine and to live life large and with integrity is intertwined with a variety of guests from around the globe… Chatting with celebrity chefs, celebrity winemakers, exotic food purveyors, artists, musicians, sports personalities, lifestyle advocates and fashion icons be sure to tune in for an hour of lively topical and educational conversation.


Mesmerizing Marvels of Mediterranean Cuisine

Rebecca Amoury Rebecca sits above Montfort Castle in the high Galilee, Israel where the Montfort name came.

Mesmerizing Marvels of Mediterranean Cuisine

With so many folks out there having travel plans being foiled due to Covid 19, we thought well… if you can’t get to your planned destination maybe you can bring the destination to you! What do they say, when life gives you lemons make lemonade? For us… a hopeful visit to the Mediterranean was not to be, so since we couldn’t get to the Med, why not bring a little of the Med to us! Starting with one of the Mediterranean’s star features, food glorious Food! Here we’ll introduce you to a brand-new restaurant embracing the delectable, mouth-watering and healthy cuisine of the Mediterranean. We’ll touch upon the incredible diversity the region has to offer. With Twenty-three countries bordering the Med one can only imagine the possibilities for the foodie, from a country’s signature dish to a unique spice, indigenous herb and/or traditional recipes handed down over generations.

Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine, located in Oakville, ON, is a quintessential Mediterranean restaurant with some of the best authentic dishes you can imagine.

A staple of the Mediterranean, this mural of delectable olives hangs above the open kitchen OLIVES IN DISH The moment one enters, one is reminded of the primary staple of the Mediterranean diet. This mouthwatering flavour is infused into many of the middle eastern dishes prepared for the healthiest appetites! .

Rebecca, or Rabab as she is affectionately known, grew up in the North Galilee Israel, in a town that overlooks Lebanon which we learned is located just a half hour from where the Last Supper was held. Now that is pretty cool! Rebecca’s roots go back many generations in the area with her grandparents and parents having a passionate connection with the land, harvesting grape leaves, lemon and olives trees, growing a variety of vegetables, different herbs and more. Rabab tells us this is where she has many fond memories of harvesting the trees, grinding falafel, and learning to prepare traditional recipes of the Mediterranean which are still being used today at Montfort. She recalls that everything was always so fresh, so delicious, and prepared with so much love and attention.

Jad and Rebecca, Husband and wife team and owners of Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine.
Rebecca Shoufany Amoury and husband Dr. Jad Amoury

“Growing up, I had the opportunity to be a part of the most incredible experience of what the true meaning of traditional Mediterranean cuisine is! Every October olive harvesting and pressing our own olives at the olive press which was in our village”

We learn that the family time together was most often spent sitting at a large harvest table, enjoying one another’s company over food and drink. This she tells us has a lot to do with her philosophy today.

“The Shoufany Amoury family represents the true foundation of Montfort and we stand behind the belief that “food, family and friends“ are a shared richness that is not only a part of our culture, but a way of life that we have been privileged enough to share here in Canada at our restaurants.

Georgia and Susanne enjoying dinner at Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine.
The Wine Ladies enjoying a Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine spread representing multiple regional specialties.

We had the opportunity to sit down with the Founder Rebecca Shoufany Amoury and, over a glass of wine and a variety of mouth-watering dishes, she began to share her story.

Rebecca founded Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine over 25 years ago with “the grateful assistance of my parents Melad and Georgette”. The name Montfort she says was chosen “because it represents a big part of who my family are; “strong mountain ”She recalls on many occasions sitting far above the Montfort Castle from where the name Montfort came, in Galilee, Israel.

After 25 years in one location, they recently relocated reopening in a space where the atmosphere and environment of Montfort bellow out “welcome to the Mediterranean”! And welcome to our place for friends and family to gather and enjoy fresh, delicious, home-made traditional dishes of the Mediterranean.

In 2013, the Montfort family grew after Rebecca met Dr. Jad Amoury in Israel. Jad had been practicing dentistry for 15 years and since coming to Canada has joined the family business at Montfort.

An astute businessman, Jad runs the business and oversees the kitchen, whilston off hours spending time with two young babies, ages 2 and 8 months. How do they do it all?“It’s about passion” Rebecca tells us. Passion for family, for tradition, for the wonderful flavours and dishes of the Med!

What is the Mediterranean diet?

Twenty-three countries across 3 continents border the Mediterranean Sea. Although all of the Mediterranean diets share common characteristics there are slight variations depending on the region.A typical Mediterranean diet consists of plenty of vegetables, grains, nuts, legumes and fruits. Olive oil is the predominant fat and thank goodness…wine and homemade Arak often accompanies meals!

To our own experience on this day at Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine Although the countries of France, Spain and Italy have garnered much of the “Mediterranean “attention, today as you may have surmised Rebecca and Jad are eager to explore several of the eastern countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Israel, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt to name a few are represented on a beautiful spread Executive Chef Fouad sets down before us.“Chef Fouad,”Jad informs us “hails from Egypt, studied in France and in Holland. 

Palm Trees
Mediterranean Palm Trees PALM TREES evoke warm climate, calm breezes and relaxing moments...

Let the tasting begin! We begin with an appetizer plate “Maza” which is a selection of four appetizers, (you are free to choose your own) baba ghanoush, humous, kibbeh and falafel. Each of these represent a different birth place including Israel, Lebanon, Greece and Egypt, although all are a key staple around the Mediterranean with slight variations. A delicious starter to be sure. After a plate of delicate, delicious fried calamari, seasoned withMontfort Mediterranean spices and drizzled with a reduced balsamic vinaigrette, the main course, a Mixed Grill featuring their signature dish, Montfort Chicken, Chicken Shawarma, Pork Souvlaki and Kafta arrived. All juicy, flavorful, tender and with fragrant and flavourful herbs and spices… where am I? Could it be the eastern part of the Med? No… alas, we are not permitted to travel, but this is definitely the next best thing! 

Woman picking lemons off the tree Rebecca harvesting lemons in her parent's garden located in the High Galilee, Holy Land

Let the tasting begin! We begin with an appetizer plate “Maza” which is a selection of four appetizers, (you are free to choose your own) baba ghanoush, humous, kibbeh and falafel. Each of these represent a different birth place including Israel, Lebanon, Greece and Egypt, although all are a key staple around the Mediterranean with slight variations. A delicious starter to be sure. After a plate of delicate, delicious fried calamari, seasoned withMontfort Mediterranean spices and drizzled with a reduced balsamic vinaigrette, the main course, a Mixed Grill featuring their signature dish, Montfort Chicken, Chicken Shawarma, Pork Souvlaki and Kafta arrived. All juicy, flavorful, tender and with fragrant and flavourful herbs and spices… where am I? Could it be the eastern part of the Med? No… alas, we are not permitted to travel, but this is definitely the next best thing! 

Marvels Of Mediterranean Cuisine
Marvels of Mediterranean Cuisine

In closing we have to applaud Rebecca and Jad for having the courageto push forward with the launching of the new Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine during these challenging times. Jad, as the operations Manager took a bold and savvy step, by being an early adopter in creating their own apps for Montfort for takeout and delivery. This allows their local customers to order online, earn loyalty points and receive an automatic credit of $5.00 with each download.This has helped the restaurant immeasurably, allowing for greater sales, and pickup and delivery costs to be minimized during Covid 19.Before we part ways Rebecca wants to make it clear that she credits the continued success of Montfort to her loyal customers, many of which have become good friends and are like family.As she maintained throughout our chat “I’ve learned that fresh quality food is just as important as the service, atmosphere and presentation but most importantly Pleasing my guests just like they are family is the key to a successful restaurant.”If you would like to experience the delectable and diverse foods of Montfort MediterraneanCuisine, please visit their

Bravo Rebecca and Jad!

Montfort App
Montfort App
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Ranee's Roti & Caribbean Cuisine
Ranee's Roti & Caribbean Cuisine. Download our APP and save $$$ and earn loyalty points.
One Five One Social App Poster
One Five One Social App Poster
Chef Giuseppe Ferraro

Celebrate Thanksgiving For A Good Cause.Join Us, Oct 6th At Zucchinis Cucina, Kerr Street Village, Oakville. Another Fabulous Find For Foodies!

Please join us Oct 6th at Zucchinis Cucina to celebrate the Thanksgiving season with family and friends as we give back to those less fortunate.
Introducing the culinary skills of Chef Giuseppe Ferraro who will showcase the amazing ways Turkey can be enjoyed all paired with a selection of wines.
The evening is a dedicated fundraiser* to The Good Shepherd Centres

Food & Wine Tasting Menu

Turkey Chorizo Sausage Bites

Polenta Fries With Truffle-Alioli

Turkey Sliders With Cranberry Chutney, Stuffing And Gravy

Turkey & Potato Croquettes With Spiced Cranberry & Chilli Gel

Cavatelli With Shredded Turkey & Zucchini, Sun-Dried Tomato, Grilled Red Onion And Simmer Peas. Light Cream And Lemon Sauce.

Lemon And Pumpkin Tarts.



Date: Tuesday, Oct 6th, 2020
Time: 6pm-10pm
Place: Zucchinis Cucina
Address: 438 Kerr Street, Oakville, ON
L6K 2A6

Please book early as seating is limited to 50 guests.

R.S.V.P. at 905-808-8374

All precautions are in place to ensure employees and our esteemed customers are safe.

Looking forward to spending some quality time, good food and wine while expressing our thanks for all of our blessings in these challenging times.

See you there.

Georgia and Susanne
The Wine Ladies

* Partial proceeds from the evening will be donated to The Good Shepherd Centres.
** Food, wine tasting menu includes hst. Gratuities are welcome.

Zucchinis Cucina Oct 6th, 2020 Thanksgiving Event
Zucchinis Cucina Thanksgiving Oct 6th, 2020 event.


Chef Giuseppe Ferraro
Giuseppe Ferraro, Executive Chef Zucchinis Cucina
Greg and Candy, Co-owners and Managers Justino's Wood Oven Pizza

Discover the secret ingredient that makes Justino’s Wood Oven Pizza one of the TOP 3 Pizzas in all of Oakville!

Greg Durkiewicz

We top off the show with one of the world’s most loved dishes to be sure, who doesn’t love a fabulous pizza? Or a delish homemade lasagna?

In our final segment we’ll chat with Greg Durkiewicz, Proprietor of Justino’s Wood Oven Pizza, consistently rating 5 STARS, its got a lot to do with location says Chef Mama Rosa, who hails from Rome herself, from where the flour is flown in directly! Roman flour makes all the difference, it’s in the texture, the flavour, and how of course Chef Rosa treats it once in her most capable hands.

It’s all fresh, homemade and delectable. Owners Greg and co-owner and wife Candy are the consummate hosts, you feel right at home when dining at Justino’s! Greg to fill us in on his story, Justino’s and Mama Rosa’s too.

Listen to Greg’s interview at 26:55 minutes in the show.

Top 3 Pizza Places in Oakville
Top 3 Pizza Places in Oakville