Cheese and wine fat burning? Yes, its true say 4 the Luv of Food! The Wine ladies TV

Georgia and Shannon choose a primo piece of cheese!

Cheese and wine, fat burning? Yes, its true say founders Shannon and Danielle of 4 the Luv of Food ! They say eat what you want and lose body fat without dieting! Get healthy and transform your body!The Wine Ladies TV goes on a shopping expedition at Oak Ridge Food Markets for unpredictable, and healthy food pairings with Canada’s iconic wine, Icewine. What shall we find to pair with the Ice House Winery Icewines?

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Horseback riding in the vineyard, Bodegas Salentein, Argentina, The Wine Ladies TV.

Horseback Riding, Bodegas Salentein, Argentina, The Wine Ladies TV, March 2013.

Super Bowl Sunday XLVII

Super Bowl Sunday XLVII Super Snacks

Super Bowl Sunday XLVII

Happy Super Bowl Sunday XLVII!

May we suggest you forget the beer this year and enjoy some vino with your ahhhh food, like a bowl of chili and a glass of Malbec, spicy chicken tacos and Pinot Grigio, potato chips and Champagne (celebrate when your team wins in style!!),chicken wings and Riesling or for zzzeee pizza a glass of Italian red! Hope your team wins!

Score a Super Bowl touchdown with The Wine Ladies TV!

What will you be serving at your Super Bowl Sunday XLVII party? It doesn’t have to be Bud Light and Buffalo wings…. bring a touch of class to your Super Bowl event as The Wine Ladies and their guests Rudy Florio founder of Liaison College,  former Alouette and Chef Shawn Whalen offer up a food and wine pairing touchdown! Whats a party without the wine? Also joining us from New York, home state of the New York Jets, Steven Shaw Jr. proprietor of Shaw Vineyards small boutique winery located on Seneca Lake  located in the Finger Lakes our neighbour and wine region just to the south of us. Shaw Vineyard- Wine is not our business it is our passion.

Super Bowl grub kick it up a notch! TV

Zip n Sip Wine Adventure with The Wine Ladies Sept 9th

Join The Wine Ladies on a mission to experience first-hand the excitement and rush of zip lining and rappelling, followed by a luxurious lunch and beautiful wine tasting at Burning Kiln Winery. We’ll be leading a tour here sharing this unique adventure and culinary treat. On the road to the “South Coast” an upcoming wine region, soon to be Ontario’s newest designated viticulture area, we are headed for an exhilarating day of adventure for not only our palates, but our body and soul too!

Burning Kiln Winery

Burning Kiln Winery

If you’ve never tried it, here’s the perfect opportunity to join an intimate group of 14 for a fun filled, food and wine excursion! We have done it and loved it so much we wanted to share it with our fellow wine lovers and friends.

Check it out here.

Burning Kiln Winery

Burning Kiln Winery

Purchase your exclusive ticket on line here or call 905-338-6797 for your all inclusive exclusive VIP ticket.

We’ll start at Long Point Eco-Adventures , where we will be 2 groups of 8 (Georgia’s team and Susanne’s team) led for 2 hours by 2 handsome, fully trained young zip line guides. Of course, games, fun and prizes always a part of the wine adventure experience with The Wine Ladies. So stay tuned!

Long Point Eco-Adventures

Long Point Eco-Adventures

The Wine Ladies invite you, for what promises to be a fun filled culinary and sport adventure, something a little different for couples, groups of friends or singletons too.

Date: Sunday, Sept 9th,2012

Time: 11:00 am-5:00 pm

Day itinerary:

11:00 am – Arrival at Long Point Eco-Adventures – registration, outfitting and zip lining school.

11:30 am – 1:30 pm – Zip lining and rappelling

1:30 pm-3:00 pm – Lunch at Burning Kiln Winery

3:30 pm -5:00 pm Vineyard and winery tour, meet the winemaker, exclusive wine tasting and shopping.

Limit: 14 persons

Price is $129.00/person. Includes zip lining and rappelling, complementary wine tasting and exclusive tour of the vineyards and winery and a spectacular lunch hosted by the winemaker.. Just bring yourself, all gear is provided. Please wear comfortable/running shoes.

If you are searching for the perfect culinary and sporting adventure please join us for Zip n Sip with The Wine Ladies.


Please allow 2.5  hours drive from Toronto. If you are interested in car pooling with someone please contact us at 905-338-6797. We will meet at Long Point Eco-Adventures for 11:00am on Sept 9th.

Long Point Eco-Adventures
1730 Front Road,
Turkey Point, Ontario  N0E Canada

Adventures in wine with The Wine Ladies

Adventures in wine with The Wine Ladies

Newtopia for the mind, body and soul, is feeling strong, healthy and balanced

U topia for the mind, body and soul, is feeling strong, healthy and balanced

We discover Newtopia, our singular and fulfilling paths to getting there…


Just a few short months ago we were introduced to Newtopia. Always on the look out for new and meaningful ways to help us achieve optimal health, from the inside and out, plus a healthy dress size, we were intrigued with this innovative scientific approach that was based on our genetic codes. Apparently there are certain genes or “fat genes” such as one that has the brain tell us when we’re full, and another that has to do with how efficient our metabolisms are… that once identified can be key to losing those extra pounds and keeping them off.  Hallelujah!

These genes play an important role in determining the kind of food we need, the kind of exercise, kind of supplements, and even how we manage stress.  Hmm…sound interesting? We thought so.  As three sisters we often discussed who got the “good genes” and who got the “not so good” ones with the greater propensity to carry a little extra weight. Well now, we were about to learn that we COULD blame our genes, at least partially on our second helpings…did I really need that second piece of chicken, and/or the multiple trips to the candy store. Having said that, homogeneity of the “fat marker” genes eluded the three of us. Although none of us hit the jack- pot, Georgia came close with only one of the marker genes showing a variation (the geneticist’s lingo), Susanne on the other hand, had all three rear their ugly heads or shall we say molecules, on her double helix. We were in…but wait not so fast, where does wine fit into this lifestyle plan we were about to embark on? “ It is welcomed,” said the founder Jeff Ruby. Perfect! And so our journeys began, with an individual mandate, path and execution, based on what our genetic roadmap revealed.


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Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa shadows on the red mountains.

Hiking and Fitness Adventure Desert Cliffs Fitness Spa in Utah

Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa

Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa

The day of great anticipation has finally arrived. We are Utah bound, to the glorious red mountains, stunning canyons, incredible sand dunes and the most extraordinary hiking one can imagine. Desert Cliffs Fitness Spa located in St George, Utah is our destination. Specializing in breathtaking hikes, a range of first class fitness classes, fabulous healthy food and an environment of beauty and calm.

Whats the skinny on the skinny white jeans? Every girl has a pair she needs to get back into and these are Susanne's. The plan is to leave wearing them — with John Kemp

Whats the skinny on the skinny white jeans? Every girl has a pair she needs to get back into and these are Susanne’s. The plan is to leave wearing them! John Kemp.

Chateauneuf du “Tap” will be our beverage of choice while here in the desert.

Yes, we’ve put away our signature over sized wine glasses and replaced them with extreme backpacks, complete with 2 liter water bladders, special pockets for our cameras and of course lots of sun block! We arrive late Sunday afternoon and are welcomed to Desert Cliffs, by the very friendly and fit John Kemp, the proprietor of this fabulous resort. A “boutique” fitness resort if you will, with room for a maximum of only fourteen guests, all housed in a beautiful 7,000 square foot home. Personalized attention for each of the guests is what Desert Cliffs is all about. All the amenities are provided including two in-house chefs ready to cater to your personal needs.

Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa – Hiking,Weight loss,Fitness Spa in Utah – The Wine Ladies Part 1

Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa - Hiking,Weight loss,Fitness Spa in Utah - The Wine Ladies Part 1

Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa – Hiking,Weight loss, Fitness Spa in Utah – The Wine Ladies Part 1

After the introductions and a little lively and engaging chatter, John gives us a brief tour, an orientation to the program and shows us our room, spacious and bright, we love it. “If you can come back down in about an hour,” he says “we can get started right away and do your weigh-ins and measurements” Yikes, already” we exclaim “we just got off the plane, we’re all bloated, maybe we should do it in the morning”. Within the hour we find ourselves filling out a questionnaire, being measured and standing on a NASA looking machine, a scale that tells you much more than the number of pounds you have to lose! “Sometimes less is more John”, we say, but not to worry based on the program we are about to embark on including the level of personal attention, the challenging hikes and more, we are confident our goals will be met, and Susanne will fit once again into her white skinny jeans! Let the adventure begin!

Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa with Tracy L. Crane.

Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa with Tracy L. Crane.

Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa – Hiking,Weight loss,Fitness Spa in Utah – The Wine Ladies Part 2

Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa - Hiking,Weight loss,Fitness Spa in Utah - The Wine Ladies Part 2

Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa – Hiking,Weight loss,Fitness Spa in Utah – The Wine Ladies Part 2 

Hiking,Weight loss, fitness spa, Utah – The Wine Ladies Part 3

Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa - Hiking,Weight loss,Fitness Spa in Utah - The Wine Ladies Part 3

Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa – Hiking,Weight loss,Fitness Spa in Utah – The Wine Ladies Part 3

Day 2: Kanarraville, a hike of splendour and adventure. Incredible waterfalls, climbing ladders up to new heights. No worries about the hiking boots, got to rough it sometimes. Steep climbing meaning you got to come down, had to go down on the behind in a couple of spots. How unsophisticated is that!

Canyon slots with the walls stretching over 100 feet high into the brilliant blue sky, down in the canyon , protected from the sun, we relish the coolness, and take in the magnificence of this geological wonder, A glistening fresh, rapid water fall, rushes over a man made wooden, somewhat unbalanced ladder, we are to ascend. the water is Freezing, Georgia takes the plunge and starts the climb, in a moment, legs feeling numb…. No one else is coming! She turns back, soaking, and a little more than refreshed.

Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa Chef Salad.

Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa Chef Salad.

To see all the pictures from this amazing hiking and fitness adventure visit The Wine Ladies Facebook Fan page here.

On this week’s radio show….Healthy living, from the plate to the glass to the strong and sexy body!

The Striking Truth,Georges St-Pierre

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre enjoys a glass of red wine. Pinot Noir anyone?

Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre

Having discovered that MMA Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre loves red wine we knew that we just had to meet with him.

Our opportunity arose when we were invited to meet GSP recently at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts for the Canadian premiere of “The Striking Truth:” This documentary is based on the juxtaposing careers of charismatic and humble current Welterweight Campion of the UFC, Georges St-Pierre and the dynamic MMA fighter David “The Crow” Loiseau.

This red-carpet evening also included a live and interactive one on one question and answer period with Rogers Sportsnet Joe “Showdown” Ferraro host of MMA Connected and main cast members of the film, Welterweight Champion of UFC Georges St-Pierre: David Loiseau MMA Fighter: and director/producer of the documentary Steven J.Wong: from Steven J. Wong Films.

We also had a chance to chat with “Kenny Cabernet”, world renowned enologist and international wine consultant who explained the health benefits of red wine, and why Pinot Noir is one of the healthiest grapes packing the biggest antioxidant punch, which by the way is GSP’s favourite wine! The Wine Ladies TV, “One Sip At A Time” was there to capture it all.

Georges St-Pierre meets The Wine ladies at the premiere in Toronto of The Striking Truth.

Georges St-Pierre meets The Wine ladies at the premiere in Toronto of The Striking Truth.

MMA fighter David "The Crow" Loiseau. Georges St-Pierre

MMA fighter David “The Crow” Loiseau.

When we discovered that UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre is a wine lover, we knew we had to meet him. The opportunity arose recently when we were invited to attend the world premiere of “The Striking Truth” an exclusive documentary for charismatic Ultimate Fighting Champion Georges St-Pierre and dynamic MMA fighter David “The Crow” Loiseau.

The movie follows the two fighters over the past four years, starting with UFC 58 USA vs. Canada where Loiseau was fighting for the championship against Rich Franklin and St-Pierre was the co-main event against BJ Penn. The film juxtaposes their two careers with St-Pierre’s meteoric rise to UFC champion and Loiseau facing personal challenges, charting their respective ups and downs as they follow their paths.

The Striking Truth Steven J Wong Joe "Showdown" Ferraro

The Striking Truth Steven J Wong Joe “Showdown” Ferraro

The Striking Truth includes exclusive, never-before-seen footage of all that took place behind the scenes. The Project is directed by Steven J. Wong and is executive produced by James Hergott with action directing by Bobby Razak. What an amazing night!

Join us this Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 on from 2:30-3:30 p.m. for exclusive interviews. We wish GSP the best at UFC 129: St-Pierre vs. Shields to be held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario. A votre santé GSP!

For all The Wine Ladies TV podcasts and archived shows visit The Wine Ladies TV Show, and from anywhere and anytime.

St.Hubertus Estate Winery, Okanagan Valley boasts some of the oldest vineyards