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The Thought Leader Revolution with Nicky Billou

As you guys know we have our own podcast where we interview awesome guests from all over the world. Sometimes it’s fun and refreshing to have the interview shoe on the other foot. Our interview with Nicky Billou of The Thought Leader Revolution focuses on our story, trials and tribulations, success and failures and our ingredients for hanging in there! 

We share our our journey over the past 17 years! Where has the time gone?

Hope you enjoy it!

The Thought Leader Revolution with Nicky Billou



The Thought Leader Revolution podcast is about building your thought leadership around your expertise, your brand and your name. To become well known and highly regarded in the market place for the results you are able to produce for your clients.

Our guests are top thought leaders who have done it. They’ve become widely known for their expertise and results they’re able to deliver for their clients. They all love what they do and get paid very well for doing it.

You’ll meet entrepreneurs that have leveraged thought leadership in driving business revenue, coaches that were unknown and barely making ends who later became celebrities and took their income into the 7 figures, consultants that transformed into best-selling authors and built multi-million dollar firms and senior executives who followed their passion, left their day jobs and are changing the world.

We’ve had interviews with notables such as success and investment coaching icon, Raymond Aaron, a personal coach to billionaires, Alex Charfen & Tony Robbins’ Director of Coaching, Marc Von Musser.

Steve Jobs once said…

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

— Steve Jobs


QuickStrip by Rapid-Dose Therapeutics

Introducing QuickStrip, the game changing delivery system.

Kristina Shea
Kristina Shea

Our second guest, she too is brilliant, gorgeous, smart, an innovator in business and a supreme  advocate for women, Kristina Shea. Kristina is the head of Marketing & Communications for Rapid-Dose Therapeutics, a Canadian med-tech company.

A fascinating lady, so informed and passionate about women being the best they can be. She will share with us three products that address very important needs of women today. Such as ample sleep. There is some incredible research on this topic. The importance of B12, with latest research on this too you will want to hear, plus, energy, or energize oneself.  All this deliverable in a unique and most effective way, called QuickStrip, developed by Rapid-Dose Therapeutics.

Listen to Kristina Shea at 16:29 minutes in the audio podcast

International Women's Day
International Women’s Day


What is so disruptive and unique about RDT? What exactly are the QuickStrip, and what are the key characteristics that make it so unique/effective? Delivers the active ingredient directly. Precise dose, full benefit of the dose, 90% absorbed? Quick, convenient, precise, discreet.

How does it work? What is it about the technology that makes it superior to other ways of taking supplements, or Pharma products? How do we use it? Under the tongue? Inside the cheek? Do we place the quick strip the same way in our mouths regardless of which it is?

The Wine Ladies visit Rapid Dose Technologies and get a lesson on the Quick Strip products.
The Wine Ladies visit with Marketing and Communications Director for Rapid-Dose Therapeutics, Kristina Shea to get a lesson on the QuickStrip products.

Lets talk about the three QuickStrip products and the importance or ways these three can contribute to a woman’s improved health and well being?

Starting with the Melatonin. How important is getting a good nights sleep? As women we seem to suffer with insomnia far worse than men?

Peaceful and instant rest with QuickStrip. ?? Melatonin embedded on a strip that melts in your mouth and quickly delivered to your blood stream.

Lets address the importance of B12 to women, we remember in our chat a few weeks ago, a few of your points really hit home… related to osteoporosis was one.., Can you expand on that?And heart health as well? Any evidence you can share with us on these?
Finally your Energy QuickStrip. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to need that extra edge!

Zonta Celebrates International Women’s Day…Celebrating 108 years in 2019!

Tune In Today! The Wine Ladies Audio Podcast…Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 With Three Remarkable Women! Follow Us At https://www.mixcloud.com/WineLadies/

Audio Podcast 02 08 2018 Valentine' s Day Banne

On this week’s Audio Podcast..French wine and chocolate truffles, the perfect Valentine’s experience.

On this week’s radio show…Vermont…. its vino and stunning heart healthy hiking! New Life Hiking Spa’s 40 years of Authentic Wellness.

On this week’s radio show…Vermont…. its vino and stunning heart healthy hiking! New Life Hiking Spa’s 40 years of Authentic Wellness.

On this week’s radio show we venture to the Green Mountain State in the north east of the USA, where we will let our boots do the walking and our palates as usual do some extraordinary tasting.
We are talking about the beautiful state of Vermont, yes its vino and its extraordinary hiking is our focus for this week.

Episode WL 12-07-2017

Killing it in Killington, feels so good! 

The Wine Ladies with Jess and Heather two of the many amazing hiking guides at New Life Hiking Spa.


Our first guest, Jimmy Lesage, Founder and Director of The New Life Hiking Spa, celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Jimmy to talk about the hiking, the area and good healthy eating. He also debunks some of the old adages about diets out there.

      Diets Don’t Work! Fads WON’T Work! Non-Food NEEDS to go! Calories DON’T count! Weight DOESN’T matter!

Listen to Jimmy Lesage at 3:41 minutes into the radio show.

 Jimmy was one of the pioneers in creating destination spa wellness vacations. Today it has been heralded by Travel + Leisure magazine as “WORLD’S BEST AWARDS 2016 #1 Destination Spa in the United States”, “A Top Ten Wellness Retreat Pick” by MSN and “A Top 10 Wellness Spa” by Spafinder.


New Life Hiking Spa’s 40 Years of Authentic Wellness

now available on AMAZON and Balboa Press! Purchase on line here now.

Product Description
“In the Green Mountains of Central Vermont is the New Life Hiking Spa. The spa is owned and operated by Jimmy LeSage for forty consecutive years. New Life is a program that helps guests awaken themselves to the power of nutrition and fitness. New Life is Jimmy’s forum for including guests on his four-decade journey to authentic wellness. Jimmy shares that journey’s wisdom by assisting guests to translate their New Life experience into their own lifestyle upon return home. Jimmy’s own journey and the impressive body-spirit changes in New Life guests give Jimmy much of relevance to impart about our prospects for well-being as we consider our lifestyle and relationship with food.

Health, fitness, wellness, and quality of life have become such big news that any reasonable understanding is not only confusing. It is downright difficult. At New Life, and now in this presentation, Jimmy travels with you to assure that you will differentiate meaningfully between passing fads and noteworthy trends in wellness.

Jimmy’s journey merits your attention because it, like the well-being it speaks of, is very personal and authentic.

We may find that New Life is so personal for Jimmy that it came to pass as much for himself as for all who have or ever will come. New Life has become a laboratory that has endowed Jimmy with a commitment to the healing power of good food and a bit of activity.

Jimmy has transformed New Life into an incubator for practical steps out of the confusion and complication in the bottom-line requirement for existence: food. Jimmy earns your attention because the journey on which he invites you has prepared him thoroughly to inspire you to initiate changes in your own food behaviors.”

Chateau Gassier Lavender fields of Provence.

Raise a glass to your Mom with a stunning rosé, the Gassier Sables d’Azur Rosé 2015.

On this week's radio show... Celebrating Mother's Day in Style with Gassier Sables d'Azur Rosé 2015

On this week’s radio show… Celebrating Mother’s Day in Style with Gassier Sables d’Azur Rosé 2015

Raise a glass to your Mom with a stunning rosé, the Gassier Sables d’Azur Rosé 2015.

On this week’s radio show… Celebrating Mother’s Day in Style!


Rosé wine from Provence, a French Bistro brunch and a bicycle tour in NOTL.

Coming up on today’s show, the celebration of Moms everywhere! Mother’s Day is just around the corner. So today we thought we would share with you a few ideas on how to help make your Mom’s day a little extra special.

We we will take you to the beautiful historic region of Provence. The region located in southeastern France, the land of lavender, sunflowers, olive groves and rosé!

Provence, world renown for producing the best rosé in the world. These pink wines are being enjoyed now more than ever and with good reason!

Our first guest will be the President and CEO of Château Gassier .  A company involved in growing vineyards in this spectacular region for 5 generations, Olivier Souvelain.

Listen to Olivier Souvelain at 4:15 minutes in the show.

Originating from Barcelonnette (Hautes-Provence) and part of the Provencal nobility since 1421, the Gassier family bought Château Gassier and its 40 hectares of vines in 1982.

Today the vineyard is managed by Georges Gassier, who represents the fifth winegrowing generation of the family, working with the support from his father.

It is only over time that passion, hard work and know how combined, have helped Château Gassier to develop its exceptional potential for excellence.

Gassier Sables d’Azur Rosé 2015, Susanne’s Wine Pick

On this week’s audio podcast…We discover Napoleon Cortel Brandy de France

Napoleon Cortel Brandy

Napoleon Cortel Brandy

Napoleon Cortel Brandy

What a delicious show we have planned for you today. Our theme, Historical Treasures of France, in wine, in brandy and in fromage!!!

In our second segment we shift our attention to a time long before the 16th century and a spirit that was called brandewijn, a Dutch word which later became known as brandy.

Joining us will be Franck Lemonnier, Director International Sales for Cortel Napoleon Brandy which is one of the finest brandies available on the market today, aged in wood casks, and sealed with a cork closure. This brandy is sophisticated,award winning of course, delish!

Franck to fill us in on the journey of how brandy was discovered, what exactly is “brandy”, how best to serve it, enjoy it and the delectable details on Cortel!


Listen to Franck Lemonnier at 25:26 minutes in the show.

 Triumphant Taste with Cortel Napoleon V.S.O.P. – Great Value Gifting!!

#LCBO #287409 $26.25 per 750 ml bottle or #LCBO #892315 $14.70 per 375 ml bottle.

Bouchard Père & Fils, three centuries and nine generations to the iconic wine region of Burgundy. Exclusive interview with Luc Bouchard

Bouchard Père & Fils, three centuries and nine generations to the iconic wine region of Burgundy. Exclusive interview with Luc Bouchard

What a delicious show we have planned for you today. Our theme, Historical Treasures of France, in wine, in brandy and in fromage!! Bouchard Père & Fils

Bouchard Père & Fils

Bouchard Père & Fils

To start off we’ll go back almost three centuries and nine generations to the iconic wine region of Burgundy. Today we will feature one of the oldest Maison in Burgundy. Founded in 1731 with incredible holdings of 130 hectares including 12 Grand Crus and 74 Premier Crus. Unbelievable for Burgundy, the winery,

Château de Beaune, Head Office of Bouchard Père & Fils

Bouchard Père & Fils…

is the largest vineyard owners in the supremely coveted region of the Cote d’Or of Burgundy. We will be chatting with family member and Export Manager Luc Bouchard. We’ll explore the history of the region as well as the company, its fascinating history, the vineyards. And of course the deep cellars underground housing over 2000 bottles from the 1800’s, their iconic wines and much more.

We had the pleasure to meet Luc about a month ago, we tasted some great wines, we look forward to welcoming him to the show!

Listen to Luc Bouchard at 4:39 minutes in the show.


Announcing a really cheesy contest! TWEET and WIN cheese from the Cheese Boutique and The Wine Ladies

Announcing a really cheesy contest! TWEET and WIN cheese from the Cheese Boutique and The Wine Ladies

Two (2) prize packages to be given away. Total Value: $100.00!! Each prize package worth $50.00!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to win!!!!!

1. WATCH THE VIDEO below.  

2. Answer the following question.

Which one of The Wine Ladies, Georgia or Susanne was recently featured in the national TV commercial The Dinner Party for the Dairy Farmers of Canada?

3. Tweet out your answer.

Example tweets. Modify as you see fit.

@thewineladies @Cheese_boutique #contest #WinCheese Georgia

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Contest Rules

1.Make sure that you follow us on Twitter @TheWineLadies

2.Enter as many times as you like from Tuesday, April 25th,2017 at 5:00pm until Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 at 11:00am tweet and re-tweet and follow @TheWineLadies

3.Each time you tweet (or re-tweet our Tweets) using the hash tag #WinCheese

The winners will be randomly selected at noon on Wednesday May 3rd, 2017at noon and will be notified via TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

On this week’s radio show…

Historical Treasures of France.TWEET and WIN cheese from the Cheese Boutique and The Wine Ladies.

 What a delicious show we have planned for you today. Our theme, Historical Treasures of France, in wine, in brandy and in fromage!!!

Episode 56

Dating back to 8000 BC in France! France is one of the biggest cheese producers in the world. There are different kinds produced all over the country with various regions having their own specialities as do the wine regions.

To explore the world of cheese from France we will welcome Afrim Pristine, of the Cheese Boutique. Afrim is a Maitre Fromager, the youngest inductee into the Guilde Internationale des Fromager one of only 50 in the world, no better person to talk cheese!

Listen to Afrim Pristine at 40:50 minutes in the show.

Bernard Walsh, Founder Walsh Whiskey Distillery

Bernard Walsh, founder of Walsh Whiskey Distillery and producer of multi awarded Writers Tears Irish Whiskey.

Walsh Whiskey Writers Tears

Walsh Whiskey Distillery Writers Tears Irish Whiskey

On this week’s audio podcast we welcome Bernard Walsh, founder of Walsh Whiskey Distillery and producer of multi awarded Writers Tears Irish Whiskey. A unique old Irish Pot still Whiskey with a supurb flavour and history.


Listen to Bernard Walsh at 35:40 minutes in the show. 

Trending big time is Irish Whiskey!

19th and 20th century Ireland was a golden era both for Irish whiskey and for great Irish novelists and poets.
It’s perfect for our theme today, celebrating Valentines Day because Irish Whisky is for HIM and for HER! It is being enjoyed by both men and women. In fact, in 2014, women in the US represented 37% of whisky drinkers up from the 1990’s. Check out Women Who Whiskey! 

Women Who Whiskey Toronto Chapter now accepting members.

About Irish Pot Still Whiskey

Single (or Pure) pot still whiskey is a type of whiskey traditionally made from a mixture of malted and unmalted barley distilled in a pot still. It is unique to Ireland. Not to be confused with blended whiskey, which is a mixture of column still unmalted grain whiskey and pot still single malt whiskey, “pure pot still” is a single whiskey made from a batch of Barley composed of both unmalted and malted barley that has been distilled in a pot still.

Pure Pot still came about in 1802 as a reaction to the introduction of Tax’s by the British on Irish Malt Whiskey. Irish Whiskey accounted for 90% of all the worlds exported whiskey and was seen as a cash cow by the British. By introducing this tax they hoped to “Cash in” on their neighbors good fortune. However in an effort to avoid taxes the Irish Distiller decided to use a higher percentage of unmalted barley (as opposed to Malted Barley) into the still. This resulted in a very different style of Whiskey and one which we have come to know as “Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey”. This style of Whiskey became known as the Champagne of Irish Whiskey. The much sought after liquid was a favorite with Irish writers through the 19th and 20th century.

Although Pure Pot Still was once widespread in Ireland, a number of historical factors including the The Irish War of Independence, the Irish Civil War, and prohibition in the United States led to a drastic reduction in the number of Irish distilleries. With this reduction in Irish whiskeys available came the loss in recognition abroad of the pure pot still style itself. The majority of the surviving distilleries began to produce blends and single malts to the detriment of the Pure Pot Still.

About Writers Tears

Writers Tears is leading the charge to recreate some of the great whiskies of 100 years ago. Writers Tears is a Vatting of Pure Pot Still and Single Malt (proportions are a closely guarded secret). The resulting whiskey is one of Ireland’s highest rated whiskies in the Whisky Bible…

“This whisky evokes the type enjoyed at the time of Yeats and Joyce a century ago in Dublin. A blend of pot still malted and unmalted barley, triple distilled and matured in American bourbon casks, it’s smooth with bourbon notes on a bed of malt. It slips down with ease; a honeyed vanilla-tinged fruit and kick of ginger linger hauntingly”. Margaret Swaine, The National Post