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Two Hands Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, Georgia's Wine Pick

Two Hands Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, Georgia’s Wine Pick

 Two Hands Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Two Hands Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

 Two Hands Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

So my wine pick today comes from TWO HANDS WINES , founded in 1999 by two guys at a friends engagement party. That actually is when they decided it was time to make their own wine and market it to the world.

Fast forward, they are in the Barosaa Valley and have done extremely well.In November 2012, Two Hands was named in the Wine Spectator’s annual Top 100 for the 10th year in a row, an achievement apparently that no other winery can boast.

My pick is the Two Hands Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

 ($27.95 – VINTAGES #219469)

Listen to my review at 3:40 minutes in the radio show.

Episode 46

Kind of liked the name of this wine… Sexy Beast…I figured when I tasted this Cabernet Sauvignon from McLaren Vale, South Australia, maybe the name came from the way in which the  oak and tannins in this wine are being tamed…. Or wrestled down by the intense deep purplish colour, abundant red  fruit, cassis and notes of chocolate…and minty spice. Mouth filling, a beast of a wine, coming in at 16% alcohol, wow… yummy! Sexy Beast is part of the Picture Series of Two Hands Wines.

Georgia's Wine Pick

Georgia’s Wine Pick

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On this week’s radio show…

Lavish lifestyle with prize Pitars Prosecco, Preferred Magazine and Executive Chef from OVEST.

Coming up on our show today, one of Italy’s many claims to fame, is of course their very own sparkling wine, growing in popularity day by day. Not only is it a wine, but it is a place, and it is a grape and there is a bit of confusion out there about this delightful and delicious bubbly and that is Prosecco.

Episode 46: Pitars Prosecco;Nicola Pittaro, Danylo Mielnik, Carlo Greco

There is much more to this bubbly, with an interesting history, than many might know. So in our first segment we are excited to share with everyone today a very special winery, located in the Friuli region in northeastern Italy, the wine Castel Pitars winery.

Pitars Winery

Here is a wine producer that dates back to 1510, steeped in tradition, now run by four brothers producing an exciting array of wines, along with their Prosecco, wines of indigenous grapes, international varietals and unique blends.

Pitars family

Pitars Wines imported and distributed exclusively by VDF Importers of Fine Wines.

Order onlines, or contact us to setup a wine tasting at your home, restaurant or business establishment. info@vdfwines.com or 905-995-2542

Follow us on Twitter @VDFWines 

Ring-bolt Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Ring Bolt Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Susanne’s Wine Pick.

Susanne'sWine Pick

Susanne’s Wine Pick

So for my wine pick today I enjoyed a yummy Cabernet Sauvignon last week in my backyard with a nice juicy steak. It was from Australia, from one of Australia’s greatest fine wine regions, the Margaret River, known of course for their Cabernet Sauvignon.

My find the Ring-bolt Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, from the Margaret River. In our market $21.95

Well worth the money, a steal of a deal actually…

Full bodied, smooth, succulent with a juicy flavor of cherries, a hint of chocolate, layered, with hints of fine oak and a lasting finish.

The name Ringbolt by the way was a ship that sank during the late 1800’s in what is now known as Ringbolt Bay, located on the southern tip of the Margaret River wine region.


On this week’s audio podcast…

Wine World News… Hot off the Press with UK’s Wine Critic Jancis Robinson PLUS the Pacific Northwest Winning Wine Regions, BC and Oregon.

Extra, extra, read all about it! We have the latest scoop on what is happening in the world of wine. Coming to you today from one of the greatest authorities on wine worldwide. She hails from the UK and is Jancis Robinson.

You’ll hear all about what is happening in China’s vineyards. Yes they grow grapes, they make wine and in fact are the 5th largest producer of wine in the world.

We’ll chat about climate change. Is it affecting our vineyards and how? And finally we have red wine, white, rose and yellow, but have you heard of “orange wine”? And no it is not made with oranges!

We like to stay on top with what’s going on in our market here as well. So as we just recently had a Vintages release of some of the wines of the Great Pacific Northwest, we thought we would take this opportunity to share with you what is going on in two of it’s exciting regions.
Our next two guests hail from award winning wineries representing BC  and Oregon.


Taylor Family

Taylor’s, Australian Elegance inspired by Bordeaux. On this week’s audio podcast, Justin Taylor of Wakefield, Clare Valley Wines.

The Taylor Family


Justin Taylor of Wakefield of Clare Valley recently on tour across Canada with Australia’s First Families of Wines.

Watch Video

We are talking about Australia’s First Families of Wine and our next guest’s family and winery is proudly and deservedly one of the 12 iconic wine families.Their journey began in the 1950’s from merchants to makers when in 1969 the terra rossa soil in the Clare Valley gave them promise to follow a dream to craft the highest quality wines in the image of old world wine makers, specifically Mouton Rothschild. We welcome to the show, Justin Taylor, Company Director of Wakefield of Clare Valley Wines.

Listen to JustinTaylor at 32:05 minutes into the show

On this week’s audio podcast…


The Aussies are coming! Australia’s First Families of Wine and introducing PLONK the hit wine TV show from down under!


We’ll introduce you to “Australia’s First Families of Wine” or the AFFW. A group of 12 who collectively have over 1200 years of experience,dedication and excellence in wine making and have been the influence in the evolution of Australia’s wine industry.
We’ll get a chance to hear from two AFFW members,how they feel about the evolution of and changes ahead for their country’s wines
Alpha Crucis TITAN Shiraz 2010

Alpha Crucis TITAN Shiraz 2010, Susanne’s Wine pick.

Alpha Crucis TITAN Shiraz 2010

Alpha Crucis TITAN Shiraz 2010

Alpha Crucis TITAN Shiraz 2010

Well okay since we are talking “make a statement” vino. Mine is a real Titan! It’s actually called the Alpha Crucis Titan Shiraz 2010 from McLaren Vale, Australia.This is a great name for a great wine! First of all “Alpha Crucis” is the brightest star in the Southern Cross constellation. The Alpha Crucis TITAN wines are so named to create the finest wines from the best areas of their vineyards which were established in 1897.

Susanne'sWine Pick

Susanne’s Wine Pick

So this full bodied wine had nuances of beautiful complexity, with ripe cherries and bright raspberry combined with savory, toast and gamey elements, with a bright acidity and softer tannins. The finish doesn’t finish for a while….Thumbs up for my wine, in vintages for $24.95

Titan, the Alpha Crucis Titan Shiraz 2010

Vintages #377069

TUNE INTO THE WINE LADIES RADIO SHOW at 3:14 minutes into the show

Episode (WL-12-08-2014) #14

Getting into the spirit of the holidays featuring Dan Aykroyd and Crystal Head Vodka.



George Samios, International Brand Ambassador Wolf Blass

George Samios, International Brand Ambassador Wolf Blass. We taste Wolf Blass Black Label, The Wine Ladies TV

The Great Grange reigns! Stunning, seductive and aging with grace!

The Great Grange reigns! Stunning, seductive and aging with grace!

Peter Gago, Penfolds

Those Penfolds luxury wines did not disappoint. Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 will be a day to remember. Seated at Reds Bistro for a unique tasting lead by award winning Chief Winemaker Peter Gago. Peter, bravely fought off the sniffles, not a good thing when you’re the chief leading the tasting. We were treated to an experience, with the wines showing brilliantly and the wine writers and personalities around the table sipping, slurping, commenting and busily scratching down tasting notes, prices and most importantly, availability!

In 2001, the National Trust of South Australia listed Penfolds Grange as a Heritage Icon.

Gathered together to experience this tasting, with each wine being presented with another of a previous vintage, we were all exposed to how these wines develop over a certain time period of cellaring. Anyone who thinks all Australian wines are meant for earlier consumption, you might want to reconsider! Of course these are not just ANY wines from down under. Penfolds has legs! long beautiful legs! excuse the pun.

It is the confidence of Penfolds that allows them to subject their range of wines to an independent assessment, an assessment of wine critics and writers the world over who pen their measure of and opine on the various wines and vintages of Penfolds all to appear, non edited every 5 years in “The Rewards of Patience” a book long anticipated by wine critics and lovers from around the globe. This 6th edition, launched on September 9th here in Toronto, on the 18th in Melbourne and in New York and London not until October, is a wine lovers superb reference for Penfolds; independent and honest.

The Wine Ladies With Celebrity winemaker Peter Gago, Penfolds REDS Bistro, 2008

The Wine Ladies With celebrity winemaker Peter Gago, Penfolds

Enjoy and experience the latter vintages of the wines we were honored to sample, here then is a list of wines to be released with dates and prices;

2005 Yattarna Chardonnay release date: November 8th, 2008 $100.00/bottle

2005 Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz release date: November 8th, 2008 $ 37.95/bottle

2004 St. Henri Shiraz release date: November 8th, 2008 $ 64.00/bottle

2005 RWT Shiraz release date: November 8th, 2008 $135.00/bottle

2005 Bin 707 Cabernet Sauvignon release date: $120.00/bottle

2003 Grange Shiraz release date: September 10th $370.00/bottle

The Rewards of Patience

For precise tasting notes on all of the above please visit www.penfolds.com or treat yourself to a copy of “The Rewards of Patience” for an overview of almost every single wine Penfolds has ever produced!

Penfolds Grange…The crescendo of our “Ultimate Penfolds Experience”

Ken Chase, a.k.a Kenny Cabernet

Drought or drown which is worse for the vineyards? Ask Oenologist Kenny Cabernet!

World renown lecturer, viticulturist and oenologist Kenny Cabernet just back from Australia explains how the drought down under is affecting their grapes, and how our record breaking rain is affecting ours! it ain’t grape! I mean great!!!

Last week  we learned how the two extreme weather patterns impact the wine business.

How about all this rain? “Not good” says Kenny Cabernet. Too much rain will make the grape swell. The must is diluted and the all important ratio of skin to must is too great for red wines. The sugars and flavours can become compromised, less concentrated. Without the bathing of the sun on the grapes, they have little chance to become sweeter, to concentrate the extract. And we can’t forget about the possibility of various strains of mould affecting the grapes, having them rot from too much moisture. In heavy rains the skin can break leaving it prone to mould and infection. “If we don’t get a lot of warmth and sunshine for the balance of August and September the 08 vintage will be a tough one. The winemakers will have to focus on harvesting the best fruit.

Australia's wine regions threatened by drought.

Australia’s wine regions threatened by drought.

What about on the other side of the world? What’s going on?

Australia is suffering badly from a string of very dry years, the river beds are cracking from the continuous drought with little or no water in some cases available to irrigate. The reservoirs of water are depleted and where to go for moisture when there is no rainfall and no reserve? The concentration of the sugars are out of whack compared to the levels of acidity. You need both to produce well balanced wines. Too much sugar can translate into very high alcohol levels; this coupled with a lack of acidity can lead to flabby wines.

“There are some regions though,” Kenny says “that are blessed at higher altitudes that experience less water problems”. Lets hope for a dry spell here and a long awaited and much needed massive rainfall for our friends, the Aussies!

World renown lecturer, viticulturist and oenologist Kenny Cabernet

World renown lecturer, viticulturist and oenologist Kenny Cabernet