Bouchard Père & Fils, three centuries and nine generations to the iconic wine region of Burgundy. Exclusive interview with Luc Bouchard

What a delicious show we have planned for you today. Our theme, Historical Treasures of France, in wine, in brandy and in fromage!! Bouchard Père & Fils

Bouchard Père & Fils

Bouchard Père & Fils

To start off we’ll go back almost three centuries and nine generations to the iconic wine region of Burgundy. Today we will feature one of the oldest Maison in Burgundy. Founded in 1731 with incredible holdings of 130 hectares including 12 Grand Crus and 74 Premier Crus. Unbelievable for Burgundy, the winery,

Château de Beaune, Head Office of Bouchard Père & Fils

Bouchard Père & Fils…

is the largest vineyard owners in the supremely coveted region of the Cote d’Or of Burgundy. We will be chatting with family member and Export Manager Luc Bouchard. We’ll explore the history of the region as well as the company, its fascinating history, the vineyards. And of course the deep cellars underground housing over 2000 bottles from the 1800’s, their iconic wines and much more.

We had the pleasure to meet Luc about a month ago, we tasted some great wines, we look forward to welcoming him to the show!

Listen to Luc Bouchard at 4:39 minutes in the show.


Announcing a really cheesy contest! TWEET and WIN cheese from the Cheese Boutique and The Wine Ladies

Announcing a really cheesy contest! TWEET and WIN cheese from the Cheese Boutique and The Wine Ladies

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On this week’s radio show…

Historical Treasures of France.TWEET and WIN cheese from the Cheese Boutique and The Wine Ladies.

 What a delicious show we have planned for you today. Our theme, Historical Treasures of France, in wine, in brandy and in fromage!!!

Episode 56

Dating back to 8000 BC in France! France is one of the biggest cheese producers in the world. There are different kinds produced all over the country with various regions having their own specialities as do the wine regions.

To explore the world of cheese from France we will welcome Afrim Pristine, of the Cheese Boutique. Afrim is a Maitre Fromager, the youngest inductee into the Guilde Internationale des Fromager one of only 50 in the world, no better person to talk cheese!

Listen to Afrim Pristine at 40:50 minutes in the show.

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Bernard Walsh, Founder Walsh Whiskey Distillery

Bernard Walsh, founder of Walsh Whiskey Distillery and producer of multi awarded Writers Tears Irish Whiskey.

Walsh Whiskey Writers Tears

Walsh Whiskey Distillery Writers Tears Irish Whiskey

On this week’s audio podcast we welcome Bernard Walsh, founder of Walsh Whiskey Distillery and producer of multi awarded Writers Tears Irish Whiskey. A unique old Irish Pot still Whiskey with a supurb flavour and history.


Listen to Bernard Walsh at 35:40 minutes in the show. 

Trending big time is Irish Whiskey!

19th and 20th century Ireland was a golden era both for Irish whiskey and for great Irish novelists and poets.
It’s perfect for our theme today, celebrating Valentines Day because Irish Whisky is for HIM and for HER! It is being enjoyed by both men and women. In fact, in 2014, women in the US represented 37% of whisky drinkers up from the 1990’s. Check out Women Who Whiskey! 

Women Who Whiskey Toronto Chapter now accepting members.

About Irish Pot Still Whiskey

Single (or Pure) pot still whiskey is a type of whiskey traditionally made from a mixture of malted and unmalted barley distilled in a pot still. It is unique to Ireland. Not to be confused with blended whiskey, which is a mixture of column still unmalted grain whiskey and pot still single malt whiskey, “pure pot still” is a single whiskey made from a batch of Barley composed of both unmalted and malted barley that has been distilled in a pot still.

Pure Pot still came about in 1802 as a reaction to the introduction of Tax’s by the British on Irish Malt Whiskey. Irish Whiskey accounted for 90% of all the worlds exported whiskey and was seen as a cash cow by the British. By introducing this tax they hoped to “Cash in” on their neighbors good fortune. However in an effort to avoid taxes the Irish Distiller decided to use a higher percentage of unmalted barley (as opposed to Malted Barley) into the still. This resulted in a very different style of Whiskey and one which we have come to know as “Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey”. This style of Whiskey became known as the Champagne of Irish Whiskey. The much sought after liquid was a favorite with Irish writers through the 19th and 20th century.

Although Pure Pot Still was once widespread in Ireland, a number of historical factors including the The Irish War of Independence, the Irish Civil War, and prohibition in the United States led to a drastic reduction in the number of Irish distilleries. With this reduction in Irish whiskeys available came the loss in recognition abroad of the pure pot still style itself. The majority of the surviving distilleries began to produce blends and single malts to the detriment of the Pure Pot Still.

About Writers Tears

Writers Tears is leading the charge to recreate some of the great whiskies of 100 years ago. Writers Tears is a Vatting of Pure Pot Still and Single Malt (proportions are a closely guarded secret). The resulting whiskey is one of Ireland’s highest rated whiskies in the Whisky Bible…

“This whisky evokes the type enjoyed at the time of Yeats and Joyce a century ago in Dublin. A blend of pot still malted and unmalted barley, triple distilled and matured in American bourbon casks, it’s smooth with bourbon notes on a bed of malt. It slips down with ease; a honeyed vanilla-tinged fruit and kick of ginger linger hauntingly”. Margaret Swaine, The National Post

The Fives

Tequila & The Fives on the Mayan Riviera! The Wine Ladies Audio Podcast.

The Fives, in Playa del Carmen

Amazing beachfront condo development The Fives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

This week The Wine Ladies take you on an excursion of everything Mexican!

We explore the spirit of Tequila, revealing the truths and busting open the myths! Why are all tequilas mescal but not all mescal tequilas? What is the best way to enjoy this drink, either neat, on the rocks or in specialty cocktails?

Recipes, and tips on how to best enjoy tequila. From the stemware, to chilling, to swirling!  And what constitutes authentic Mexican cuisine. From the words of a native of Mexico City, you will hear about the ultra key ingredients and staples of this cuisine. So recognized is Mexican cuisine  that Mexican food was recently classified an “irreplaceable cultural heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO.

The stretches of stunning beaches along the Mayan Riviera, the ultra-cool town of Playa del Carmen. The amazing beachfront condo development “The Fives” in Playa del Carmen will be explored.

And finally from a 5th generation Mayan learn about the mystery and history surrounding Tulum. One of the most visited ancient ruin sites in the world. Be sure to tune in!


Episode #2. All About Mexico.

The Fives, Playa del Carmen.

Congratulations to Mary who was the BIG Winner of the night an all expenses paid trip ( excluding airfare) for 2 to The Fives in Play del Carmen valued at $3500.00!!! She was so excited as were all of we! She will be joining The Wine Ladies as part of our TV show we will be filming in the Fall at The Fives! Hoorah for Mary!!!

The Wine Ladies TV One Sip At A Time… adventures around the globe is heading to The Fives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico this October 2014.

Wine secrets revealed. Wine maker David Murphy of Murphy-Goode Winery, Sonoma County, California.

One Sip at a Time, The Wine Ladies TV. Kendall-Jackson and Murphy-Goode Winery, Episode 3

Breathtaking Barbados…offers  a bounty for all the senses… Our home away from home...

Swimming with Sea Turtles at Saint Peter’s Bay, Barbados

Breathtaking Barbados offers  a bounty for all the senses. Our home away from home.The Wine ladies TV Episode 2

Breathtaking Barbados…offers  a bounty for all the senses… Our home away from home...

Best of Barbados on your bucket list! Saint Peter’s Bay Part 2