Rebecca Shoufany Amoury

On This Week’s Podcast, Marvels Of Mediterranean Cuisine Featuring Oakville’s NEW Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine.

Marvels Of Mediterranean Cuisine
Marvels of Mediterranean Cuisine

Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine

We’ve got the travel bug and no place to go!
And with so many folks out there having travel plans being foiled due to Covid 19, we thought well…for today’s show our topic is “if you can’t get to the Mediterranean, we’ll bring the Mediterranean to you!

And introduce you to some of the marvels of Mediterranean cuisine, from countries including the likes of the well traveled Spain and France, but also those less well known for their cuisine such as Israel, Egypt and Syria. Each celebrating a few of their very own and unique specialties.

We’ll also touch upon on some of the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Studies have shown folks that follow this style of eating are also more likely to enjoy a longer life than people in other regions.

So joining us today, we bring the Mediterranean to you via the journeys of our guests Rebecca Shoufany Amoury .Rebecca and her husband Jad are the proud owners of Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine, a fabulous restaurant, located in Oakville, Ontario that offers you, the diner a delectably diverse and mouth-watering menu.
Rebecca and Jad each have their own journey that began just north of Israel, knowing and living the traditions of Mediterranean culture first hand for many years. Their journeys eventually led them here to our beautiful country and our beautiful town of Oakville.
We will welcome Rebecca CEO of Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine first, she will fill us in on her story and learn more about the story behind Montfort.

Jad and Rebecca, Husband and wife team and owners of Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine.
Rebecca Shoufany Amoury and husband Dr. Jad Amoury
Raphael Pommier of Domaine Ogier
Raphael Pommier of Domaine Ogier

For our second perspective on rosés made in France we turn our attention to the Rhone Valley. Our focus is more specifically the appellation of Ventoux. The Ventoux vineyards actually developed and expanded during the Avignon papacy. This papacy was 1309 -1376. The kings of France drank these wines over the centuries.

Our producer Ogier founded in 1859 is situated in the southern Rhone in the famous Chateauneuf-du-Pape. This literally translates to “new castle of the Pope”. Ventoux is enjoying a positive affect of climate change now due to the warmer climes. They are producing wines of deeper colour and body.

Yvonne Robinson

And to close off the show, Yvonne Robinson will join us. Montfort just recently relocated and under the guidance of Yvonne, an Interior Design Consultant for over 25 years, with a love herself of the Mediterranean, Yvonne designed and decorated the new Montfort. Yvonne will share with us the nuances that speak to the Med in her design, truly a job beautifully done.

Georgia and Susanne enjoying dinner at Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine.

About The Wine Ladies Podcast

Our podcast “Taking Life One Sip at a Time” is an radio audio podcast on which we share with the audience our passion and sense of adventure for delectable and fascinating foods, wine, spirits and lifestyle discoveries. Our motto “everything in life somehow comes back to the vine and to live life large and with integrity is intertwined with a variety of guests from around the globe… Chatting with celebrity chefs, celebrity winemakers, exotic food purveyors, artists, musicians, sports personalities, lifestyle advocates and fashion icons be sure to tune in for an hour of lively topical and educational conversation.

"Celebs Suburban Stars" from Suburban Life Magazine

At Home With The Wine Ladies featured July 2008! Celebs Suburban Stars! Throwback Thursday

"Celebs Suburban Stars" from Suburban Life Magazine

Celebs Suburban Stars from Suburban Life Magazine.

Our good friend Kathryn Kates contributing writer for and The Toronto Star’s Saturday At Home With columnist asked us if we would like to showcase our homes in the magazine. We thought what a great way for people to get to know us a little bit more.

Although we are close as sisters and live close to each other,one street over and ten houses down, our decorating styles couldn’t be more different. We each have our own distinct styles.

Georgia’s style is more modern, sleek and minimalist. She likes clean lines and big sunny windows. Just like her smile and personality.

Susanne tends to be a little over dramatic from time to time maybe even a bit flamboyant. Romance is very important to me.

Although our home decorating styles are different we agree when we pick a wine for dinner. Georgia’s wine cellar at home is fully stocked with a great selection f over 5000 bottles.

For other celebrity home features you can read Kathryn’s articles and stories in The Toronto Star every Saturday as well as 6 times a year in Suburban Life.

Uncorking prize homes

Georgia Mensé-Chase and Susanne Seelig-Mensé are sisters known to lovers of the grape as the Wine Ladies. Owners of a small wine agency, the Montreal-born oenophiles have become media darlings in recent years.

Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio

Epic Christmas wines, spirits and gift ideas for the holiday season. 

On today’s show we are celebrating with a wonderful group of guests… a charismatic winemaker from Italy, ( Gruppo Mezzacorona) a local artisan with a great Christmas gift idea for the wine and food lover in your life  (Celtic Relics) and a spirit that’s a perfect ingredient to the classic Christmas drink, Eggnog. (El Dorado Rum)

So joining us first, calling in from the historic beautiful region of Trento, Italy, Lucio Matricardi of Gruppo Mezzacorona. 

Lucio Matricardi of Gruppo Mezzacorona. 

Lucio earned his Ph.D. in viticulture and enology from the University of California at Davis and has worked at wineries from around the globe. 

We recently had the honour of attending a very special luncheon here in Toronto hosted by Woodman Wines & Spirits whereby Lucio was the guest of honour. A spectacular tasting of the winery’s portfolio including the iconic Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio, one of the most popular wines enjoyed all over the world.

Listen to Lucio on this week’s audio podcast at 4:14 minutes in the show.

For highlights of the luncheon and wine tasting…

Experiencing Pinot Grigio in Historic Trento and Sicily Sizzling with Stemmari reds!

Josh Dalziel Celtic Relics

It never ceases to amaze us the power of social media and the incredible connections and discoveries that can be made. This is how we discovered our next guest. 

Josh Dalziel owner of Celtic Relics custom woodworking based out of Fergus, Ontario. Josh creates the most spectacular handmade, custom, live edge designed beauties, including charcuterie boards, tipsy timbers for shots and more. 

He has an incredible story of courage and determination! 

Listen to Josh on this week’s audio podcast at 24:18 minutes in the show.

Celtic Relics Tipsy Timber 10 shot board.
Celtic Relics Tipsy Timber 10 shot board.
Makes a great Christmas gift! Still time to order yours' from Josh! Contact him on Instagram.@CelticRelics

Makes a great Christmas gift! Still time to order yours’ from Josh! Contact him on Instagram.@CelticRelics 

@maureengrahamrealtor our lucky winner of the Celtic Relics Tipsy Timber 10 Shot Board. Valued at $140.00.
Shaul Caleb

And to our last guest we jump right into a spirit that has over the last few years found itself becoming a serious player in the respected spirits industry.

Much like “fine spirits” such as Malt Scotch and cognac the premiumization of rum is commanding the attention of many a discerning palate. There is much more to rum than your classic rum & coke.

So to fill us in on the latest in rum, we welcome Shaun Caleb to the show. Mr. Caleb is the Master Distiller for Demerara Distillers located in Guyana. 

DDL is touted as one of the best rums in the world. The very smooth and uniquely complex aged El Dorado rums which represent over 300 years of Caribbean rum making. All available at your local LCBO.

Listen to Shaun on this week’s audio podcast at 35:45 minutes in the show.

El Dorado Rum

We recently had the opportunity to enjoy a tasting of Mr Caleb’s rums as well as a few delicious Christmas cocktails. Enjoy!

El Dorado Mistletoe Mojito

To a Collins glass add rum, lime juice, fresh cranberries and maple syrup.  Stir well.  Clap mint in your hand and drop it in the glass.  Add crushed ice and stir up the ingredients from the bottom of the glass until mixed well.  Garnish with a generous offering of mint sprigs, a few cranberries and dust with icing sugar on the leaves.  Serve with a red and white striped paper straw.

El Dorado Holiday Egg Grog

Add rum, eggnog, extract and bitters to a shaker filled with ice.  Shake well and strain into a large rocks glass without ice.  Grate nutmeg and cinnamon over the top of the glass and serve.

Celtic Relics Tipsy Timber 10 shot board.

WIN! Celtic Relics Tipsy Timber 10 Shot Board. Value $140.00. Christmas Instagram Contest

We’re celebrating Christmas and the Holiday Season with an Instagram Contest!

Enter to win this prize.

This stunning Celtic Relics tipsy timber 10 shot board valued at $140.00 could be yours! Handmade right here in Ontario by local artisan Josh Dalziel.  This fabulous prize will be sure to add fun, joy and style to your Christmas and the Holiday Season. Holidays are for family, friends and large amounts of shots! I’m Irish you’re Irish let’s all do some Irish Whiskey!

Josh Dalziel, Celtic Relics
Josh Dalziel, Celtic Relics

Here is How To Enter:

Follow Us On Instagram
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Celtic Relics
Enter To Win! Celtic Relics tipsy timber 10 shot board valued at $140 could be yours!

3.Tag your drinking partner! (Each friend you tag = One entry) Unlimited tags and entries. 

We will randomly select a winner from the comments below, so stay tuned here and turn on post notifications to see our winner announcement.

Contest Starts Friday, Dec 6th, 2019 at noon and ends – Thursday, December 12th, 2019 at noon EST.

Our winners will be contacted through Instagram DMs & announced in our Instagram Stories. The prizes will be shipped directly to you.  

Bernard Walsh, founder of Walsh Whiskey Distillery and producer of multi awarded Writers Tears Irish Whiskey.

Join us Sept 28th for the 2017 Open House at Chateau Le Jardin.

An exclusive invitation for upcoming Brides and Grooms and all folks planning a wedding.This year, Chateau Le Jardin is pulling out all of the stops for our 2017 Great Gatsby themed Open House.

We have vowed to wow offering everything from live entertainment and wine tastings to a new and improved menu that will be sure to impress! Also in attendance will be many vendors, both in-house and new that can help give you an idea of what you need at your upcoming event! Arrive before 8:00 PM and you will be entered for a chance to win a Grand Prize!

Looking for further details? Sorry, we’re keeping our surprises hush hush. You’ll just have to come and find out on September 28, 2017!

On today’s radio show we talk about a fantastic event taking place Sept 28th. An Open House, themed after the Great Gatsby over at Chateau Le Jardin, a French style chateau event venue with grand ballrooms, stunning foyers and majestic fireplaces located in Woodbridge, Ontario.


Not sure if you remember way back when you got married? Although exciting it was oh so stressful! For most couples it’s the first time that they have planned anything of such a  magnitude! Well this Open House is going to show you how to a plan a fabulous wedding stress free!
That’s right! Chateau Le Jardin has been an amazing event space offering the best in corporate events, holiday parties and weddings. Today we are going to concentrate on the wedding end of things.

Raise a glass to conquer cancer – Princess Margaret Lottery Home – October 14th, 2017 – Oakville

Raise a glass to conquer cancer – Princess Margaret Lottery Home

Join us at The Princess Margaret Lottery Fall showhome for an evening filled with wine, food pairings, entertainment and a chance to have a first look at your potential future home. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017
372 Pinehurst Drive 
Oakville, Ontario
6:00 to 9:00PM

If you have any questions about tickets please contact: Kat Aptekar at or 416-946-2066
Tickets: $100.00 each

Our entertainment…. the fabulous 

The Ault Sisters

Many Thanks To Our Sponsors

Join us Oct 1st, 2016 for Raise A Glass to Conquer Cancer benefiting The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. An evening filled with wine, food pairings, entertainment and a chance to have a first look at your potential future home.


How to remove wine stains from antiques with restoration specialist Kieren Hall, Acacia Restorations.

Kieren Hall, the Founder and Proprietor of Acacia Restorations

Kieren Hall, the Founder and Proprietor of Acacia Restorations explains how to remove wine stains.

And  finally, after our earlier discussions with the owners of these traditional family run wineries, that go back multiple generations, we realized that there’s probably lots of  family heirlooms and antiques that continue to be handed down. So why not look at how best to care for them? Or even maybe restore some of these antiques to their original state and beauty?

Kieren Hall, the Founder and Proprietor of Acacia Restorations

Kieren Hall, the Founder and Proprietor of Acacia Restorations

On this week’s radio show…Ancient Vines,Historic Wines, Antiques, Beringer Vineyards, Taylor-Fladgate Port plus a great new find, Porta 6.


Kieren Hall, the Founder and Proprietor of Acacia Restorations skis us how to remove wine stains.

Kieren Hall, the Founder and Proprietor of Acacia Restorations skis us how to remove wine stains.

For tips on restoration, on protecting antiques, on how to remove wine stains and much more Kieren Hall, the Founder and Proprietor of Acacia Restorations join us. He is an antique craftsman and restoration specialist. And Kieren will join us here in our final segment. He will  answer all of these questions. Come to think of it we have an antique trunk that definitely could use a face lift too.

Listen to Kieren Hall at 57:23 minutes in the show

Kieren Hall, the Founder and Proprietor of Acacia Restorations skis us how to remove wine stains.

Kieren Hall, the Founder and Proprietor of Acacia Restorations skis us how to remove wine stains.

Meet Mark Beringer, 4th generation winemaker Beringer Vineyards… On this week’s audio podcast.

Ask The Wine Ladies. I have a red wine stain on my shirt, what do I do now?

Wine Glass Writer.No more messy wine charms anymore!

Wine Glass Writer

Wine Glass Writer

The Wine Ladies latest wine accessory discovery!

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Perfect for any dinner party, get together or girls night in. No more wine charms. Just write your guests name on the glass and you are set! 100% Made in the USA.  The Wall Street Journal says this is as an “Improvement of the wine charm!” And we agree totally.

Washes off with soap and water. Be creative and have fun! Makes the perfect hostess gift too!

Its as easy as 1-2-3!

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New Holiday Colors
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Savino A must have for the wine lover in your life!


The Wine Ladies latest wine accessory discovery!

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AS SEEN in Food and Drink Magazine Holiday 2013

Savino is an easy-to-use wine preservation system that allows you to enjoy your favorite wines anytime without waiting for an occasion. Open any bottle with confidence, knowing that you can enjoy the full original flavor of Tuesday’s wine on Saturday.

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<script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript”>
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How it works

After enjoying a glass, simply pour the remaining wine into the well designed, sturdy glass carafe.
Insert the float to create a physical barrier between the wine and oxygen.
Place the lid on top of the carafe and store in the refrigerator or wine storage area.
When ready to enjoy your next glass, pour directly from the Savino to enjoy the wine’s full flavour and original character.


Savino does not try to control the environment of an opened bottle of wine like other wine preservation solutions on the market. Instead Savino creates a new, elegant environment designed to preserve and serve wine.
Designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.
Made from the highest quality Glass and BPA-free materials to be durable and functional for everyday life.
The float is designed to hold up to years of use while not discoloring or imparting any taste onto your favorite wine.
Dishwasher safe
750 ml capacity